“A Tribute to a Fellow Lightworker and to All Lightworkers on Terra”

I don’t normally write about personal things about other people, unless by doing so, it would help me accomplish my mission of enlightening people about “raising their awareness of the true nature of 3D reality”, thus increasing their personal vibrational frequency (this can be a topic of another blog post; if you’d like to know the basics of this concept, check my previous blog post here: https://shamanainthemaking.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/our-holographic-universe-and-the-truth-about-3d-reality/ ).

Well, that was a mouthful ;)! But I wanted to tell you all about the tragedy that has befallen my fellow paranormal blogger and “soul sister” Sheila Renee Parker :).

It was only a few days ago when I saw the blog post of Sheila, recounting her long-term battle with chronic pain and fibromyalgia, mainly because it was “Fibromyalgia Awareness Day” last May 12, 2021.

Sheila was one of the first few, early subscribers to my blog way back when I started blogging about my paranormal and esoteric exploits in 2015. At that time, she was already famous in the paranormal world and had written and interviewed quite a lot of paranormal investigators whom she featured in her own blog, “Sheila Renee Parker”.

Like any paranormal writer and blogger, the range of topics in her blog were written in a short, interesting narrative. Sheila, who is also an empath and a sensitive like me, was pretty lucky to have encountered a lot of spirits and other-dimensional entities who were really either kind or horrible to her.

Anyway, let’s just say that her blog was one of the first blogs that I was lucky enough to subscribe to – and be followed too J!

So it’s really a shock and a bit sad to know that Sheila, unknown to many like myself, has been battling constant pain and a host of other chronic diseases as well – the latest of which is fibromyalgia (see her blog post on that here: https://sheilareneeparker.com/2021/05/13/fibromyalia-awareness/ ).

I am not an expert on fibromyalgia. I just know it is a disease involving chronic pain L.

I have never thought that Sheila would be carrying this problem for some time. I myself, have been subjected to constant bouts of pain through seemingly unforeseen accidents – which I believe are not truly accidental at all! I went through 3 vehicular accidents in the past 10 years, as I have blogged about it several times – and I can’t tell you the pain, fear, and uncertainty that I had to endure every time I was unlucky to experience one.

And every time I had to go through some sickness and pain generated by an accident, I managed to bounce back on my own J.

Recovery is almost instantaneous when you know what to do. But for now, I want to mention this incident with Sheila because I firmly believe lightworkers, like herself, are constantly being targeted by dark forces and entities that are part of this illusionary “Matrix” that we are in.

More importantly and as I have blogged before, these dark entities – you can call them Reptilians, Archons, Rs, the Lizard people, etc. – have a predilection for inflicting pain and suffering to those who want to do good, mainly lightworkers. This pain and suffering they inflict on us are consumed by these entities (it actually is like a drug to them).

And then these people who are tormented by the Archons also passes on this pain and suffering to other people – and the cycle of pain and suffering continues.

It is not a pretty thought to be carrying especially in difficult times such as these. Especially when we are in the midst of “constant pain”, which could be not just physical but mental and emotional in nature. It is true what Sheila said in her blog — that sometimes it is difficult “to be positive” when you have to face the same scenario and pain every day.

But, there is a way out of the pain – and I have blogged about it in several occasions here: https://shamanainthemaking.wordpress.com/2019/07/09/gratitude-is-your-defense-against-the-dark-side/ and here: https://shamanainthemaking.wordpress.com/2019/09/17/tips-to-deflect-psychic-attacks-against-you/  . In fact, I nearly became a casualty of covid – or a sickness similar to covid just slightly more than 2 weeks ago!

All I did – as taught to me by my benevolent, higher dimensional mentors — was program this “positivity” in my subconscious mind, and be constantly aware that “this sickness is not covid!”.

Then I started fervently reciting my Tibetan Buddhist Sanskrit mantras and taking my rock salt, pepper, and cinnamon baths; drinking lots of warm ginger tea, and gargling with warm water mixed with rock salt as an alternative anti-covid, herbal/all-natural remedy.

After 5 days (exactly at 5 pm on the 5th day), my fever subsided and my itchy throat disappeared.

The point is we must not lose hope about being able to outlive or outgrow our sicknesses. Because we certainly CAN — as soon as we learn the nature of The Matrix that we are in and how to maneuver through it. And once we know the nature of that Matrix, we can realize that everything happening to us is just an “illusion”, and that we can, after some time, banish that illusion from our 3D reality, possibly also permanently.

Sheila dear, hang in there J! This sickness of yours and all the others will also come to pass in due time J!

Want to know more tips on “creating your own reality the way you want it ;)”?

Write to me so I can address your questions personally J! In the meantime, keep safe, keep healthy, and remain loving and in love with your own person. That is a very effective way to getting us out of danger or eliminate problems in this Matrix that we are in ;)!

Finding Peace & Happiness in the Chaos: How to Have a Life during A Pandemic!

Are we ready to live a life during a pandemic? Photos courtesy of Tom Barrett, Matteo Jorjoson and the Blowup from Unsplash.com.

You might be surprised but this is my 3rd draft of a topic that I had been avoiding to write – my life during this almost endless covid pandemic and how did I manage to survive unscathed, healthy, and covid-free up to now ;)!

So you might be wondering what happened to me during the past 1 ½ years of the most destructive global calamity ever, discounting The Black Death which wiped about 60% of the European population in the 14th century?

No, I didn’t get covid during the past 1 ½ years, although there were some close calls. But I thought about sharing with you how I survived and continue to survive the impact of the pandemic and how you can too ;)!

A Retrospective of Events in the Last 1 ½ Years of the Pandemic

When the covid pandemic and the subsequent lockdown of borders between all countries occurred in late March 2020, I had the fortune – or misfortune – of being in Bangkok on business. Traveling in-between Thailand and Laos at that time, I barely made it to Bangkok before the borders between Thailand and Laos started to close.

With Thailand’s land borders closed including the cessation of international flights incoming and outgoing of the country, I was technically stuck in Bangkok — until a repatriation flight could be organized to bring us back to our island-nation.

So I had no choice but stay in Bangkok for 6 months, watching all that was happening to my country through social media and YouTube. It was the only thing I could do during those grief-stricken months when almost everyone you know, whether in your home country or outside, had to face the devastation caused by the covid virus on our health, our economy, our everyday life, and our sanity.

Coping with the Pandemic in the Land of Smiles

Frankly, being stuck in Bangkok for six months during the pandemic would have been considered “heaven” to most of my fellow compatriots. Thailand has an excellent and advanced health care system, and although the country was one of the first ones who identified the existence of the covid virus among the population, it quelled the further rise of covid cases in the country through stringent medical methods and strict observance of anti-covid protocols.

With strict anti-covid protocols in place and an economy that was still operating and providing for almost 70 million Thai people, living in Thailand during the pandemic was not as bad as living in an island with less medical facilities capable of handling covid cases. We were allowed a measure of freedom to go around and do our normal daily things in Thailand, like buying food in groceries and takeouts, and traveling from one province to the other. That lent a “feeling of normalcy” to me despite the circumstances.

