Ascension Starts in the Mind

We all go through a transfiguration when we ascend to the 5th dimension.
The image above is a surreal oil painting made by the famous surrealism painter Salvador Dali. Titled “Cruxificion”, I call it more as a “Transfiguration” — representing the process by which a person’s physical, emotional, mental & spiritual transformation during the ascension process to 5D. Do you agree ;)?! Photo courtesy of

I was rummaging through my old blog files today – and found this ;)! It was an old blog post that I had written in the very first year that I started my blog, which was 2015, and forgot to publish. The title was “Ascension starts in the Mind”, and it was written when talk of Ascending to the 5th dimension was all the rave then (it probably still is ;)!).

Now the rave is all these talk about covid epidemics and the economic and political impact of the war between the Ukraine and Russia on the countries of the world. But, we need to start thinking about this topic now, or else we miss the bus to our Ascension ;)!

I need to point out that the 2017 “dirty bombs” incident was evaded in our current timeline. This might have been the result of many light beings’ and lightworkers’ tremendous efforts to change the timeline for the better! The good news is the dreaded event, which was prophesied – and remoteviewed before by yours truly 😉 –  never happened – and I hope will never ever happenJ! Good thing ;)!

Below is the entire text of the unpublished blog post with some recent upgrades/additions from myself 😉:

Almost 2 years ago, before I met my mentors and spiritual advisers, I encountered the word “Planetary Ascension” in my readings but never gave it a second thought. Planetary Ascension, from my limited knowledge of it, was a concept being touted initially by New Age people and one I learned from the Kryon channeled information (all learned from the Internet and fortunetellers and psychics I used to consult BEFORE I received the call to be a shamana).

Of course, more than 20 years ago when I also heard the word “Ascension” from a psychic fortuneteller who was also a devout Buddhist, I never thought about joining a collective of people from our planet Earth – or “Terra” as we fondly call our planet — to “heed the call to ascend to a higher dimension”, namely the 5th dimension, from our very limited and current three dimensional plane.

That all changed when I encountered my benevolent, higher dimensional guides who advised me to read the book of Alex Collier – Defending Sacred Ground, particularly on the parts or chapters focusing on “How the concept of Ascension started”, and “Why Terran humans must strive to Ascend from this limited 3rd dimensional plane we’re in”.

Alex, in his book, introduced and explained to us who are the TPTB, the so-called The Powers that Be – all the members of dark, evil, and malevolent organizations, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial in origin, residing on Earth who have always wanted to keep Terra’s residents on a lower vibrational level in order to thwart the inevitable raising of the planet’s vibrational frequency. You see, Alex, quoting his dear Andromedan friend Vissaeus, was informed by said extraterrestrial friend that starting in the year 1994, a totally new high frequency sound emanated from all the galaxies and black holes of our universe.

According to Vissaeus, this sound emanated from “One Source” or “The Divine Source” who is personified here on Earth as “Gaia or Mother Earth” (think of Terra/Earth as not just a whole sphere of rocks, water and atmosphere but also a “living being”— breathing and thinking just like ourselves!). Gaia/Mother Earth is already in the process of ascending to a higher dimensional plane – bringing along her children – US – with her.

However, as mentioned above, to be able to ascend, one must exhibit a high vibrational state similar to 5D beings. Beings or entities in 5D, some not humanoid in form, are vibrating higher than 3D beings because they are much less dense than us (5th dimensional beings are crystalline in composition, while 3rd dimensional beings like us are still carbon-based, one of the basic buildings blocks of life on Terra).

So, you might be asking, “So what if we’re carbon-based and those 5D beings are crystalline-based?”. That is precisely the point! When one’s body is already crystalline-based as a result of Ascension, you will be vibrating highly, and that means your frequency is also higher.

At a higher vibrational state, particularly in 5D, beings are also much more open and demonstrate love and compassion, joy, peace and enlightenment, and all the other “positive” emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological states that can be attributed to the Divine Source.

That is why individuals like Alex Collier and Inelia Benz are working doubly hard to raise people’s frequencies through lectures, books, videos and online videos (you can check them out on YouTube) in order to meet the deadline of 2017. Because according to Inelia and Alex, by the year 2017, there might be attempts by The Other Side and their affiliates to thwart this natural course of planetary ascension of the Earth and its inhabitants by instigating “false landings by alleged benevolent ETs” and the destruction of certain highly populated cities by “dirty bombs” – small weapons of mass destruction that can be hidden inside a suitcase and detonated by remote (the “dirty bombs” info was provided by an infamous, anti-TPTB lightworker called The Former White Hat, an ex-US military intelligence guy formerly involved in black ops who is now fighting against the TPTB).

But why should one bother to ascend at all?

