Gratitude is your Defense Against the Dark Side

No fears! Just be grateful for what you received and continue to receive from The Creator/One Source! It is our defense against the Dark Side.

When I started writing about the existence of the Reptilians and “The Powers That Be”, and their relentless pursuit of me as a budding lightworker/shaman-in-training since about 5 years ago, I never thought I could get this far in terms of living with the truth that they would always be on my heels and keeping watch over what I was doing as a lightworker on Terra. It was distressing to know that fact but more so when they keep constantly sending you psychic attacks ever so often.

As the years passed, I learned certain ways to keep those attacks at bay or even deflect them to nothingness. One of these ways which I constantly used and realized was most effective against psychic attacks was “experiencing GRATITUDE”.


If love is our shield against the Dark Side, it is Gratitude which manifests that love. Gratitude for the people and beings we love and who love us back, and the things that make us happy make us realize how “lucky” and how “fortunate” we still are despite the hardships, the pains (both physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) we experience, and the anxieties we experience due to psychic attacks.

I can attest to the power of Gratitude against negative & nefarious elements through personal experience. For instance, I just came out of a “long” and “time-consuming” bout of baffling sicknesses that lasted for almost a month.

The first sickness was a spate of really severe migraines that seem to come from the crown chakra of my head. Now that is not something unheard of, since some people do feel energies being channeled to the top of their heads. But this was so painfully excruciating that I couldn’t open my eyes properly at one time because of the pain. And I usually do not experience migraines even at times of extreme stress, even when I was working at corporate 9 to 5 jobs before. So this was definitely a “psychic attack”.

This sickness got me incapacitated for almost 2 weeks, hardly able to write in front of my laptop because of the throbbing pain, or even do simple things properly like wash my clothes or even go out to have a quick meal. It is very frustrating, to say the least.

Only by chanting my favored, ever-reliable Tibetan Sanskrit mantras, meditating using my crystals, and sleeping a lot to stave off the throbbing head did I make progress.

The 2nd one was just recently, as in just a week ago. It started off as a series of sniffles which ended up as a full-blown cold because of the changing weather here in the boondocks (super-hot most times, and then raining several times).

And then my tooth started hurting for no reason – which generated migraines again! I couldn’t figure out where the toothache came from but it wasn’t normal. Conclusion: another psychic attack!

So how does Gratitude Come into the Picture?

Lying down on my mat while recuperating from 2 bouts of sicknesses, I realized that despite the pain, the anxiety, the discomfort, and frustration of not being able to function effectively during my long sickness, I had a lot to be still thankful for. So I whipped out my Tibetan mala (a rosary-like contraption made of 108 bead crystals which I had designed myself) and started thanking everyone and everything good and positive that has come my way despite the latest setbacks brought by my sicknesses.

I realized that only good things can come in again into our life if we are “grateful” for the good and positive things that we received and continue to receive every day. This only means that despite the highly negative occurrences we experience, sometimes daily, we can still strive to be grateful for our lot and to The Creator. We also thus elevate our frequencies to vibrate highly and pave the way for our ascension to the 5th Dimension.

I cannot guarantee that all those psychic attacks will cease when you do become thankful. But what I can promise you is that you will feel better after reciting about 108 incidents wherein you were grateful about something. Once we recall and recite those 108 “grateful moments”, we pave the way for more good, bountiful and happy things to come into our lives.

If you have other ideas or tips to fend off psychic attacks, kindly do not hesitate to share your experiences in the comments below so others may benefit from the knowledge.

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Conversations with Marduk: The Creation of the Annunaki Children

Marduk photo

Prologue: Three years ago, I wrote this piece after having one of my usual “illuminations”, usually a discussion in an “awake and altered state of consciousness” with a higher dimensional being, fortunately mostly benevolent ;). This is the result of a discussion with one of those “beings”:

A long time ago, in fact, several millennia ago, the Annunaki – a godlike humanoid — and Reptilian — extraterrestrial race from a far-off galaxy (I’m getting an info here from the region of Sirius B) – landed on the Tigris-Euphrates area of the Middle East and started setting up a colony there.

Now the Annunaki is not just one race. It consisted of 5-6 different species – some of them humanoid, others reptilian in form and – as others say – conduct. For the sake of this story — which was narrated to me by my spirit guides & ascended/benevolent friends – I am referring more to the “humanoid species” of the Annunaki.

The Annunaki came in several space ships and as I said, proceeded to set up a colony, an initial reconnaissance party in the area of the Tigris. They were tall – 9 to 12 feet tall, moved around with godlike confidence and grace, were telepathic and had several PSI (extrasensory) capabilities which included mind control, the ability to move from one dimension to another (which means shifting from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension, enabling them to move through solid walls), teleporting, time traveling, shapeshifting (only for some), etc., and manifesting what they want almost instantaneously or in a short period of time. Because their health & constitution was almost indestructible, they live long lives – a few thousand years or more.