But living far from loved ones and friends takes its toll on your mental health as well L. Not that the Thais are not kind or accommodating to foreigners. It was the news that we were getting from the homeland that frightened and put me in a “flight or fight mode” which took its toll on my peace of mind and my usual composure during horrible timesL!

Holding on to Sanity

Part of the threat of “losing one’s composure and sanity” during the pandemic was the feeling of “helplessness” when friends and family members who were struck by the covid virus passed away without being able to give proper goodbyes to their loved ones. During that whole period including this year, I lost 4 relatives – two of them cousins younger than myself, one aunt and one favorite uncle, and a former boss at work. And a host of other friends who passed away due to complications with covid L!

My Formula for Coping with the Covid Pandemic

It all boils down to 3 important aspects of our persona: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

Let me start off with the “Mental Aspect”.

* Personally, I believe having a “holistic and firm grasp” of the whole pandemic is important in beating the problem. True, the situation is fraught with anxiety and worries – “How can I work and feed my family while under lockdown?”, “How can I fight off the disease?”, “How can I remain calm and not be panicky for 1 ½ years?”, etc.

These are typical questions that plagued our minds not only during this covid pandemic but also in the wake of previous serious global events! Even the news of watching Afghanistan being invaded and taken over by the Taliban also brings havoc to our nervesL!

So the key to coping with issues that challenge our mind is “to cultivate a Presence of Mind to perceive, understand, and accept that all these things happening to us are just part of The Matrix”!

For some of you who might not have had the opportunity to read my previous blog post here: https://shamanainthemaking.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/our-holographic-universe-and-the-truth-about-3d-reality/ about “The Matrix”, then let me explain that “The Matrix” happens to be this world, this Earth we are living in now is just an “illusionary world”, a world that was artificially made and controlled by the bad old Reptilians and other entities similar to their kind!

And if we are suffering now due to covid, or predatory wars like the one in Afghanistan, or being boiled in our plastic filth and environmental malpractices resulting to “Global Climate Change”, you can only credit most of our suffering to the instigators of chaos, unhappiness, anger, torture, despair, aggression, sadness, and other negative emotions, namely the Reptilians or Rs, as we fondly call them L!!

So, the 2nd important point that I want to emphasize about the Matrix is that we can break free of this “illusion of the Matrix” by taking charge of our destiny, our fate! And once we take charge of our destiny, we can mould also The Matrix as we see fit.

Which brings us to the next point!

* Once we take charge of our ability to create or shape our destiny in The Matrix, then it also follows that we can also manage the “Physical Aspect” of our bodies ;)! Let me explain how that goes.

Once we implant into our minds and our consciousness that we are the creators of our destiny, as Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism says, we can dictate how our bodies should act.

For instance, if we believe that our bodies are made of the toughest material and that it can withstand or surpass any form of disease or illness, then our bodies follow our minds and become as tough and indestructible as we want it to be.

A cool, concrete example is when I programmed my subconscious mind to believe that I am not only healthy and disease-free but also that covid will never infect me or my brain, then I become physically immune and resistant to covid!

I also have this technique of using “triggers” to enable my brain to fully believe that I am immune to covid.

I go out daily during the early days of the pandemic to buy or eat cooked spicy and sour foods for lunch and dinner. That would include eating a lot of chilies (mainly raw or cooked with my viand), to build up my immunity against any disease.

By eating these chilies and having sour foods like tropical fruits to round up my immunity-boosting diet daily, I was successful in fending off covid even when I was going out of my flat daily in Thailand ;)!

* Take care of the “Spiritual Aspect” of yourself, even if you’re not spiritual ;)!

A psychological study of people who have cancer and had to undergo Western-style medical treatments yielded the result that those who are engaged in religion and spirituality even prior to their cancer diagnoses tend to outlive the cancer or survive longer than those who are not.

It then follows, as I interpret it that is, that those who are spiritual or religious in nature tend to have a greater fighting chance of coping with dire circumstances, such as pandemics and other global catastrophes. One of the reasons attributed to this is that spiritual or religious people usually have a “support group or support system” to back them up when things really go down.

I personally am not affiliated with any religious group or sect. However, I do consider myself a “spiritual” person. I am also a great believer and follower of Buddhism, which technically is not a religion but a way of seeing, understanding, and coping with life using various teachings by the founder of Buddhism, the great Gautama Buddha ;).

Buddhism espouses that what you focus on in this life becomes your reality. So if you keep on focusing on the problem always at hand, like the pandemic, then that becomes your reality!

Let’s not focus on death or the end of humanity, even though the problem is Illuminati-instigated (more on that in another blog post 😉 ).

Some Final Words of Advice

So, as mentioned previously, take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual aspect, for they will be tried greatly in this pandemic. Just to mention that by managing all three aspects of our persona, we can manage our emotional state of affairs – and be less anxious and worried about what the future will bring!

I hope you still remember to have a great time despite the world’s current state of affairs! See you!

Note: Remember to push the subscribe button down here if you’d like to be informed of my upcoming blog posts ;)! Have a wonderful day!

When Everything Becomes Clear

Have peace in your heart and joy in your soul – and your spirit will always be elated and work abundantly, peacefully, and joyfully for your future!

With a bit of meditation and self-introspection, I finally found peace in my heart and the ability to manifest the future I wanted!

Have you had that feeling – that everything was going to be okay inspite of the current circumstances we are in ;)?!

I had that feeling not too long ago. It was mid 2018, and my father just passed away from a long, lingering illness. I felt so helpless and so distraught that I wasn’t there at his bedside when he needed me most.

I wasn’t there because I couldn’t be sure that I would be safe from dark forces. They usually come or inflict some sort of accident or negative incident in my life when I’m distraught or emotionally and mentally down.

I would have died for my father any time – except it wasn’t my call this time! This time I had to live, I had to live not just for myself, my husband and twin soul, and my future kids but also for the fate of humanity on Terra Earth.

Crystal-clear Thoughts

But going back to my first question to you readers, have you had a time when your thoughts were so crystal-clear that you could see your future in a couple of decades or so? Well now I’m having “that moment”. It was the same kind of moment when my father passed away and I was mourning for him.

I had lost a father and gained the derision, even near hatred of my family because I wasn’t there to be at my father’s side when he passed away. But in the middle of my deep sadness and distraught, I vowed and told the universe that I was going to get back. I was going to be the “best daughter I could ever be” and make my late father proud of me 🙂 !

Because at that time, I was fearful of what might happen to me in the future! I knew the mission I had to do – to awaken people and make them realize the true nature of The Matrix that we are in, and in so doing, would help them raise their frequencies in order that their bodies and souls ascend to the 5th dimension.

But at the same time, I knew I was going to be “unstoppable” because “I lost my fear of anything and anyone, not even of the “Reptilians” and “The Powers that Be”! And when you remove all that fear, all that anxiety, sadness and helplessness that those mind-controlling neg entities throw at you, then you can create and manifest just about anything! You have your future in the palm of your hand and you can shape and manifest anything that your mind is capable of conceiving.

Conceive and execute! This is the “secret” that The Other Side has always tried to suppress in all of us three-dimensional humans, not just the “awakened ones” like myself and others who have committed to help others to awaken too ;)!