I was asked this question once by a friend whom I was trying to explain the Ascension Process. I told her that personally, I’d like to ascend and live in a 5D environment because everyone operates on a “heart-centered and heart-focused existence” there while working on their personal commitment of “Service to Others Before Self”. Everyone studies hard and works hard to help others and in the process, raise one’s frequency. If you are exhibiting a high vibrational frequency akin to 5D, then you can ascend – of course with the right intention.

Also in 5D, there’s hardly any want of anything. Fifth dimensional planets and their inhabitants are the coolest places to live in, as all your bodily, mental and spiritual needs are met. You even get to meet your soulmate/twin soul in 5D ;)!

So, what do we have to do to commence our Ascension Process?

I have already mentioned these tips on how to jumpstart your Ascension Process by Inelia Benz in a previous blog post: . I list them down again below for you to remember and keep at heart:

  1. Raise your personal vibration by processing your fear (full text of Inelia’s fear processing exercise in this link: ). You can also download the MP3 file of this exercise from her blogsite for a minimal fee.
  2. Elevate your physical vibration via a regular detoxification program, drinking pure water (chemical-free), and eating high vibrational foods (plant-based foods, fruits, fish, white meat is also allowed as long as the animal it came from was not violently killed nor tortured, etc.).
  3. Twenty minutes minimum of daily silent meditation (can also be “mindfulness meditation”) will be good for your mental, spiritual, and even physical health.
  4. Balance and get in tune with your physical and etheric bodies. You can sign up under her Ascension101 Course to achieve this (link here: ), or look for other tools on the internet.
  5. Ask to fully incarnate your “Higher Self” into your present physical body. And process any thoughts of doubt or inability that come up when you read that.

My Inputs into the Ascension Process

This is what I can contribute to the Ascension Process discussion:  “Intend that you are going to Ascend and throw that intention into the Universe with full conviction!” Because Ascension, also according to Inelia, is more of a “Creation, than a Location”. We INTEND to be able to ASCEND. We cannot ascend if there is no Intention to raise ourselves beyond the limiting configurations of Earthly three-dimensional existence.

Remember, “Ascension literally starts in your mind”! I think THEREFORE I AM ;)”!

It pays to help ascend if we are a) Aware that we are “Infinite, Divine beings” that are capable of being good and doing good, and b) We intend our Ascension to “higher dimensions of love, compassion, charity to others, peace and enlightenment” to be easy and hassle-free.

Among the Tibetan Buddhas and Boddhisatvas, each Tibetan mantra chanted in their honor always mentions our Divine Origins and includes an invocation to be “enlightened” for the sake of the souls of all sentient beings not only here on Terra Earth but also in the entire universe. Because once we are “enlightened”, we raise our frequencies to be similar to that of the frequency of 5D beings, and we also become beings that can help raise the frequencies of other sentient beings.

So are the above-mentioned great reasons to ascend? I believe they are! Just keep in mind that Ascension is a “personal process” and therefore, each person may have a unique and personal experience of ascension different from all the others.

Moreover, I managed to unearth this e-book about “How to Ascend” that I downloaded a long time ago from the popularly established In5D website. I believe you can learn not only about the Ascension Process but also the ropes on how to do it from this e-book. It takes a while to read though J.

Here is the e-book:  How-to-Ascend-the-eBook

Disclaimer:  I am not a sales agent, PR guy, or profiting in any way with endorsing the courses of Inelia Benz and here in my blog. I am endorsing them because I have been personally acquainted with Inelia’s works and her efforts to help lift the frequency of the planet and its inhabitants for almost a decade. All her lectures, lessons, tools and techniques that I’ve encountered have all been helpful in helping me and countless others understand the concept and mechanics of 5th Dimensional Ascension and following the “Path of the Lightworker”. But do be discerning as I encourage everyone to be and check out her blog: and decide for yourself.

Learning the Basics of Ascension from Arcturian Contactee & Self-Empowerment Guru Inelia Benz

Ascension is here!
Anyone and everyone can ascend to the 5th Dimension if one follows the process. Self-Empowerment Guru and Arcturian Contactee Inelia Benz carefully lists down the steps towards achieving your own ascension. Photo courtesy of Mohamed Nohassi of

While cleaning out my laptop of extraneous files in preparation for the New Year, I stumbled upon this blog post that the Arcturian contactee and self-empowerment & personal transformation guru “Inelia Benz” had written some 8 years ago in the Project Avalon forum. The article was titled: “The Basics of Ascension”, which described the ways by which a Terran human can ascend to the 5th dimension, and what to do to prepare oneself to do such a feat.

That piece by Inelia was so “groundbreaking”, because it talks about the tips on how to ascend to the 5th dimension in simple, very uncomplicated terms.