But they were still mortal. Godlike but mortal.

At the time when the Annunaki arrived on the planet, Earth was still forming and reforming its land masses, oceans and other native flora & fauna. Continents were still moving around and the weather was highly tropical and temperate in some areas.

The Tigris area was also an “Eden” – a garden of flora and fauna. And early man was still, shall we say, “ape-like” (the closest human species existing at that time was Neanderthal man).

The Annunaki arrived on Earth to mine for gold which they needed to bring back home to maintain their home planet’s atmosphere. But they also came to terra-form Earth in a way that would have been beneficial for them as well as the living creatures living on it. It is this part of the story that we focus on.

Almost all of the Disclosure and Exopolitics community know about the story of how the Annunaki engineered early man – what scientists usually call homo sapiens (this story is extensively narrated and referred to in all 12 books of Zecharia Sitchin in his Earth Chronicle series). That’s because the Annunaki were master geneticists aside from military warriors and explorers. They took a certain part of their DNA and mixed it/spliced with the DNA of early man here (some say it was Neanderthal DNA that was existing at the time) and formed a highly compliant race of men that they engineered, bred and trained to mine for gold in Africa.

Here is where our story starts. In between the colonization, the genetic re-engineering of early man and the gold mining of certain parts of the planet, a young Annunaki god – a progeny of one of the early leaders/explorers that arrived on the planet, decided to create a humanoid species that was much better than our engineered homo sapiens species.

His name was Marduk. In the tales of Zecharia Sitchin and of ancient Earth historians and anthropologists, Marduk was considered a Sumerian god with a long beard and sporting wings.

According to Zecharia, Marduk was the son of Enki, the first god and leader of the Sumerians – and the first leader of the Annunaki who arrived and terra-formed Earth.

Now according to my guides, Marduk had a soft spot for the humans they created. Aside from having the authority of overseeing the humans they had genetically engineered to mine for gold, Marduk also headed the geneticists that made up the team that created early homo sapiens man.

Marduk liked the humans. He also liked Earth and the way that their “creator team” was terra-forming Earth to make it more habitable for humans and humanoids like him.

It was one day that Marduk thought of creating the “perfect man” that would terra-form and populate the Earth.  This species would have “more” of the genetic traits of an Annunaki – namely his DNA and a little of the existing homo sapiens race that was on Earth so as not to completely disrupt the evolutionary line of Man on Earth.

And so one day, the genetic engineering team of Marduk gathered in a darkly-lit operating room and created what they would call “Annunaki children”.

The Annunaki children looked like little replicas of our Annunaki gods. They came in pairs – one girl and one boy. Each pair came from 1 zygote, thereby each half was actually the “twin soul” or “twin flame” of the other one.

When they were engineered on the operating table, they looked like small children aging 4 to 5 years old. Some children had blond hair, others black. But they all looked Caucasian, well, most of them do.

Some of the pairs of children had wings which according to Marduk, they could hide in their anatomy whenever danger was around. And the children looked perfect – angelic!

The Annunaki children were released into early Earth in pairs. They were sent to various regions of the planet so they could live and populate it.

Each pair has extraordinary PSI skills, one of which was the ability to manifest almost instantaneously anything they wanted. For instance, one of them would look at the ground of a barren wasteland and think of a plant or tree growing from there. Almost instantaneously, a little plant with small green leaves would blossom out of the soil or a tree would grow out of the ground.

But before they were released into the world, Marduk gave them a little speech:

“I want you to know that you’re special – and you are special because you come from me and of the Earth. Your progeny will be many and magnificent. They will live long lives and excel in anything they put their minds to. And YOU will have long lives too because you will incarnate into many lifetimes to protect the Earth and its people.

There will be many who will envy you, test you, ridicule you, or attempt to put you down – even those from your own species. But don’t be afraid. Instead, say this:

“You don’t cow me down!

I am a being of light & love,

and I was made to enhance/raise the frequency of the Earth/planet.

I carry abundance to the ends of the Earth!”

And with that Marduk laid his hand on the head of each child and blessed each of them before he was called to board his ship and leave for his home in the stars.

Written: 27 January 2016

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Two Deaths, Two Endings, Two Beginnings

Father-n-Child-In the Horizon.jpg

If my last post was my comeback post for being away for exactly a year to earn some money so I can keep posting here on my blog, then this post sure contains a story – two stories to be exact – one happy and one sad L. On with our stories!