Unusual Times & Your Destiny

And so like the incident that happened to me just after my father passed away a few years ago, you can see your future as “clear-cut as glass”.

Ever since the pandemic started and even before, I’ve always struggled with moments of “blurry thinking”, as if I had brain fog L. Some medical experts say this is sometimes due to our diet (full of carbohydrates, brain- and cell-inflaming food ingredients and artificial chemicals).

And more alarmingly, when I was in one of these moods, all I could think of was “how difficult the job is or the situation that I was currently in” L! It was so frustrating and sometimes, nerve-wracking 😦 !

But, as I keep telling my readers in my earlier blogs, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!

You always have a choice whether to feel sad, bothered, cantankerous, depressed, anxious, hopeless, angry, excited, or happy at any given time ;)! I realized at this very moment that you can choose to wallow in those negative emotions or neg energies, and just be anxious and fearful all the time of the future and what it has in store for us.

The truth is that “we create our future”, said Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism ;)! We can choose to be thinking negatively of our life and our day even as early as the moment we wake up in the morning. But, once we choose to make that day a “fantastic day”, even if your circumstances are not that fantastic, then your day really becomes super fantastic 🙂 !

Agree with me on these ;)?

As I am reminded again of this teaching of my previous shaman mentor, I look around my little flat and realize that if I see it as cluttered and unorganized as it is now, then we feel as cluttered and unorganized in our thoughts like what we see right in front of us!

So I decided to fix my flat and all its clutter by the time I wake up in the early morning ;)!

We are the Creators of Our Future!

Dear reader, sometimes we just need to wake up from our stupor and face the fact that we are “creators of our future”! We can always turn the tide, no matter how dismal or depressing or sometimes hopeless the situation is, for instance, the pandemic and how it impacts not only our current economy but also how people treat you and others.

I noticed that people are less patient, more irritable, negatively-inclined and fussy about things – which I attribute to the state of the world now – the economy, the rules to stay indoors, stringent health protocols – sometimes being inefficient and unproductive – and the possibility that one may drop dead of the covid virus any time L.

But for me, covid can be prevented if one builds up one’s immunity against any sickness!

But let’s go back to the main topic and not wallow on the covid problem ;)!

And just like the year 2018 when I lost a father, on the other hand, I gained clarity in my purpose and my mission. I lost my fav job also 2 months after my father died 😦 .

But when I made a declaration to the universe that I will avenge the death of my father and make him proud of me, and pursue what has to be pursued against all odds, everything really changed! That life-turning decision that nobody can scare me or deter me from my mission cleared the path for everything to fall in the right place – and things did really exceedingly well after that! I didn’t have a job at that time; I only had a clear-cut idea of what kind of job I wanted to work in (helping others).

I had a firm belief that things can only get better after those harrowing months prior to my “life-changing realization moment”. And things did get better. I gained a job that really made me happy for a few years because I was helping people improve their health and eventually, their lives. The pay was not exceedingly high but enough to make me comfortable living in the boondocks ;)!

Of course the pandemic happened ;)! Even though I was back to square one, I had a clear-cut vision and desire on what I wanted to accomplish in the near and far future J.

I knew what I wanted – and I’m still following my heart’s desires ;).

Stay safe, motivated, grateful, excited (for your future!), and confident about your abilities or “superpowers”! For we are always in the path to greatness when we are calm and composed, and when we think and selflessly work for others before ourselves. “Serve others first before self” as my mentors always taught me to do.

And you know what, I always had a much brighter day when I managed to help someone with their day in any way ;).

Namaste and have a most blessed and wonderful day :)!

Finding Yourself in the Jungle of your Perceptions

Photo courtesy of Canva.com

I know I should have known better. I know I am doing it ALL OVER AGAIN! I know I am in the brink of losing my identity again – and for what :O?! To please the people who don’t give a hoot about what happens to me 😦 !

Alright, let’s start from the beginning!

I had this idea of starting afresh again early this year, as in as early as early January 2021. Mainly to start the New Year with a new perception on life – more optimistic, less fearful of what is out there, and definitely moving forwards to a better and brighter future.

I decided I would dedicate January for upgrading my blog and finishing my book – for the nth time. I managed to find and buy a hosting provider so I could move my wordpress blog to a domain-based one. And I did already – yippee!

Then, my sister’s friend came calling, asking to have his book edited and rewritten. You know, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had a whole month of activities planned out already for me, I wouldn’t stop and consider taking that job. But I did take the briefing and was in the middle of negotiations already.

Until the shit hits the fan! Big time :O!

I went bonkers over the material I had to edit. Normally when I am in unfamiliar territory, I get a 2nd person to work with me on a project so I can have a sounding board.

This time, I couldn’t find that person to go with me. And I went ballistic the night before the presentation.

Okay, I dropped the 6-figure potential salary and opted out of the project. My peace of mind before anything else. Right ;)?

Or was it something else, some familiar problem again :O?

Trouble comes in Twos or Threes

So, last February was supposed to be a slow month of writing, rewriting, and publishing that effervescent book. But here comes the catch again!

I was encouraged by a friend to take FREE lessons in upgrading my virtual assistance skills (a virtual assistant is someone who helps or assumes certain tasks for somebody else, perhaps a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or even a CEO of a small to medium size company; it could also be the tasks normally done in-house by a company but is now being outsourced to independent freelance people or freelancer agencies usually to be cost-competitive).

So I signed up for free classes in 2 virtual assistance training agencies – and bought 2 paid classes in 2 skills I am interested in upgrading ;).

And study I did. And now I don’t own my time again.

Why did I subject myself to this crazy schedule? Was it because I wanted to level up my skills? Or was it because of my pride wherein I lost my fav client to a good friend who was more experienced in virtual assistance skills – or so I thought — and charged less than me L?

So here I am again – going down the rabbit hole. Trying to find myself like searching for a needle in a haystack. Trying to learn everything and be everything when all you want to do is excel in a few skills. And in the end, you end up being everything but not gaining anything. In fact, you lose your soul and your identity – because your need to excel was done to please others than yourself.

A Question of Identity?

I started feeling that “trapped feeling” again. But this time, I know already what to do to get out of that muck/fuck.

It basically is a question of IDENTITY! Do you find and establish your identity by kowtowing to everyone’s desires? Are you an extreme people-pleaser? Why do you have to perfect your ability to get everything right the first time and every time afterwards :O?

What happens if you don’t want to be perfect in everything you do? Would it really matter if you are not a straight ace person in everything you do? Or would you rather be the perfect example everybody wants to be – but deep inside, you feel like shit because you feel like an imposterL?

It’s just a matter of asking yourself “Why are you doing this?”. Or “Why do you have to do this?”?

Or, “Are you doing it for yourself or to please or get the approval of others ;)?”?

Be True to Yourself

And as I said before and as I am affirming now again:  Be True to Yourself!

Involve yourself only in things that make YOU HAPPY! You might want to make others or your family happy. But if you’re not happy with what you’re doing, you will end up only with diseases that will plague your health for the rest of your life L.

Like me! I thought I wanted to live and thrive in a corporate life. But eventually, after more than 2 decades being stuck up and living like every other communications consultant in the corporate jungle world, I broke away from that kind of existence – because I was already ailing and beset with a lot of health and emotional problems.