Of course, the process of ascension is not that easy to achieve, especially at that time almost 10 years ago wherein not much information has been written and published on the internet on how to go about the ascension process. And of course, there are the detractors and the unbelievers – the neg entities, even colleagues, friends, and family members whose only concern is to make sure that you don’t make or pursue the journey to your own upliftment :).

I reproduce below the actual text of the post. I believe I cannot do a better job of writing a more incisive and enlightening piece on how to go about the ascension process ;).

In view of what is happening in the world today, point #1: Service to Others and Service to Self explains and justifies the reason why there should be “bad guys” in the world, and the significance of their role on Earth fighting against the “good guys” or “lightworkers”.

At the same time, Inelia points out how one can pursue one’s mission in life, per our individual reasons on being incarnated at this time in Earth’s evolution. As I had said earlier, Inelia’s piece is one of the more incisive and practical pieces about preparing oneself for one’s ascension ;).

I hope to see you in the “The Higher Dimensions” soon 🙂 !


The Basics of Ascension

January 31, 2012 by Inelia Benz

As we accelerate into the new paradigm, there are various rules of existence we need to become fully aware of. One of them is how to consciously choose where we want to go from here at an individual level. There won’t be an outside force that will “choose us”; it is us, individually, who will make the choice.

The basics to see what choice we are making, and all of these are honorable evolutionary journeys, are:

  1. Service to Others and Service to Self

This is in a duality existence. In order to be of service to others, we need individuals who are either asleep, or in a bit of a pickle, that we can give service to. By default, this means we also need oppressors and dark beings who are trying their hardest to keep others subdued, asleep and enslaved.

Service to Self is the same as above. To create a challenge, we need individuals over whom we can have power over, and will need “battles” to fight, thus we need lightworkers as well as Bodhisattvas to have competition and battle against. This includes giving our power away to “saviors” or “Gods”.

  1. Power of Self

This is where this particular planet wants to go. On this planet, each individual becomes fully awake, and able to create his or her own reality, there is no judgment, and no capacity to have power over others, or have others have power over us. The veil is lifted completely at a personal level as well as a collective level. The “physicality” of the planet, and our physical bodies, is much more subtle and pliable. The vibration much higher, thus allowing beings to be fully awake. We step out of the stuck-ness of “linear time” and space.  It is an experience of expanded physical and collective existence. And we make conscious choices, rather than programmed or unconscious choices.


No matter what we choose, it is important to remember that each human being is an extremely powerful being. No one can be forced to have a reality experience that he or she has not chosen. At the same time, during the last paradigm, the “powers that were” worked very hard to keep us, as a human collective, in the dark about our true nature, and ability to “vote” where we go as a species.  But instead have steered the “boat” with direct influence via the media, religion, social and cultural beliefs and education.  Vibrationally, they are keeping the physical very dense by the use of dense and polluted diet, drugs and chemicals in our food and water and the pollution of our environment.  This way, they can “use” our personal power for their own ends. The power of each individual is the same, only “who” uses it changes.

Remember the basics of “ascension” (expansion of awareness)

  1. Raise your personal vibration via processing your fear (full text of fear processing exercise).
  2. Raise your physical vibration via regular detoxification programs, use of pure water (chemical free), and high vibrational foods.
  3. Twenty minutes minimum daily silent meditation.
  4. Balance and get in tune with your physical and subtle bodies. You can use the Ascension101 Course for this, or look for other tools on the internet.
  5. Ask to fully incarnate your higher self into your present physical body. And process any thoughts of doubt or inability that come up when you read that.

Have a wonderful experience of fully conscious choice!



P.S: I am not a marketing agent of Inelia’s online courses and books ;)! But, I will not hesitate to endorse her courses and other published materials if I strongly believe that it may help others be empowered and pursue their path to 5th dimensional ascension!

An Encounter with a Mythological Cryptid Part III: The NEW & UPDATED Terror Strategies of the Reptilians

Reptilian Humanoid Eye
Reptilian humanoids are everywhere in human society. Try to catch them! Photo sourced from the hub pages of Jason Horne.

I initially wanted to start this 3rd and final part of my cryptid story with the pronouncement that “I triumphantly fended off all of the ‘cryptids’, the creations and partners-in-crime of the Reptilians, with ‘Mindfulness Meditation, burning white light visualizations, and a lot of positive affirmations’!”.

But the reality is, the banishing of these neg entities and energies who were tormenting me for months was a “calculated process”, which was as planned and calculated as the entry of these beings into my general psyche – and perhaps the psyche of the human population even way, way before the start of this covid pandemic!

But before we go to the actual “techniques” in banishing these destructive entities, let me explain first about the “latest terror strategies & tactics”, at least a few of them, of our Reptilian Overlords in order to put everything in the proper perspective!