Story #1

Story number 1 has an unhappy ending. My ailing father who was in his twilight years (more than a decade short of 100 years) passed away peacefully in his sleep just 3 months ago L. He was sick of prostate cancer for more than a decade, and although he was sick of the disease, he still had a great life chatting with relatives and having mahjong sessions with his closest senior citizen friends.

Until he developed motility problems in his old age, which basically means he had a hard time swallowing food and was constantly choking on the food he ate. So for the past year, it was rather difficult for my dad to eat properly. He lost quite a lot of weight.

All these I am telling you because I need to get it out of my system. The saddest part of this story was that my father was hounded constantly by his fear of his long-term cancer disease and the immediate problem of not being able to eat. And more importantly, his fears were exacerbated by our homebound “Reptilians”.

Yes, as much as I don’t want to raise again the story of the “Rs”, as we fondly call them, it has to be mentioned. Remember when I told you the story of how I and my shamana mentor left our homes to be on the road because the Rs were hounding us? This happened more than four years ago but it felt like it happened only yesterday. And partly the reason why I left home was so that I can protect my family against those Rs. If I wasn’t at home, I had hoped they would have left my family alone. But they didn’t.

Instead, the Rs stepped up on their fear campaign, instilling all sorts of fear-based ideas in my Papa’s head, making him fearful of being alone. I felt so sorry for my Papa but I just couldn’t tell him and the rest of my family about the existence of the Rs. They just wouldn’t believe me. Or, they might just be scared shit out of their wits if they ever believed in it :O.

So one fateful night just 3 months ago, my father passed away peacefully in his sleep. He lost a lot of weight already at that time and had to be connected to an oxygen tank occasionally. In fact, we weren’t expecting him to pass away yet because he was still joking with his caregivers the night before he died.

I said earlier in my post that aside from two deaths, there was an ending and a beginning. When my father passed away, it’s like a part of me died as well – that part of my childhood when you know you have a father that loves you no matter what.

The other part of me realized that I had to let go of my father, that he had to cross over already to the Other Side so he could be safely, happily, and contentedly with His Creator. I knew that with his failing health and his weakening body and heart that it was better off for him to meet His Maker than suffer the torment of the Rs on his mind and subsequently, on his body.

When my father passed away, I saw him in my mind’s eye being escorted to Heaven (or the higher ethereal realms) by my two higher dimensional friends and mentors – the Archangel Uriel (known for wisdom and the bringer of the Fire of Truth), and Odin All-Father (jolly nice of him to escort my father to Heaven, which in my books is the 5th dimension:)). My father looked flustered when he was being escorted, as if he was mighty surprised why he was there at all. But eventually as the days went by (in Heaven’s own timeline), he finally warmed up to his new surroundings and “friends”, and became his merry old self again :).

I said at the beginning of this post that we have an ending and a beginning. The end is my father’s death, the end of my happy childhood memories, and the loss of a father which up to now I am sad to say I am still mourning :(. I had never realized that this would be so painful, even though for the past four years or so I have been trained not to cling to temporal things including family and loved ones.

But I cannot deny that 3rd dimensional part of me, that even though I realized that my father is much better off with The All Mighty Creator, I still miss his presence, even just his FB messages and the prospect of bringing him another bag of soursop leaves for him to boil and drink for his continuous good health.

Living in the 3rd dimension is so complicated and more often than not, sad, frustrating, exasperating, and sometimes, depressing :(!

The beginning is with my father’s passing, I resolved to shake off and bury my fears – and work for the greater good of humanity by helping the still slumbering lightworkers wake up to the prospect of a new Earth, the new Terra whose frequency is ascending into the 5th dimension. Because my father’s death would be in vain if I just hid myself and feel safe in a corner of the world, right? That is not my mission and never was ;)!

So on to the 2nd story.

Story #2

What do you think is the culminating part of a traumatic personal encounter with a Reptilian? Of course for me, it’s the prospect of NOT seeing or communicating with that entity again. And that is what happened to me quite recently which gave me the impetus to narrate the second story in writing.

About more than four years ago, I encountered one of these nasty R entities which I had briefly mentioned in this post: and which I had written a book about. The book is still to be published so I cannot reveal all the scary and mind-boggling details here ;). But, suffice it to say that the subject of that book, the Reptilian entity I had personally encountered, had already recently passed away.

I was informed about this occurrence by the same person who had encountered the Reptilian with me four years ago. It seemed that the aforementioned Reptilian, let’s just call her “Grandma A” because she is a grandma already in her 3D “human form”, fell in her bathroom and had a subsequent heart attack which was the cause of her death.

I am not sure if I should not be exulting over the death of another entity, even though that entity had tormented me grievously in the past. But I just couldn’t help giving a sigh of relief over her passing (I’m not exactly sure if “she” was really a “she” or a “he”; hard to tell under that thick, scaly skin).