Be true to yourself by engaging only in the things that make you truly happy J! And as my benevolent, higher-dimensional mentors and friends always tell me, “The higher your vibration is or the higher and truer your spirituality is (note, I mention “spirituality”, not “religiosity” – although it can be both 😉 ), the better for your health – not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ;)!

How to Test if you are True to Yourself

True spirituality does not depend on material things, nor is it a guarantee that the more financially abundant you are, the higher your spirituality is. One does not equate true happiness with a lot of material wealth – even though money can help in generating happiness but not always “genuine happiness”.

So, a good test for True Happiness is asking yourself this: “Would I be happy if I only have this much but I am surrounded by people who love me and I love them also?”.

Or, ask yourself: “Which one is more important to me – material wealth or wealth of consciousness?”? Try to see which one would make you truly happy ;)!

So, find true happiness that is lasting, instead of happiness that is reliant on what the present moment only has to offer. This I learned over the course of many years, and am now sharing the knowledge/wisdom with you ;).

And eventually, you will emerge and finally find the way out of “The Jungle of Your Perceptions”!

Shamana in the Making Tarot Card Reading of 2021 — It was really enlightening information ;)!

My Tarot Card Reading for 2021
My Tarot Card Reading for 2021 using the “Keepers of the Light” Tarot Deck created by psychic Kyle Gray.

A week ago, I was perusing these existential questions about “How do I move forward in 2021?”, “What are the traits and things that I should develop or look out for?”, and “What tools, ways, or methods should I take to get to where I needed to be ;)?”.

It has been my habit in the past to consult my tarot cards – and other psychic friends and spiritually enlightened fortunetellers – at this time of the year regarding my future. Normally, I devote the first few weeks of January of every year to focus on what I had to do to attain my mission.

I have to admit that 2020 was really a challenge – and in some cases, a nightmare! The covid pandemic, extended family members and friends dying, the downturn in the world economy and in one’s livelihood, and the reality of facing our own mortality any minute and any day makes us think really seriously about our role on this planet and what good we should be leaving behind if we do perish any time.

Hence this blog post.

I took a relatively new tarot deck of “Keepers of the Light” by the young and brilliant psychic and tarot card reader Kyle Gray which I bought a few years back in Bangkok, and made a go at the three-card spread. Just wanting to know what was in store for me in 2021 ;).

Here I summarize the results of my reading.

First card:


Magic Manifesting

Your dreams, visions, and goals are becoming reality. Stay focused.

So basically, I picked the card of Isis, a very popular Egyptian winged goddess. She is known as “The Mother” for all goddesses in Egypt. Her popular counterparts in other ancient cultures are Inanna for the Sumerians, and Hera for the Greeks.

Isis is a strong, smart goddess which oversees the fertility of the land, particularly the Nile River-fed Egypt and its inhabitants. She is also known, according to legend, to have traversed the darkness to light, and between the “underworld, heaven and Earth”.

Because of her transcending the dark into the light, Isis can also come to our help in rising above our fears and moving into a space of love.

With Isis’s magical abilities, this goddess will “guide us to bring our dreams into reality”.

Let me quote Kyle Gray’s explanation of Isis’s favorable intervention into our future:

“You are moving into a space where your dream reality is becoming your outward reality. This is an extremely powerful time, and it’s vital to keep focused on the highest good of all. You no longer want to relive your own history, and/or feel unsupported. Acknowledging where you once were and how you have changed that situation around is a powerful force of gratitude that will align you with universal abundance. Discipline and commitment are important now.

Consider that you are moving between worlds when you daydream or create visions and bring life-enhancing ideas into reality. Magic is manifesting all around you – this is exciting!”

So the important take-home message of this card is that “we need to stay focused on our path” to attain our goals – and in my case, to focus on manifesting our dreams and visions to reality 🙂 !

Second Card:

Paul the Venetian

Experiencing Grace

Share your gifts with grace. Waves of inspiration

and love are coming to you.

Paul the Venetian, by virtue of his name, is reportedly a famous Venice-based artist of the Italian Renaissance. A “Keeper of the Light”, Paul is said to have passed away in 1588 but not without leaving us a legacy.

That legacy is to help mankind recognize their creative talents and to channel those talents in the upliftment of those around them. Once we put those creative talents to good use, we “make space in our heart for goodness”.

So Paul really has our best interests in mind. Call on him when you are in need of channeling your skills and talents to good use for the improvement of not just yourself but also humanity.

This is what Paul the Venetian wants to convey to those who felt inadequate of their creative prowess, quoting Kyle:

“You may have felt blocked or held back in the past, but now it’s time to recognize how talented you really are. Follow your bliss and share your grace. Your creativity is a gift to the world, and as you share it with all those around you, you make space in your heart for goodness to enter.”

Third card:


Higher Learning

You have learned from experience. More inner study is now required

to further progress.

So the first two cards are about “making magic” by overcoming and transcending one’s fears with Isis’s help, and channeling our creative energies and gifts with the guidance of Paul the Venetian. Both are very “active cards”, meaning the cards basically instruct us to move forward by becoming bold with our creative gifts and holding our destinies in our hands.

The third card is Melchizedek and he represents Higher Learning.

Melchizedek is a High Priest described in the biblical Book of Genesis. He is reportedly here to help 3rd dimensional humans go through the ascension process, which, according to Kyle, is “to bring everyone back into a state of love and harmony”.

Supposedly a King and a High Priest, at the same time, during biblical times, Melchizedek goes around with his order of light-bestowed priests to help spiritual people work on their qualities and gifts. Since he works on a very high energetic level, it is recommended that we liaise with him through “sacred geometry and by focusing on ancient star-shaped symbols”.

Kyle’s quote on this is precise and on-point: “You have learned so much to this point and are learning more every day. You are recognizing all the great lessons your experiences and challenges have brought to you and are preparing for a transition or inner ascension where you will move beyond another level of fear and into the inner sanctum of your heart and soul. Become aware of patterns, ancient symbols and signs being sent to you from the universe.”

Since I am apparently able to connect and focus better on my mission now – but still much to learn in the path of ascension — and can offer much more light to those who are in need of it, Kyle recommends connecting to Melchizedek and his order of learned and benevolent high priests “through meditation and connecting with their light”.

Melchizedek’s card came at a time when I was feeling kinda lost with what the world or society wants you to do versus what your heart tells you to do. My inner knowing let me realize that we need to go “inward” to find the answers to our heart’s desires. Most of the time, we listen to our head and the thoughts that swamp it. But, our mind can be influenced by so many entities that might not have the best or positive intentions for us in the long-term. It is a struggle to remain logical and level-headed with our life’s mission amidst our daily efforts to survive in this three-dimensional, troubled world.

So this card was very timely in its appearance in this stage of my lifeJ! My advice to you all is when you arrive at a crossroads in your life, and you want to achieve some or full clarity with how you will move forward or take the next step to your rosy future, sit down, meditate and go inwards. Be still and keep your mind and body clear and calm.