Key Reptilian Strategy #1: Keep the multitudes’ frequencies down with A Global Catastrophe – or Several — of Epic Proportions!

I don’t have to explain too much on this point since I have hinted before that such an occurrence could happen within this decade and in this lifetime ;). A global catastrophe of epic proportions is just the kind of event that can lower the frequencies or “personal vibrations” of the majority of 7 billion people, right ;)? In this case, a virus epidemic is the easiest and most economical way (for the perpetrators) to trigger that panic because it doesn’t require too much effort or costs compared to launching an attack on a country – like the Afghanistan Taliban takeover – or a building like the bombing of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in 2001’s 9-11 disaster.

And who could not resist a good “conspiracy theory” story or two when the United States, under the leadership of the US Food & Drug Administration (USFDA) Head Anthony Fauci, was accused by US Senator Rand Paul during a congressional hearing of contracting out the “experimentation and development of viruses” to the Wuhan Lab in China on “gain-for-function” strategies for the US government! Of course, Fauci denied this outrightly – but the damage has already been done! The “conspiracy theory” angle has already been formed and stuck in the minds of the people 😦 !

Key Reptilian Strategy #2: “The Wave” or Continue & Maintain “Terror & Confusion” Among the People thru Succeeding Offensives or “Waves” of the Global Catastrophe or Tragedy

Well, you’re seeing it now! Wave after wave of desperation, anxiety, anger & protests brought by continuous lockdowns and restrictions – and its impact on the economy, our community, as well as in our personal lives L! Obviously, this covid virus is not a one-time thing. It is a mechanism to sow “continuous fear & terror” among the population, thereby lowering their frequencies. Thereby, the virus has to keep on replicating L! How convenient for “The Powers that Be (TPTB)”, the creators behind the virus, that they didn’t even have to go to war or spend millions just to bomb a building :O !

In fact, those who orchestrated this pandemic even earned and continue to earn PROFITS from the sale of all those anti-covid vaccines, surgical masks, face shields, alcohol, hand gel sanitizers, handheld UV virus detection devices, etc. How much did you think Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, and J&J gained in profits in 2020-2021 from the sale of all their vaccines, even including those countries whom they purportedly sent “FREE VACCINES’ (Now that would be another potential topic of a blog post, the strategy of donating supposedly FREE VACCINES to a poor country when in reality that country is already indebted to your vaccine manufacturer by millions or even billions of dollars :(!).

And China where it all began, even recorded a positive 2.34% GDP growth rate in 2020 while the rest of the world all had NEGATIVE GDP growth rates L! How opportune for China to rake in profits since most of the anti-covid paraphernalia (masks, shields, syringes, etc. are manufactured in Their Country 😦 !

So having full awareness and understanding of the Rs’ diabolical plot to generate fear, anxiety, grief & despair among humans as food for their species, we come now to “How did I buck the strategy & tactics of the Lizzies to become free or semi-free of their psychic attacks?”.

A bat-like cryptid similar to the bird-like creature terrorizing my little rural town
This artist’s rendition of a bat-like creature looks similar to the bird-like cryptid terrorizing my little rural town. Photo care of Vincenzo Barkasy:

Here are the “steps” in my anti-psychic attack formula, pandemic version:

Step #1: The “Expanded Form of Light” Technique of Christie Marie Sheldon (Immediate, Short-term Solution)

As I had recounted in the first part of this blog post series, I’ve been subjected to several psychic attacks involving a mythological “bird-like cryptid” that terrorizes my home and my neighborhood on the island. I also talked about having these head-splitting migraines that can only be attributed to negative low-frequency emissions from cell towers and electricity generator towers that dot the landscape of the village I live in.

I have discovered that to counteract such attacks, one can visualize “blinding, white-gold light” from above you and coming up from below you, meaning a “bright light” coming from the heavens and from down the deepest core of the Earth or Gaia as we fondly call her.

These energies or “bright white light” coming  from “First Source”, “The Source”, or our “Supreme Creator” are the solutions to “burning away all your fears, anxieties, sadness, despair, and suffering from both your physical and etheric bodies”! It is also important that you “EXPAND this white light” to something like an energy field wider than your body when you visualize the light touching you.

I had learned this technique from Christie Marie Sheldon, an intuitive healer and self-empowerment guru & public speaker, when she discussed and demonstrated this during a MindValley event hosted by its founder Vishen Lakhiani. Her lecture, conducted some 6 years ago, impacted me so much that when I saw the video again on YouTube, I finally found a majorcornerstone of the SOLUTION I was looking for in my recent spate of psychic attacks.

Here is the original video of Christie explaining and demonstrating her technique to Vishen in that groundbreaking MindValley event some 6 years ago: How to Clear Abundance Blocks: A-FEST Mindvalley.