Remember what I said at the beginning of my story, that I have two beginnings and two endings? Grandma A’s passing is both an ending and a beginning. It is an ending because with her passing, that chapter of my life, of the torment she gave me and the subsequent fear that hounded me since then have already ended – or did it?

It is also a beginning because I can freely go to that area of the country and visit my old friends there, and not worry if she and her minions were around to “sense” my presence. I am free again to go wherever as I please ;). Or is it really?

As discussed before in a previous post here:, these entities can either shapeshift (for those who have the ability), use a “holographic suit” to mask their real form while going around our dimension or take on the body of another human person. In other words, they can transfer their “essence” into another physical body in our 3rd dimensional Terra. How they do that is beyond me!

And so on the day that I learned from my friend that Grandma A had passed away, coincidentally I had a “strange encounter” with another senior citizen in another place. I had to visit the nearest city to our village which had a famous fastfood place that people always patronized. So while I was having a late lunch there, an old woman looking like she was in her seventies with greying hair, sat in the table beside my table to eat.

We were quietly munching on our meals at that fastfood. She was wearing glasses, rather commonplace, tanned skin, and with grey hair. Rather similar to the physical appearance of Grandma A but not very fierce-looking like her. Just an average-looking old woman.

Then out of the blue, she turned to me and asked if I could look after her belongings, which was a small, brown paper bag of sorts while she visited the women’s toilet.

I pleasantly agreed, and since I was already finished eating my meal, proceeded to look around at this popular eatery, looking at the comings and goings of people ordering and dining in this place. Since my table was located near the door of the outlet, I would be able to see the old woman on her way to pick up her stuff and out the door.

Well, the weirdest thing happened. I waited, and waited, and waited. And she never came back! Twenty minutes went by. I thought she got flushed down the toilet since she didn’t come out, and from my bearings, didn’t pass by my area out the door.

So I approached the on-duty manager of the outlet and asked her if she could check if the old woman was in the toilet since I had to guard her belongings on the table she left. The manager willingly agreed and went off to check the toilet.

Just a few minutes later, the store manager came back and said there was no old, grey-haired woman at the toilet. As in there wasn’t anybody there!

I was so perplexed that the store staff probably thought I was hallucinating. I told them, well, I didn’t see the old woman go out of the door, and she certainly left the paper bag with me. So we proceeded to look inside the bag – and there wasn’t much there. Just some wrappings of some food; I didn’t investigate further because it wasn’t my bag.

So the manager and I decided to leave the bag with her, in case the old woman returned for it. But for the life of me, I can’t imagine how the old woman could have left the bag with me and forgotten to pick it up on her way out. Or, how she could have left the store without me noticing.

Or did she actually leave the store ;)? As much as how odd I found the incident was, I had this strange feeling that I just encountered Grandma A. In a different form. Obviously trying to leave an impression that she was still around and very much alive – in a different body :O! Ouch!

Still, if she was in a different form, I am still quite happy that that part of my life was over. She wasn’t living in the area I wanted to visit. Not there anymore to pester me and my friends. And that is all that matters.

If there was a lesson to be learned from these two stories, it is that life has to go on and what we need to do is to cope with it according to our Higher Purpose. For me, it is to live each day of my life in 3D Terra for the moment, following my mission to help raise the frequencies of my fellow Terrans in preparation for 5th dimensional ascension without any fear of the Rs or of any negative entity I might encounter. Because what is the point of living if you’re always scared shit? They (the Rs) will still be around unless we kick them out of 3D Terra. The best I can do, for the moment, is to live here harmoniously with them — as long as they don’t hurt me or any of the entities I’m supposed to meet in my lifetime here ;)!

We are all entities of the same and only Creator. We need to live amicably in a planet that was created for our use and enjoyment – both for humans, humanoid entities, and non-humanoid entities. One of the more important things that we need to be cognizant and mindful about is that we incarnated here on Terra for a specific purpose. Find that purpose, live that purpose, execute that purpose because without that purpose, you are like a boat floating on an endless sea.

You guys/gals agree ;)? Well then, welcome back to my blog folks, and hope to hear your comments or thoughts soon :)!

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What You Seek is Also Seeking You . . .

Shaman's Quote Template-3.jpg

Are you seeking me :)?

Yup! I disappeared for precisely a year to work my ass off and have enough money to keep afloat in order to post to you guys. But it was a tough year and it took away my private time to post to you all.

So here I am again – older, hopefully wiser, and much calmer and less fearful than when I left you guys. I hope to be of help to your journey of self-discovery, self-love, tranquility, and self-empowerment.

So let me share with you this little essay that a beautiful co-lightworker, the famous Ms. Melanie Beckler of wrote. I cannot paraphrase what she said. It is just too raw, lyrical and spot on ;).
Read on!