When the mind is already still, then you can think better of the solution to your problem or concern. Sometimes, the answer you seek will not pop out immediately and may just come out in your 2nd or 3rd meditation session. That is okay! You might not have the answer immediately, but you attain peace of mind and body – and that is the beginning of the revelation to your question.

Namaste and I wish you the best that could ever be for your life and happiness in this New Year 2021 :)!

P.S: If you believe you are a “lightkeeper” and would like to be further enlightened with regards to your purpose in life and the way to pursue your destiny on Earth, try buying and practicing with Kyle Gray’s “Keepers of the Light” Tarot Deck. It is most likely available in your nearest popular bookstore or mystical or New Age store ;).

Disclaimer: I am in no way paid to mention or advertise Kyle Gray’s “Keepers of the Light” Tarot Deck or any of his stuff in my blog post ;). My analysis of his deck was based on direct personal experience using them ;).

Lost Ancient City Underneath Greenland?

Is There a Lost Ancient City Under Greenland?
Is this already the fabled Lost City of the Star People extraterrestials off the coast of Greenland? Did the melting polar ice caps finally reveal what we have known to exist since World War II? How did the city get under more than 2,200 meters of sea water? Coordinates of structures are indicated in the lower lefthand part of the photo. Photo courtesy of Google Earth.

One of my hobbies during the past few years is to find any anomalies on the sea floor using Google Earth. I got inspired to do this when I read an online article about a US-based science teacher asking his students for help to find and locate anomalies in the world using Google Earth.

I found several underwater anomalies a few years back using Google Earth but not as dramatic as the one I saw sometime middle of this year while spending the pandemic holed up in my room. I read quite a bit about how to identify ship tracks on the ocean while studying Google Earth, so as not to mistake ship tracks for supposedly the “real deal”.

One such video I watched was from YouTube featuring the scientist Courtney Brown PHD of the US-based Farsight Institute. They actually use very scientific remote viewing methods to find specific places and events in time such as Atlantis, the Phoenix Lights, and the JFK Assassination. Dr. Brown also discusses how to identify and distinguish ship tracks from other anomalies under the sea in this video interview of him by truthseeker Randy Maugans of OffPlanet Radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MPu7Bq7Heg .

So here are a few screenshots I took of Greenland using Google Earth! What do you think are those funny lines that look like roads in perpendicular angles which are located more than 1,400 meters – 2,200 meters below sea level just off the coast of Greenland?

Photos of Lost City off the coast of Greenland?
A zoomed out photo of Greenland where the supposed anomalous structures are located just off the Western coast of the ice-covered country.

Ancient cities off Greenland coast
A much closer and clearer view of the anomalous structures just off the coast of Greenland.

anomalous structures off the coast of Greenland
Here are more anomalous structures further north of Greenland opposite Baffin Bay.

Here is another anomaly just further up the coast of Greenland, just opposite Baffin Bay. Basically what I consider as anomalous are these squarish structures just below the coast of Greenland which look like clusters of buildings. Now, if these were natural formations like mountains or ridges, you wouldn’t see too many right-angle corners looking like they’ve been actually built by human hands.

A closer view of the anomalous structure on the northern side of Greenland near Baffin Bay.

And definitely you can see roads in the first picture, which means there might have been a city there in Greenland before it was covered by ice (the layout of that city looks very Sumerian indeed!).

Now, to be able to build structures this low in Greenland, those early builders were probably in the area before the glaciers started melting some 21,000 years ago. In other words, Pre-Flood, the biblical flood, that is.

And if you’re considering a Greenland that used to be free from ice – that occurred sometime between 450,000 to 125,000 years ago! At that time, Greenland had coniferous forests and sported all manner of insects (butterflies, beetles, etc.) and plant life (source:  https://serc.carleton.edu/integrate/teaching_materials/coastlines/student_materials/907 ).

Ziggurat on top of Greenland?
A Sumerian-looking ziggurat structure is found near the North Pole. The coordinates are on the lower righthand side of the photo. Doesn’t it look like a typical Sumerian ziggurat ;)? Photo courtesy of Google Earth.

And here is also another one I saw near the North Pole that looks like a Sumerian ziggurat, at least the top view, with all those right angles and tiers/levels ;)! This place happens to be located in 1,786 meters below sea level for the upper tier, and as much as 3,000 meters for the lower tier of this structure.

Aside from Nazis supposedly building and operating an underground military base underneath Antarctica during World War II, there is a story of the “Star People”, humanoid-like extraterrestials who visited and influenced the First Nation Indians in the distant past, who left their knowledge of healing and communing with nature with the Indians. These Star People were reported to live in cities under the North Pole. Perhaps this image I saw from Google Earth is one of those ancient, abandoned cities? Or are they really abandoned ;)?

Here is a story from the alternative online media “Collective Education” about the contact between the Star People and the First Nation Indians: https://www.collective-evolution.com/2020/04/25/indigenous-elders-share-stories-about-star-people-living-inside-the-earth/ .

Let me know what you think of these anomalies and your theories on how or why do you think this could really be a prediluvian city under Greenland J!

P.S: I also noticed on Google Earth what Courtney Brown mentioned in his Atlantis talk – about the checkerboard holes on the ocean floor near Antarctica which are most likely man-made ;). I used to have a screenshot of that too from Google Earth – but I lost the image 😦. And of course, based on what Dr. Brown explained about compressed images losing their clarity & crispness, this has already happened to the image, which means we can hardly see those checkerboard anomalies in the latest version of Google Earth now.

Can You Drag Everyone Kicking and Screaming into the New Human Consciousness?

Can I Drag You into the New Human Consciousness
Humanity needs to adopt a “New Human Consciousness” in order to improve personally and advance into a new paradigm-shifting reality!

Let me answer that eye-opening question I laid out for you in my rather “in-your-face title”! The answer is NO, you can’t or better, you shouldn’t drag everyone kicking and screaming into the “New Human Consciousness”.

Why? Because all of us earthlings or “Terran humans” in “Exopolitics speak”, have been gifted by Our Creator what we call a “free will”. Free will to decide what is best for us. Free will to accept what is not only true for us but also what resonates well with us.

And free will to choose the “reality” that we are comfortable living in OR resonates well with our current beliefs and values.

The Nightmare that is “Free Will”

The problem with the “free will” thingy is that too much of FREEDOM leads sometimes to excess, and thereby, misuse of those freedoms in so much so that other species, both human, animal, or even non-human, are already impacted negatively by our use of too much free will. Case in point is that of the continuous misuse and exploitation of the environment.

Here in the islands, pristine jungles, abundant wildlife, verdant forests, and bountiful seas are pillaged, over-used, and exploited to feed the greed of men for material things and things that satisfy and support their obsession for power.

While people point the finger accusingly at BIG CORPORATIONS and greedy businessmen as the culprits behind all these plundering, hardly anyone realizes that the small woodcutter who chops down the 100-year-old trees for the large furniture shop in the village as “part of that team” that just murdered a whole ecosystem. And that ecosystem, if left alone to grow, could have prevented the massive floods that are now inundating your island – damaging houses, crops, businesses, livestock, etc. in its path.

Too many people wash their hands of their “responsibility” to chip in to save the environment, passing on the buck to other people who are supposed to be the culprits behind the denudation of the forest. They are so wrong!