Now the celebrated astrologer & feng shui master Lilian Too also uses white light” to “burn away” any offending negative entities & energies in one’s physical and etheric field. But in her “White Light Meditation”, she uses the sacred white light emitted by Buddhist sacred objects to burn away evil. So you can also combine the “expanded white light” from above and below of Christie’s with Lilian’s “piercing, cleansing white light” from sacred objects such as Buddha images or temples – or any other sacred or sanctified objects that your belief system or organized religion uses.

Step #2:  The Modified form of Past Life Regression & Trauma Hypnosis using the Imagery of Diving in Deep, Dark Waters (Medium- and Long-Term Solution)

Now, I forgot to mention that I have 2 — actually 3 — solutions for coping or fending off psychic attacks such as the ones I experienced – and still continue to experience, occasionally ;). The first one was the “Expanded Light Technique” learnt from Christie Marie Sheldon. This technique is highly recommended for “immediate relief” from psychic attacks.

The second one is a “Modified Form of Past Life Regression & Trauma Hypnosis” using the Imagery of “Diving in Deep, Dark Waters”. I recommend using this to make sure that the psychic attacks are fended off for good – and also for figuring out why are they occurring so you can plan a more “efficient” and “permanent” way” of eliminating them.

I remembered I conducted this “past life regression” technique on myself way before to retrieve some deeply embedded negative memory which was the cause of a problem that was influencing my present life.

This technique involves “revisiting your past life or remembering your past life to find the cause for your current troubles”, in this case, the recent spate of psychic attacks by a bird-like cryptid in my community (just want to inform my readers that my next-door neighbors are also hounded by this bird cryptid, in so much that they have acquired pigeons who act as “early warning devices” when these creatures are in the vicinity ;)!).

The Rationale behind Past-Life Regression

Seeking the history and truth of our problems today, particularly those affecting our health, finances, even personal relationships through our past life has been a popular and highly effective way of rectifying the problem that keeps recurring in our present time.

My pranic healing teacher said that what happens in the “physical body” usually takes place first in the “etheric body”, then what dies and gets reborn or reset in the etheric body also gets reborn or reset in the physical body, although the trickle-down effect to the physical body has some lag time ;).

By this means, I could remove any “negative programming” that the Reptilians have planted in my subconscious mind while I was asleep, or have placed there even way before you gained consciousness as a child; these programs may be facilitating not only these extreme bodily pain attacks but also our negative outlook in life.

The following are the steps for my enhanced “Deep Diving in your Subconscious Technique”.

The Deep-Diving in your Subconscious Technique

I usually use the imagery of “water” in my self-conducted past-life regression sessions :)!

Water, in psychology, represents the “subconscious part of our mind”. That is why if you see bodies of water or you playing or swimming in water in your dreams, then it means our subconscious mind is at play or being associated then.

So, to begin with this past life regression technique, one “goes deep into one’s subconscious” by diving into a pool of very deep, still water, just like a “Blue Hole” in the Bahamas, and counting slowly backwards from 10 to 1. As you are counting slowly from 10 to 1, you fall deeper and deeper into the still, dark waters which represent your “subconscious mind”, with just a thin shaft of sunlight above you to light your way down.

The descent is long and slow. Once you reach the bottom of the waters, you see a closed door framed in light, as if a big, glowing sun is sending numerous, brilliant light beams behind that door. That is the “Door to Your Subconscious”!

You open that door and go through it. What you see and do beyond is already what you are seeking in your subconscious. Good luck J!

Of course, in between the door at the bottom of this deep, dark body of water and the surface of the water at the top, you encounter “The Monster” :O ! The Monster is the sum of all your fears and anxieties embodied in one hideous-looking, heart-stopping entity that is the stuff of all your nightmares!

Your goal is to evade this entity on your way down to the door of your subconscious. If you cannot evade it because it lurks in the shadows of the dark waters down below, then you will have to do battle with the monster – or it will not let you pass!

Now a caveat: Not everybody has a Monster lurking down below – or just right before the door of his or her subconscious! So don’t be agitated about this ;). My Monster applies to me, but not everyone I know has to do battle with a Monster before they reach their subconscious mind ;).

I call this a “Medium to Long-term Solution” because if you manage to get to your subconscious and fix what needs to be fixed there, the results will be long-lasting on account of you being able to “REMOVE” the main cause or causes of your psychic attacks. As I had explained in my previous blog posts, the Reptilians are masters of “mind manipulation”; they will always try to find a way to get into your mind or psyche to feed on your fears and anxieties. And since they have been doing this “mind manipulation” of humans for hundreds of thousands of years, they became quite good at it ;).

BUT, it doesn’t mean that we CANNOT BEAT the Rs at their game ;)! There is always a way to thwart their practices. And the best way to thwart their nefarious habits is to “raise our frequencies to 5th dimension standards” ;)!