“You truly have access to all that you need…

Are you allowing yourself to access it?

Are you viewing the path before you through lenses of clarity, trust and love?

Or are you seeing and perceiving roadblocks and limitations that in reality, aren’t really there.

This is your call…

To trust even more.

To trust the guidance that is within and all around you.

To trust that the full magic of creation wants to be seen, felt, experienced and fully revealed.


And then open your heart to tune into it.

Call in your team of guides, angels and masters of love.

Call in support and guidance.

Ask for assistance!

And know that all is aligning for you to receive and experience in a more profound way than you have before…

The support and guidance…

The clarity, certainty and knowing about the next steps on your path and the next stage of your purpose.

Remember, the way through challenge is always revealed… Though sometimes cloaked in a shroud of illusion.

This is your call and reminder that it is well within your ability to see through that.

See through illusion to witness the underlying love, harmony and crystalline coherence connecting all things.

Align with this crystalline path of geometric perfection.

Bringing yourself into alignment with who you really are and with the most divinely guided and inspired possibilities for your life beginning to present themselves to you now.

Trust the process. Honor the journey, let love guide you and know that love opens the pathway for your higher levels of knowing, guidance, clarity and light too to shine through.

You have access to that which you yearn for.

You have more support, inspiration, wisdom, and guidance around you than you’ve yet to perceive.

Let yourself begin to look for it. Feel into it. Believe what you seek is seeking you.

Let yourself trust, love, and tune in.”

With blessings of love and light,

Melanie Beckler of


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5 Tips to Remember to Get Yourself Unstuck from a 3D Existence

Getting unstuck from a 3D existence is not easy but it’s possible :)! Read my 5 tips on how to live the life you want everyday!

Initially, I meant this article to be a career advice article, recommending people on how to get out of a career rut. You know – the type when you feel like you’ve done everything you can to apply for a job you really wanted or dreamed about – and you don’t think you’ll get it because of this factor and that factor?

Or that too many things are in the way – like your laptop broke down and you can’t send that resume to a prospective employer without it :O!

I know – they’re petty things sometimes, as petty as the time when your neighbor didn’t take out the trash when the garbage truck came by and you had to do the yucky chore of dragging out their garbage for them – without any thanks from the neighbor L.

Yes, these seem to be very trifling things to worry over or even get mad about sometimes. But what if they bog you down? What if these things, no matter how trivial, actually prohibit you from vibrating highly and raising your frequency on a daily basis and be happy and serene like in 5D?

Is there something we can do to be out of this rut, to be calmer and composed in order to look at the problem and our existence from the perspective of a 5D individual – and solve it with love & compassion?

So here goes –

TIP #1:  Attain a state of calm composure and a “mind & body” free of negative thoughts and feelings through Meditation

You can’t think clearly about a situation or extricate yourself from a rut if your mind is not in a calm & clear state. Too many thoughts going through your mind! Aside from that, there is always this “constant chatter” that may be keeping your mind from thinking clearly.

Meditation helps keep your mind calm and composed. I try to do it daily but I do get some lapses sometimes. My technique is pretty simple:  observing my breathe going in and out. When you exhale or breathe out, breathe out all the negative emotions, thoughts, fears, disappointments, sadness, etc. from your body.

On the inhalation part or when you breathe in, breathe in all the good thoughts, blessings, positive thoughts and positive energy that you get or receive from your immediate surroundings or, from the Universe.

I learned this technique from a book I read written by the famous Malaysian Buddhist feng shui expert Lilian Too. It was also a technique passed on to her by her Buddhist llama teacher.

Lilian even added an additional technique to the exercise. On the inhalation part, imagine that you are receiving a surge of positive energy or attained a field of positive energy from holy objects like a Buddhist stupa, the crystals on your home altar or even from Mother Gaia, our Planet Earth!

TIP #2:  Free yourself from negative thoughts and energies!

Easier said than done. However, the quickest way to get yourself unstuck from any negative situation you are in is to rid yourself of negative thoughts and vibrations. How?

Inelia Benz has a specific meditation exercise to do that here: You can also download the audio version of this meditation through her online store.

One technique I use to facilitate or speed up the process of removing constant negative thoughts that invade my mind is to think of all the things that I am grateful for at that very moment. It could be that I still have perfect or near perfect health that enables me to work every day. It can also be as simple as having enough money to eat 3 healthy meals a day and a roof over my head.

It could also be the benefit of having a friend to listen to me and help me through my darkest moments. All those happy moments generated from acts of gratefulness everyday help us get through a 3D rut, believe me ;)!

TIP #3:  Replace your negative thoughts and mindset with positive thoughts and energies!