Or have you ever raised your voice to protect not only just your children but all the people impacted by dangerous drugs and/or harmful chemicals in our food from even more evil-minded people, namely powerful institutions or corporations who produce those drugs/food/other harmful products?

The Need for a New Human Consciousness

Okay, so now that you must have realized that to maintain the ecological balance of our planet and its inhabitants, we need to chip in our little bit in preserving and conserving the only planet we’ve got.   Do you think this new so-called “perspective” that we have of Terran life and our roles in it what the human collective call “the New Human Consciousness”?

Well yeah – but that touches only a little bit of what’s required from us to hack the Matrix that we are in, including surviving ecological disasters like pandemics – and personal disasters ;)!

The New Human Consciousness ideally should cover the following:

* A New, More “Engaged Conscience”

This involves not only being more concerned with our family members, friends, colleagues, etc., but also covers acquaintances and the random man-on-the-street to the detriment of our personal safety sometimes. This consists of keeping a firm grasp of issues and fighting for those issues that are dear and important to us but not in a way that it arbitrarily destroys the rights and beliefs of others.

A clear example of this would be the anti-vaxers like Ms. Brandy Vaughan who fought for the right of people to know what big pharma manufacturers include in their vaccines, whether there are synthetic chemicals or other dangerous elements there. Even though she was a former corporate marketing person for Merck’s Vioxx painkiller, a drug that was taken off the shelves because it was found to increase the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks, she fought for the education and enlightenment of a lot of Americans regarding the dangerous effects of drugs that big pharma companies are manufacturing & marketing.

Because of Ms. Vaughan’s fight against the machinations of “The Powers that Be”, she was constantly hounded and harassed by unidentified morons who broke into her house and tapped her phones, and culminating to her very disturbing and suspicious sudden death recently, supposedly due to gallbladder problems. But her close friend said that even though she had gallbladder problems, Ms. Vaughan looked fine a few days before her death.

We need people like Ms. Vaughan who was willing to fight for consumer rights and expose the real truth behind the most common drugs in the world. I just wish that there were more of her at this time 🙂 .

* All of Us are Connected!

In the eyes of The Creator, all of us are “His creations”. Therefore, we should not fight against each other and strive to live in harmony with not just other humans but also with nature and the lower animals (dogs, cats, hippos, birds, etc.).

This “connectedness” to all of His creations is apparent when we destroy nature, like our oceans. When the human population started dumping their trash into the sea, this dumping affected the animals living in the sea. Thus, the population of dolphins, whales, seals, and other ocean-based creatures are affected resulting to a decrease in their population.

We may not feel the effects of the demise of certain animals in the sea or land now, not yet. But our children and our childrens’ children certainly will.

In fact, because of the pollution of our seas, some very important crustaceans and sea-dwelling animals’ populations have gone down and affected our food supply from the sea. This certainly will affect our diets and our propagation as a land-dwelling entity.

If we just realize that all our actions also may adversely affect other species on this planet, then we will be able to understand why the survival of the human species really depends on this interconnectedness with other species, here on terra firma and probably on other planets.

* A Lot of Positivity

Positivity has, time and again, helped many people go through rough and not so rough times. Now that the world is still struggling with a pandemic with not just livelihoods but basic operations of countries being affected, having an attitude and mindset of positivity is what we really need to adopt.

But in general, always having a positive attitude and a positively-inclined mindset is recommendable in any type of situation. In my experience, possessing positivity clearly raises one’s vibrational frequency. A high frequency makes you more resistant and fool-proof against negative forces or entities trying to influence or attack you ;).

Of course, not everyone is being attacked or is up for attack by negative entities, I hope ;). Still, having a positive attitude certainly is a trait that one has to emulate to survive these very turbulent times.

* Kindness & Compassion to Others

Okay, so now you have the positivity, the knowledge that we are all connected regardless of the species, and that we need to be “involved” and not “apathetic” towards the problems of our species but also the world. Rounding out the list of things that may characterize our New Human Consciousness is “Kindness and Compassion” to all living things, regardless of species.

This is one characteristic that a lot of people I have encountered seem to fall short of. Sometimes, it’s just the simple things that we do such as being kind and compassionate to others, including animals, that indicate how advanced are we as a species in the evolutionary ladder.

Why do we need to be kind and compassionate to others? Isn’t the answer as obvious as the light of day :O?

As I have discussed above, we are all The Creator’s creations. There is nothing higher or lower than us. We are all equal in terms of needing love and being extended or extending kindness and compassion to others.

It is by being kind and compassionate that we really show our benevolent nature to everyone. And that applies to any situation, whether there is a pandemic or not.

* Never Lose Faith in Humanity ;)!

Finally, even with all the limitations, mistakes, and negative traits and frailties of Terran humans, we certainly cannot lose faith in the good of humanity. This also implies that since humans are pretty much “flawed” when they started living in our three-dimensional world, we should be willing to forgive them nonetheless for their mistakes.

This message was communicated to me several times by my Boss who kept on picking out the “Forgiveness” card while reading my tarot deck. And although my Boss became a former Boss because she had to let go of me and choose another, I still forgave her for that.

We cannot always be the perfect specimens of creation. But we can strive to provide the best and the most complimentary traits we can muster to generate the “New Human Consciousness” that will propel us to the next millennium.

How to Remove the “Negative Program” In Your Mind Part II — 6 Steps to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

I don’t want to be so technical in describing how I remove – and continue to remove – programs in my head placed there by the Reptilians and other negatively inclined beings. Our world is so fucked up sometimes that even when we know, for a fact, that this habitual self-destructive habit of ours is part of the ingrained “negative programming” of the Rs, we still continue to do the same thing every day.

So I’m going to lay the steps in removing that “program” in your mind in 6 simple steps. Hear me out below:

Step 1: BE POSITIVE! “Positive-minded”, high “vibrational frequency” individuals akin to 5th dimensional beings will have an easier time to remove the program in their minds.

First of all, no one can change any programming in their subconscious mind if they don’t believe or have confidence in their “self-worth”. Having self-worth means believing in oneself and one’s place in this world.

To have that much-coveted “self-worth”, one must learn to “think and feel positive” all the time. Of course, we may have our ups and downs in the course of one’s day. But at the end of it all, one must always harbor “good, positive feelings and thoughts” in order to beat the Rs at their game.

Step 2: LEARN the connection between our Conscious Mind and our Subconscious Mind!

Our “subconscious mind” governs our “conscious mind”! I can’t emphasize that point too much because this is the seat and the root of our problems as 3rd dimensional beings having a 5th dimensional experience on Planet Terra, otherwise known as Earth.

Our conscious mind is our “waking mind”, the one that is in action when we do chores every day like cleaning the house or walking the dog. It is also the same part of our mind that we use when we think and make decisions, when we study a new course on baking cakes, or when we advise a client regarding the benefits he will receive when he opens an investment in stocks and bonds.

On the other hand, the “subconscious mind” is that part of our mind that governs and influences everything, particularly our conscious mind. Everything that we think, experience, and witness in our conscious mind is stored in our subconscious mind. That includes not just all the positive ideas and experiences that we encounter but also the negative ones as well.