Step #3:  The Dying to be Reset Hypnosis Technique

This is a technique that is much, much more difficult to execute L. It is an advanced technique that needs to be practiced with someone who has gone through the same experience before.

I don’t think I should delve into this technique at the moment, since it is only for advanced practitioners of defense against the dark arts. But I will certainly discuss it more in-depth in a future blog post ;)!

For now, you can use the two techniques I discussed above :).


So to conclude, I managed to halt the psychic attacks, mainly the migraines and the nocturnal visits of our bird-like cryptids – in the short-term ;)! I am not claiming that the visitations have totally disappeared. I have to work on my fears and apprehensions to totally banish all these cryptids from my life.

Yes, you heard it right folks! As I had mentioned in my previous blog posts, FEAR is the main cause why neg entities are attracted to us! They feed on our fears, anxieties, and other negative emotions.

Thereby, if you’re vibrating at a high frequency, you certainly will be above & beyond the ambit of these neg entities – and can’t be harmed by them ;)! But since our global situation has been on the rocks lately, we as Earthly residents sometimes have a harder time vibrating at a higher frequency similar to 5th dimensional beings L. A great challenge indeed ;)!

So guys, do you think you can do the 2 techniques I discussed above ;)? Lemme know the outcome or share your comments below ;)!

An Encounter with a Mythological Cryptid Part II: My Personal Horror Story

Bird-like cryptid terrorizes small rural town
The bird-like cryptid would visit late at night or very early in the morning, prowling on the roof to sow terror on the occupants of the topmost floor. Photo courtesy of Stefan Ringler of

The Wave & the Art of Intimidation

There is this “Wave” that goes around the population. It is a wave full of fear, sadness, despair, anger, frustration, suffering – every negative emotion and thought you could ever think of is in that Wave!

The Wave has been anticipated and thought of for A VERY LONG TIME! I was warned about it occurring by my benevolent, higher dimensional guides and mentors as far back as 9 years ago. But other older lightworkers mention this incoming Wave as early as three decades ago !

The purpose of this Wave is to “disorient and thwart the efforts of more incarnating and already incarnated Starseeds, Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, and other higher dimensional souls who have pledged to incarnate on 3D Terra” in this lifetime. The common mission of these enlightened souls is: “To make Terra a much happier, more tranquil, and more Eden-like place for enlightened human souls and other non-human entities to live in now and in generations to come!”.

In short, the Wave is being generated to jeopardize/sabotage our collective efforts to “seek Enlightenment and prepare for The Ascension Process to the 5th Dimension” (see my blog post on Ascension and the 5th Dimension here:

The Wave is everything and nothing at the same time! It can be a nerve-wracking, brain-splitting wave of energy to some — like myself –, targeting my physical brain, and sometimes heart, with excruciating pain, threatening my life and thwarting my efforts to function normally. Imagine a small death ray coming from a space blaster as depicted in movies like “Star Wars” or “The Mandalorian TV series”, and you get a picture of how excruciatingly painful this death ray could be if you are not physically and energetically protected 😦 !

It is this Wave that explains the recent spate of psychic attacks I’ve been having ever since I moved into my new domicile 😦 . In a period when the whole world is gripped by a pandemic and our daily lives are affected by so many concerns and anxieties that it is easier for “dark elements” of the planet in the lower dimensions to feed on our negative thoughts, emotions, and energies.

This negative wave may also account for the increasing trend of deaths from the covid virus and other dangerous diseases connected to covid not only in my little town on the island but also those occurring in the big cities and urban areas on the island.

But let me narrate to you what happened.

Night-time Visitors Create a Ruckus

So for almost 4 months now, I’ve been visited mostly at midnight or the witching hours of 3 am and thereafter, by the “Harbinger of Death”. Of course, having just moved to my idyllic and bucolic abode with fantastic 180° views of the sprawling forest cover and vegetable fields nearby, the possibility of being harassed by these pestering creatures was far from my mind and heart.

It was only when on the 5th day of my stay here in the new flat that I noticed the “scratching” sound of what I thought was a pigeon on my roof (I’m living in a medium-rise structure wherein my unit is on the topmost floor of the building).

Of course, a pigeon might be roosting on top of my roof, so I’d like to believe ;).

It was only a few days after that incident that footsteps – of the human kind – were heard on the roof instead of the pigeon scratches – and these occurred again in the ungodly hours of the night and very early morning!

Usually, the footsteps would be heard after the neighbor’s pigeons would be heard cooing in the late evening or at 3 am, as if the pigeons were warning people of some intruder nearby (it continues up to this day :(). Sometimes, it would be the sound of a heavy thing, like a medium-sized rock or something solid and heavy falling on the roof could be heard – at exactly 12 midnight!