Now that you’ve emptied your mind and body of negative thoughts and energies, it is now time to fill it with “positive thoughts, feelings and energies”! I call this stage the “empowerment stage”.

One of the organizations that have actually helped me cope with a constant stream of negative thoughts and negative conditioning from past experiences is MindValley and its amazing, charismatic leader Vishen Lakhiani. If you notice, MindValley has posted numerous self-empowerment videos on its Youtube Channel. These videos have sustained me through my darkest moments sometimes – and it is something I’d like to share with you.

Aside from Vishen who has delivered numerous talks on how he started his small MindValley business and grew it to be 200-man strong (watch his videos here:, there is another speaker who has shared a simple but very effective technique to galvanize ourselves to generate positive thoughts and energies. That person is psychologist/therapist Marisa Peer and her “I AM ENOUGH” mantra.

By saying “I AM ENOUGH” every so often every day, we condition our minds to think positively – that we are “divine beings” who are having a 3D existence – and with that divinity inherent in ourselves, WE CAN DO ANYTHING 🙂!

In fact, our detractors and even negative entities have tried through millennia to prevent mankind from realizing this truth – which we, as “divine beings”, can MANIFEST everything that we want. All we need to do, according to metaphysician and life coach Joe Vitale, is to “determine what we want” from the Book of Possibilities and declare that to the Universe!

And the Universe will come back with an answer to your request. You don’t have to think excessively or worry on how that is going to happen. You just RELEASE that request to the Universe and TRUST the Universe or One Source/The Creator will come back with an answer.

And that answer is always in your favor ;)! The answer might not sometimes be the one you asked for. But BELIEVE that the Universe has given you a better answer than the one you originally asked for.

Here is the video of Marisa Peer recounting her story about generating positivity through the “I AM ENOUGH” mantra:

TIP #4:  Move forward with CONVICTION!

Okay, this 4th tip is very important – at least to me because it works all the time ;). While you’re waiting for the Universe to come back with an answer or grant your request, YOU NEED TO MOVE FORWARD ALWAYS!

What do I mean by that? It means you must do something that advances yourself every day. It means you’re not going to just sit there 24/7 and wait for that answer from the Universe to happen.

It could be as simple as cleaning up your room, rearranging the furniture so you can work, eat and sleep better. It can also be contributing your time to teaching kids from an orphanage some computer skills or even how to sew a doily.

Or, if your desire is to get an ideal job, you can start researching online what kind of jobs you’d like to have. Or study a new skill like how to Photoshop or how to do social media marketing. Most of the time, there are free tutorials or classes online to teach these skills. Take advantage of those opportunities, especially when you don’t have much to spend yet.

The idea is to keep moving forward and feeling that you’ve accomplished something, even if it isn’t directly related to what you desire. The positive energy you generated from that activity will propel you to your desired goal.


Once you receive your answer from the Universe and it is everything you have ever asked for, PAY THE FAVOR FORWARD! Help others attain their dreams and their needs also by sharing with them these techniques and your personal experiences.

Remember:  if you also manage to uplift their situation or enlighten them on how to go about achieving their dreams, you also receive blessings and positive energies from these people. Your positive intentions become an endless cycle of positive circumstances and energies for a lot of people, including yourself.

Namaste :)!


Future topic:  Is it really possible to combine a thriving Career with a Mission to be a Lightworker?

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What is a Lightworker and How Can You Be Sure You are One?


“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and not worry about the darkness!”

At first, I intended to use one of those online textbook definitions of what a “lightworker” is. You know, one who has been “called to serve others first before oneself”. One who is vibrating at a “high frequency” which means this can only happen if one is thinking positively and do not or are less inclined to harbor negative thoughts, emotions and plans – no matter if they are executed or not.

These negative emotions and thoughts include fear, anger, sadness, envy, despair, negative thinking, etc. By constantly thinking and feeling this way, we are not helping ourselves to become effective lightworkers.

So what exactly is a lightworker? Well, a lightworker has all those qualities I mentioned earlier – vibrating at a high frequency, thinking of others first before themselves, serving others before themselves, etc.

But for me, a lightworker is predominantly focused on linking and focusing on FAMILY.

What FAMILY? The FAMILY OF LIGHTWORKERS? How about those people who have been on the wrong side of the tracks all the time – the burglars, drug addicts, swindlers, murderers, haters, rumor-mongers – even the perpetrators of World Domination like the Illuminati or members of the New World Order? Aren’t they FAMILY as well?

Actually, THEY ARE ;).

This realization sank into me a long time ago but only got resurrected today, while I was trying to think of a SIMPLER WAY of explaining what a lightworker is to my readers.