In fact, every negative thought or experience that is not just gained by us but also by our peers, mentors, family members, friends, colleagues, etc. are stored in our subconscious mind. The problem with that is negative beliefs that are not our own are also stored in our subconscious mind – and might affect our conscious mind as well.

For instance, if our parents have a certain aversion to “Asian minorities” in America because of deep-seated beliefs, that belief against Asians may be passed on to our consciousness and eventually, be stored in our subconscious minds.

Honestly, our subconscious mind happens to be that part of our mind that is always awake and governs our waking moments and activities. To give an example of how this works, imagine that you have had always this dream to own a big house by earning big in a future job. You keep on reciting positive affirmations to actualize your dream. But even though you keep doing this for months, you still don’t get what you want. Why?

Because reciting positive affirmations is part of your conscious mind. But the one you need to convince about your dream is not your “conscious mind” but your “subconscious mind” ;)! Once you enable to manage your subconscious mind, you can easily manifest things more.

Our role in this life then is to “de-program” our subconscious mind of those negative thoughts, beliefs, and experiences so it does not affect our conscious minds. We should not let our subconscious sabotage our life including our beliefs, career, loves, jobs, relationships with friends, peers, colleagues, dreams, goals, future achievements, etc.

Step 3:  Purge yourself of negative thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and habits.

Let’s do a little exercise for you guys to do to finally actualize your objective of “purging yourself of negative thoughts, beliefs, habits, etc.”

So first, prepare the following:

* little strips of paper that you can write on

* a pen

* a small earthenware, steel, or other metallic pot

* some coals

* lighter or matches

Write down in the strips of paper all the negative beliefs, thoughts, habits, etc. that you want to purge from your life. Be specific about what you DON’T WANT to remain and thrive in your head when you move forward to a more positive, high-frequency life!

Put the coals inside your small earthenware or metallic pot. Burn the coals up using some paper and matches or a lighter.

Once you get a nice fire going, burn each and every piece of paper that you wrote down all your negative thoughts and beliefs. Meditate while burning each and every one of those strips of paper.

Make a promise to yourself and The Creator that you will NOT DO, envision, or call to mind these negative thoughts, nor store them in your mind.

Step 4:  Make a CLEAR DECLARATION TO THE UNIVERSE about what your Ultimate Goal for the rest of your life should be. Write down ALL of your POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS!

Do not be held back by any beliefs when declaring your intent to the Universe! In my years of meditating and declaring my personal intent and affirmations to my Higher Self, I never used to declare my wishes, intent, and goals to the Universe.

But after 1 fateful day in mid 2018, when my dear beloved father passed away, I declared to the  Universe my intent – to get a decent job and fulfill my mission to saving as much as humanity as possible by helping people raise their vibrational frequencies.

At that time, I didn’t have a clue on how to raise the frequencies of people. I just had this goal and surprisingly, because I didn’t have a clue but had a firm belief that I can raise the frequencies of people to bring them to the next dimension, which was the Fifth Dimension.

And because of that, I developed peace within myself, generally, and assumed “a positive outlook” on the monumental task before me. And things started moving (read more on that story here: https://shamanainthemaking.wordpress.com/2019/09/17/tips-to-deflect-psychic-attacks-against-you/ .

Since you already have the small pot of heated coals, write down ALL THE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS that you intended for the end of this year 2020 and for those you want to achieve in 2021 on the little strips of paper you prepared earlier!

Burn those strips of paper in the pot, one by one. Meditate on each affirmation as you burn each one in the pot!

Step 5: CLEAR and IMPLANT the POSITIVE IDEAS AND AFFIRMATIONS into your subconscious mind!

Compile those positive affirmations you had written down into 1 complete list. Read this out loud right before you sleep. Since the subconscious mind thrives on “repetition”, it would really help to keep on “consciously” repeating this list of positive affirmations to yourself not just before bed but several times a day, if possible.

Or, surf the internet for a video to help you talk and clear your SUBCONCIOUS SELF of NEGATIVE PROGRAMMING. Here is one from the British hypnotherapist Marissa Peer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0zvh5nLCfo .

Step 6:  Keep repeating the previous exercises I’ve relayed to you earlier until what you’ve been watching above are already ingrained into your subconscious 🙂 ! Namaste 🙂 !

How to Remove the “Negative Program” In Your Mind — Understanding the Nature of The Matrix We are In and How to Hack It Part I

What if that head of yours was inherently and genetically “wired” to have a limited view of reality? What if all of us three-dimensional humans were genetically wired to have only this limited view of reality because some other species have been manipulating our genes – and especially our “minds” — to limit our view of the world – our physical space, the foods and drinks we eat every day, the work we had to finish today, the uncle who came to visit yesterday, the boyfriend you went to watch the movie you saw yesterday, the doctor you consulted last week for your so-called auto-immune disease, etc.

I am pretty sure you will be coming back with an answer such as, “Isn’t that the main concept of the 3-part “The Matrix” series of movies starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne? That we are all in a Matrix-like world created for us by some other A.I.-based species – and that we are all slaves to the creators of that world?

Okay, so what is my point in saying this? Basically my point is that if your view of reality is not that great now, meaning you have bills to pay, or you got kicked out of your bread-and-butter job, or your boyfriend or husband left you for a younger, gorgeous-looking gal, etc. – then do not fret your mind over these things! Most of the time, we keep on “losing” or “falling” or being just downright unlucky or depressed in life because there is a “program” wired into our brains, our minds by the Creators of the “reality” that we are currently in. This so-called “reality” of ours is a configuration of theirs, of their needs to feed off our negative emotions and thoughts.

I am talking about the Reptilians or “Rs” as we fondly call them ;). And they’re nasty as hell 😦 (see my previous blog posts on the nature of the Rs here: https://shamanainthemaking.wordpress.com/2016/04/17/how-the-rs-keep-your-frequency-down/ .

How did the Program Get There in the First Place?

In previous blog posts, I have mentioned “The Matrix” view of reality that all humanity, unfortunately, are in in this 3rd dimensional world on Earth: https://shamanainthemaking.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/our-holographic-universe-and-the-truth-about-3d-reality/ . Basically, the concept is that the Rs and their other partners in crime who, unfortunately, are also other negatively inclined beings existing both in 3rd and 5th dimensional worlds, banded together to create this artificial “reality” we are in to ensure that Terran humans become an unending source of “negative emotions” for these Rs to feed on.

Yes, to feed on – you heard that right L! Because the Rs use our negative emotions like a “marijuana drug” to keep themselves going in our world. To ensure that the Rs have an unending supply of these negative emotions, ideas, and perceptions, each person who is born into this 3rd dimensional reality has been “programmed” already to carry negative thoughts and emotions even way before they are born.

Not only that, our current reality, meaning the society and other external aspects of our world today, have been programmed to carry negative concepts and ideas to synch with the negative programming we have in our heads since birth. This “malevolent environment” that we are born into is the perfect “hotbed” or “fertile ground” for the negative programming that we are born into from Day 1 of our existence on Earth.

So where is the evidence that there is really this negative Matrix manipulated by the Rs that we are existing in?

My Personal Experiences in the Matrix!