It came to the point that these individual experiences/incidents became not just annoying but also irritating — to the point that I couldn’t focus on my work and on my writing at night :(.

And then the head-splitting migraines occurred. Sometimes they became so bad that I could only lie down, close my eyes, and chant my Tibetan Buddhist Sanskrit mantras specially created as protection against evil spirits, malevolent cryptids, and other dark entities. And surprisingly, sometimes my talismans and crystals were not enough to immediately ward off the pain, especially when one is already reeling from it 😦 .

It was nerve-wracking and disheartening at times! More importantly, it disrupted my work.

But looking back to those traumatic days, I realized that I was largely responsible for the attacks occurring. Why? Because I was a bit lax in doing my usual, proper protection rituals, such as smudging my domicile and using spices, chanting my Tibetan Buddhist mantras, etc.

And most importantly, conditioning one’s mind to “being positive and motivated at all times”! This is very important! The Rs will have a hard time influencing your decisions – and controlling your mind — if you are vibrating at a high level, meaning almost or similar to 5th dimensional level  (more on that topic in a future blog post).

So what would you do to eradicate this troublesome cryptid if you were in my shoes ?!

Continuation in Part 3: How I Finally Solved My Cryptid Problem!

A Terrifying Encounter with a Mythological Cryptid

This is the closest image I’ve found on how this mythological bird creature looks. Credits to Idle Wings of Deviant Art for the pic:

“Bless and cherish your enemies and detractors! They are our greatest mentors to a life still worth living.” —Shamana in the making

Life was pretty tough and turbulent during the past four months 😦 . I found a new flat, still on the edge of the mountain, with gorgeous views of the verdant countryside around me. However, my location had made me more vulnerable to the attacks of the wicked “Reptilians” and their minions around my habitation.

So here we are again – me harping about the dreaded, nasty, and generally feared Reptilians, or “Rs” as we fondly call them 😉 ! No, there is nothing cute about their common demeanor, although I had written about the “Positive Reptilians”, a growing segment of their race some time ago – and an advantage to us Terran humans, the race that they so inherently and historically dislike for reasons I am not completely sure.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to harp again about their species and their quirks, but I must raise this point about them: Since the resurgence of the covid pandemic in the 1st quarter of this year (2021), our little village has had a spate of “covid deaths” mainly affecting the most vulnerable segments of our local residents, namely the “elderly, sick, and dying, as well as those with comorbidities”.

Having moved to my new location for just 4 months, I have already seen the deaths of 3 people among my neighbors, two of which just live to the right and left side of my current home. The third death was just at the end of my road, a mere 100 meters away.

Of course, these could just be “seemingly coincidences”, since the two who used to live next to me were already elderly and suffering from comorbidities. But, what I found rather disturbing was the fact that we, meaning the neighborhood, were always visited by a nocturnal and legendary creature in the island. I call this creature, more precisely a “cryptid”, The Harbinger of Death.

Cryptids and “The Harbinger of Death” on the Island

Now here in my island-home, we have several kinds of cryptids ;)!

There is the cryptid that looks human but is a “self-segmenter”, one who is, by local folklore, normally a woman who detaches the upper half of its body from its lower half. We also have a cryptid that is our local version of a vampire – one who has the form of a man or woman with bloodshot eyes, fangs, long nails, and with large bat-like wings so it can fly. Both cryptids are nocturnal, most of the time, preferring to feast on the blood, entrails or both of the old & dying, pregnant women, and babies.

And now we come to “The Harbinger of Death” ;)! The Harbinger of Death is what we consider as “The Assistant” of our indigenous vampire. It takes the form of a big, black bird. And some people say, it can change form to any animal or human it fancies :O! In true form to its “Assistant duties”, when you are being visited or have seen the Harbinger, it is believed that a vampire is not too far behind or lives somewhere in your vicinity :O!

The Harbinger of Death is so-called because it will show up or fly over someone else’s house or office when an occupant lives there who is either dying, critically sick or pregnant. It loves to terrorize pregnant women because it absorbs, just like osmosis, your “fears or anxieties”. It also loves newborn babies, but that is rather difficult to obtain since they are normally guarded closely by their parents.

However, there are stories of the Harbinger entering houses made of thatch or indigenous grass, a common roofing material for the houses in the island, and doing its dastardly deeds.

In other words, this cryptid is a hybrid Reptilian, a very ancient one. And like the Reptilian, it craves fear, anxiety, despair, sadness, anger – in short, every negative emotion or thought you could ever think of, and feeds off it!

So, going back to the tale of my two neighbors, when the last neighbor died a month or two ago, this cryptid bird flew past our neighborhood, cawing like a crow when it’s flying over your house or location, until it stopped short just before my flat. Then it suddenly vanished!