Sometimes in our journey to become the lightworkers that we are, inherently and divinely, we sometimes engage in this CLASSIFICATION GAME, for lack of a better word. We tend to separate and put the GOOD GUYS in our basket of goodies, and the BAD GUYS, or what we perceive to be bad eggs into our basket of spoiled and rotten eggs and tomatoes.

People who take in drugs – BAD GUYS. People who rescue cats and dogs from the streets and take them in as their home pets – GOOD GUYS. People who donate money to charities – GOOD GUYS! People who swindle their neighbor of 3k dollars – VERY BAD GUYS!

I know, I used to do this since when I was a child – because my mother used to teach me to separate the BAD EGGS from the GOOD EGGS. So I ended up not socializing with the “bad eggs”.

Well when I started on my path to become a GOOD LIGHTWORKER, I was taught that ALL OF US ARE CONNECTED under ONE CREATOR or ONE SOURCE. So that Illuminati guy and the guy who swindled you of 3k dollars – they’re all connected to us!

It doesn’t mean I can’t see or that I forgot his badness and negativity and whatever negative thing he did to me! It just means that DESPITE THE NEGATIVITY and THE BADNESS, he is still connected to ME.

Deep down, when we remove the fluff, all BAD PEOPLE, EVEN BAD BEINGS, come from The Creator or One Source. They just have a different path to take. Or perhaps, they are still finding the RIGHT PATH TO TAKE AND FOLLOW.

And that is where you, as a LIGHTWORKER comes in. Lightworkers know that they must have lots of patience to see and understand the TRUE MEANING OF REALITY. To lift the veil and TRULY SEE that all of us are CONNECTED UNDER THE BIG, BRIGHT SUN.

That, I believe, is the most important characteristic of a LIGHTWORKER.

Now if that BAD GUY or GAL is a member of your family – as in your biological family – well, that is one challenge to tackle ;)! I’m saying that you might have to exert more effort to FORGIVE that family member who is putting the ante on you, or seems to be sending daggers to your heart for forgetting them because of your lightworking commitments.

In this instance, PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING are qualities that a lightworker should develop. There is no going around it, especially when your OWN FAMILY actually is the one giving you all the problems, including the heartache, the pushovers and the negative feedback or lack of encouragement in your lightworking mission.

Do not be disheartened! Just keep on telling yourself that you are doing this for HUMANITY, and not just for your BIOLOGICAL FAMILY ;). One of the really helpful advice regarding family members that do not see eye-to-eye with your lightworking mission is encapsulated in this video by fellow lightworker Ralph Smart:

Okay, so now that you have found your definition of a Lightworker, how do you know if lightworking is for you? Or, in other words, how do you know if that is your LIFE PURPOSE?

It’s not that easy to figure out though. Sometimes you will have to “cross the fire”, forego a few creature comforts – like packing up, leaving the city and living in the mountains – or being ridiculed by close colleagues, best friends and family members.

Personally, I found that lightworking is really my LIFE PURPOSE or what I have been sent to do here on Terra (Earth). There is a period of self-discovery. Sometimes you just accidentally realize that you’re a lightworker.

It’s that almost imperceptible nudge that sends you in the right direction. For instance, in my case, I used to be very steeped in the corporate world, as I said, generating lots of money for my Bosses. But after the fame and the not so perceptible fortune ;), you get tired of the usual money-generating activities – because the ones you are generating for seemed not to get satisfied with the wealth that you have generated for them!

And then you realize that MONEY is not the root of happiness – no matter what it enables you to do. No matter how much you generate to put into charity somewhere. Still and the most important thing is that YOU, yes YOU are inherently and placidly HAPPY with what you are doing everyday from your source of income.

Sometimes and most of the time, you get inspired by somebody else – and that person is also a LIGHTWORKER! In my case, I got into the right company and met my Mentor – who also introduced me to my Other Mentors.

And since lightworkers seem to gravitate to each other, you can be assured that you will find your TRIBE OF LIGHT in no time. All you need is A LOT OF POSITIVE THOUGHTS, one of which is that YOU WILL FIND YOUR TRIBE OF LIGHT, YOUR SOUL FAMILY SOON ;)!

Trust me :)!

Do you agree with me? Let me know what you think by sharing your comments in the section below.


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“Energy Medicine” and The Number One Block to Healing

We've learned a lot of techniques to heal ourselves from diseases. With all the techniques available now, such as energy healing, sometimes, the only thing we need to tweak or have is our MIND!

We’ve learned a lot of techniques to heal ourselves from diseases. With all the techniques available now, such as energy healing, sometimes, the only thing we need to tweak or have is our MIND!

In the last post I had asked a question: “Can I heal myself?”. And although I know the answer of course is a resounding YES, I’d like to share another way to “heal thyself”.