First of all, I had several weird experiences moving and feeling my way around The Matrix when my 3rd eye started opening up some 8 years ago. When I was agitated, all the little insects and animals that I was afraid of, such as large household spiders, would just appear in my room even though I was pretty sure they weren’t around in the first place because I insulated my room enough to keep these little creepy crawlies out ;)!

I also experienced one of the very first incidents which cemented my perception of The Matrix as this reality that was synthetically created by the Reptilians. It also proved to me that with our “Minds” we can also mould The Matrix according to our needs and whims.

I was staying in a seaside resort with Mentor #1 over the Christmas holidays during a particular time when we were constantly on the move to evade the Rs. At that time, I was constantly chanting my Tibetan Buddhist Sanskrit mantras every day and at least 3x-4x a day. I was taught by Mentor #1 and by my higher dimensional mentors that by chanting these mantras, we could effect a “phenomenal change” in The Matrix including the life that we wanted to lead.

So on this particular morning (I made it a point to usually chant at the break of dawn, which is sometime between 5 am to 6:30 am every day), I took out a chair, propped myself up on the balcony running beside our hotel room, and started chanting my usual Tibetan Sanskrit mantras while facing the fantastic beauty of the beach and the magnificent rising sun.

While chanting, I noticed a group of fishermen hauling a large net to shore. Now, this part of the island was known for “dead seas” almost devoid of fish because of the non-existence of corals L. Fishermen here were used to dragging nets along the ocean floor, thus destroying most of the corals there – the basic requirement for fishes to stay and thrive in the area L!

During the previous day, the fishermen hauled almost no fish in the large net they had been dragging near the shore. So I was thinking, since it was January 1, the start of the New Year, I chanted for a better catch for the fishermen to start off the year right ;)!

The Miracle of the Fishes! 

After doing a couple of rounds of chanting, I decided to go down to the beach below before breakfast to see if the fishermen’s catch this morning was better than yesterday (it was still 6:30 thereabouts in the morning then!).

When I almost got to the water’s edge, I suddenly saw people excitedly running up to the beach, carrying plastic bags and large plastic containers. I was really intrigued as to what was happening!

It didn’t take long to see what occurred. Apparently, the fishermen were surprised not only with their catch but with the fishes’ behavior in going near to shore, which they hardly do now because of the lack of corals. In fact, there was so much fish jumping around the net that the fishermen called out to the townspeople huddling near the beach to bring more containers to carry the fish in.

So this is when the miraculous thing happened ;)! While I was standing there at the water’s edge with my feet in about water that came just slightly above my ankles, two small fishes swam to my location. I remembered that they were of the flat variety, about only 4-5 inches long, oval-shaped, and very thin (we fry this kind of fish to perfection and tastes not only good but crunchy as well!).

So I was wondering why they were so friendly because both of them stopped swimming just beside my ankles, as if they were in suspended animation there in the water.

So, I became mighty curious! It was like I was in a dream-like state because the next thing I instinctively did was I slowly plunged my left hand into the water, just below the fish calmly swimming next to me, and scooped it out of the water. It lay calmly on the palm of my hand, not moving at all.

While I was going through this surreal occurrence, I was already wondering what I was going to do with the fish, since it just lay there flat on the palm of my hand. I slowly approached one of the girls who was carrying a plastic bag full of fish and asked her, “Would you like another fish to take home?”.

The girl was wondering why I didn’t want the fish calmly resting on the palm of my hand, so I told her it’s because I don’t have a bag to put it in. So I calmly put the resting – or mesmerized — fish in the girl’s plastic bag (the fish was still not moving and seemed to be in suspended animation).

Right before I left the beach, I took a look at the water – and saw my mermaid friend Yena” there swimming and waving to me from afar ;)! I waved back to her and thanked her profusely for sending all those fishes to the fishermen to catch ;)!

Later on when I was having breakfast, I thought deeply about the incident. I gathered that all that chanting somehow “altered” the Matrix at that particular moment to enable me to catch the fish without it acting like any other fish. I was flabbergasted by the incident and told my Mentor about it ;)!

In conclusion: this incident couldn’t have happened without the mantra chanting I did, and my “intention” to help the fishermen to have something wonderful on New Year’s Day! And it happened surprisingly ;)!

This is how we manifest and create something in The Matrix :)!

To be continued in Part 2!

Photo courtesy of Jason Hinrichsen for Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@jayson_hinrichsen 

Thanksgiving is for Everyone! Why we should always be grateful and celebrate Thanksgiving!

Celebrating Thanksgiving!
Why we should always be grateful and celebrate Thanksgiving? Because we need to be stronger than our problems ;)! We need also to surmount our everyday challenges — and the best way to do that is by being grateful for all you have now ;)!

Today which is Thursday, November 26, 2020, the United States will be celebrating its annual Thanksgiving holiday.

It might be a surprise for everyone that in my household, we used to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family since my childhood. My late father used to work in a U.S. military installation in our island, and therefore, Thanksgiving was a treat for everyone because all employees were allowed to go home and celebrate the occasion with their families.

So I grew up eating roasted turkey which my father used to receive as a gift from his employers (he worked in the base commissary) but without the cranberry sauce ;). Until one time my grandfather made cranberry sauce, having been a cook in a U.S. military battleship during World War II.

I wasn’t impressed with the cranberry sauce :(. In fact, I was expecting it to be sweet – but it tasted sour :(. I wondered a lot why it traditionally had to go with most turkey dinners then ;)!

Why we should be celebrating Thanksgiving

Due to the worldwide pandemic that has impacted everyone globally, it might be difficult for everyone to be in a joyous mood, much less be thankful of something ;). But that is exactly what we should be doing – thanking The Creator and being grateful for our blessings. Blessings :O?

Yes, blessings :)! Being grateful for being alive and covid-free. Being grateful for our robust health. Being grateful that we still have the resources to eat three square meals a day! Being grateful that we still have a roof over our heads – and that we survived numerous storms in this part of the world :).

Our grateful list is endless if we wanted to write it all down ;)! But like the brave men and women who sailed from Plymouth, England and landed at Cape Cod, the Americas in what was called the “New World” in 1620, we face perils and uncertainties everyday – and we still end up alive & kicking, and grateful for another day of surmounting another potential monumental challenge ;)!

As the famous self-empowerment guru Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley said: “Nothing new will come into your life if you are not grateful for the things you already have ;). I have lived by this saying for some years now, and I can attest to the truth of this.

In fact, when I am down and out and yearning for some “material things” in life that perhaps I don’t really need as much, I whip out my Tibetan Buddhist mala beads and start counting all the things I have been grateful for all these years ;)! Sometimes, we just need to be reminded how lucky and blessed we are for having all these things – not necessarily always material – to be thankful for :).

Soon enough, once I realize that I have all these wonderful blessings in my life – and also after some time has passed but not too long – I get what I have told the Universe to send to me! Of course, it also depends if the Universe agrees to what you want. But most of the time, I do really get what I want – and most of the time, it all boils down if my wish actually has some benefit to others or the greater part of humankind ;).

Agree? I hope you do. And before I forget, I send you all this heartfelt greeting: “Happy Happy Thanksgiving” :)!