There is a video and a story moving around the internet right now – actually more around the MindValley Academy community. It revolves around a power couple named “Donna Eden and David Feinstein”. Both individuals practice and teach what we call “energy medicine”.

Now when I read the word “energy medicine”, I immediately connected it with something about moving energy around the body, our chakras and our aura or etheric field. This is because I studied “pranic healing” sometime ago with pranic healing teachers that included the late great Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern teacher of pranic healing.

Pranic healing basically means “healing with energy” using our own energy and sometimes the help of other people’s energies voluntarily given or shared. Historically, it is a 5,000 year old practice, originally rooted in India (pranic comes from the Sanskrit term “prana” which means “energy”).

However, it has similarities with traditional Chinese and Thai concepts of healing using energy pathways in the body called “meridians”. These meridians are where our body’s energy called “chi” or “qi” moves.

But going back to Donna Eden’s and David Feinstein’s “energy medicine”, the center of this practice is Donna Eden. Forty years ago, Donna was a very sickly kid with chronic bouts of allergy and various bodily ailments. Her sicknesses became so bad that it resulted to multiple sclerosis and even a heart attack at a young age.

Donna went to several doctors who diagnosed and recommended a host of treatments – all of which did not stop permanently her health problems. And when the illnesses continued, her body’s organs started deteriorating leading to a heart attack at one point – at the young age of 27.

It was one day that after she got another doctor’s diagnosis that went nowhere, she finally decided to “heal herself”.

As a young child, she could see patterns of energy moving around the body – in fact, 9 patterns of energy moving around the human body. So, with what she could only attribute as “divine guidance”, she finally decided to put her hand around her waist. And when she did that, she felt better. In fact, in the following weeks, she gradually and consistently healed herself, meaning one by one, her ailments started disappearing.

Flash forward and we see Donna with her husband David Feinstein, a brilliant and well-respected clinical psychologist from John Hopkins Hospital in the US (he has written 100 peer-reviewed articles about healing), teaching “energy medicine” to at least 100,000 people in the world!

Donna Eden explains what is "energy healing medicine" and how to do it.

Donna Eden explains what is “energy healing medicine” and how to do it.

What is so amazing about “energy medicine”? Well it has many similarities with pranic healing or reiki, as I said earlier. But this gets better because finally, someone from the scientific, medical community (that’s David Feinstein!) has stood up to support what others in the field call “alternative healing”.

Basically, Donna uses her gift of seeing the movements of energy in our bodies to teach people how to “unblock” any impediment in the natural free flow of energy in the human body. This she demonstrates in a recent video made in the MindValley Community with MindValley founder Vishen Lakhiani (see the video available for a limited period here: Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and David Feinstein ).

Donna uses her remarkable gifts to train and make people aware that WE HOLD THE KEY TO HEALING OUR BODIES! In fact, by following the many simple steps (there are about no less than 50 key exercises to unblock energy blockages in the human body) that Donna and David teach their students, YOU – yes YOU – can practically improve, remove and cure almost any disease in your body now.

I mentioned “energy medicine” here because it is reviewed and practiced by several medical and scientific members of the healing community. But I also want to point out that pranic healing or reiki have also been practiced by members of the medical community for some time now. I know for a fact that medical doctors in some Thailand hospitals have been applying pranic healing as a supplementary healing practice to a lot of sick people in the Kingdom.

Which brings us to the subject of the title of this post – what is the number one block to healing?

The answer is OUR MINDS! When we train our minds to be “negatively focused”, when we keep repeatedly telling our minds that there is “no logical cure” to what we are experiencing as a disease or ailment, when we keep drumming into our minds that the only cure to our ailment/disease is a guy in white scrubs with a stethoscope and an MRI scan in one hand – then we, wittingly and unwittingly, doom ourselves to becoming “victims” of our own ignorance and stubbornness.

From left: David Feinstein, Donna Eden and Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley discuss how to do energy healing.

From left: David Feinstein, Donna Eden and Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley discuss how to do energy healing and energy healing medicine.

Donna’s energy medicine and Master Choa Kok Sui’s pranic healing are just examples of “the discipline of healing beyond sometimes the comprehension of most of the scientific and medical community”. Why do we keep denying that they work? Countless people have benefitted and got healed through Donna’s and David’s energy medicine.

Even when I was studying pranic healing under my teacher – who was also a highly respected clinical psychologist and head of the psychology department in their university – there were already recorded cases of people healing from really debilitating diseases using pranic healing.

And this is in spite of the fact that even pranic healing and the Chinese practice of energy healing has been around and practiced for healing for thousands and thousands of years!

Yet people still insist that these disciplines are just pure “quackery”! Hopefully, they won’t now once they watch Donna and David’s energy medicine video J!

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