Unbeknownst to me until the following morning, the old woman living next door was particularly in her death throes – and died just 2 hours after this bird-like cryptid visited our area.

Almost all of these cryptids are shapeshifters, by the way ;). So, it is highly possible that your soft-spoken, genteel, handsome neighbor next door could be a cryptid at night 😦 .

And look out for inconsistencies in behavior and nature, such as being a supposedly well-respected member of the local Church and active in neighborhood charities. But at home, that person is a warmonger and spouts invectives at the government or other people, or is a covert racist and badmouths minorities and cultural groups in your town.

Anyway, so much for the intro on the kind of cryptids in my island. Read Part 2 of my story on how I faced off with the cryptids in my newfound home ;)!

The Art of Forest Bathing

The Art of Forest Bathing
Go ahead! Relax! Take your time and enjoy what the forest has to offer ;)! Photo courtesy of Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho from!

In the craziness of our current world and the still ongoing effects of the pandemic that has impacted not just only us but future generations, have you ever felt the urge to just go to a forest primeval or jungle nearest you and confine yourself there for hours?

And while there, did you just take in the whole sight and sounds of the forest? Or did you walk around to listen to the birds in the forest, admire the exotic flowers blooming in every nook and cranny of the forest floor, or just walked aimlessly about under the thick canopy of trees?

Way before I learned the Japanese word “shirin-yoku”, I was already walking around ancient forests, alone most of the time ;).

But let’s discuss first the word “shirin-yoku”. In Japanese, it actually means “forest bathing” or to bath in a forest environment.

Shirin-yoku was invented – or conceptualized – as a direct response to “karoshi”, a Japanese word also for referring to “death by work”. Shirin-yoku was created to solve the issue of death by overworking in Japanese society then by communing with nature, particularly in a forest environment.

Nowadays, one doesn’t even need to be overworked to commune with the ecosystem of a forest. The daily challenges of surviving in a society that is plagued by disease, the uncertainty of your future financial stability, and the ever-pervading danger of dying any time have compelled most individuals to seek ways of “calming oneself” and perhaps finding a much-needed break from all the craziness we encounter everyday!

But why and how do we do “forest bathing” as the Japanese and a lot of its enthusiasts engage in?

My Personal Experience of Forest Bathing

I have a sister who always talks about her inability to plant a tree and make it grow (in short, it dies on her). But one doesn’t even have to like or fawn over plants and trees to understand the meaning and purpose of forest bathing.

First things first, when you enter the vicinity of a forest or jungle, everything that you see, hear, taste, and smell seem to give you a sensory overload. Which is the first thing that I had observed and experienced when I got into a forest on my very own.

This experience of mine was in a tropical rainforest easily accessible from my home in the urban jungle in my youth. The forest was just 1 ½ hours from where I lived – but it was already at least a hundred miles awayl

At that time, there was very minimal traffic on the road and I was just fresh out of college ;)!

On my first trip to undergo my first forest bathing experience, I had stuffed a small backpack with some clothes and toiletries to accompany my bestfriend to visit her ex-boyfriend who was teaching in a school high up in this forest primeval.

So one weekend, we went to visit her boyfriend. And since the school and the faculty’s quarters were strategically – and fortunately – located in the middle of this beautiful forest, I was pretty much excited to go visit the place ;)!

So off we went to visit her boyfriend and stay for a weekend J! And there in that magical forest, the locals, meaning, the local school faculty, introduced us to this small waterfall just a ten minutes’ walk behind the faculty’s sleeping quarters.

The waterfall was just a wee brook. But it was in the middle of a lush, green, tropical rainforest with hundreds of rare and exotic flowering plant species thriving there.

And so part of my beautiful forest bathing experience consisted of going to the top of this small waterfall to a flat slab of rock at the top of the mini falls. This flat slab of rock was in the middle of the cascading waters going down the falls – but big enough for a person to lie on.

So I did the unthinkable. I lied down on my back on the flat slab of rock while the waters of the falls flowed over me on the way down the falls (The flow of the water was not that strong, enabling me to lie down on the slab). I looked up at the canopy of trees and leaves and ferns right above me. In the forest, the sun was partly obscured because of the thick canopy of leaves over this waterfall, and so it was very shady and pleasant to lie on that slab of rock and listen to the birds chirping overhead and the sound of the water gushing and splashing down the falls.

It was the most surreal and invigorating experience I’ve ever had in my life ;)!

How to Have Your Own Forest Bathing Experience

So, like my personal forest bathing experience, you could also have one too, although probably not as dramatic as mine ;). The thing to bear in mind is it doesn’t have to be a really big and primeval forest like the one I visited. It could just be your neighborhood park with lots of trees, flowers, ferns, birds and whatnot in it.

Or it could be some obscure or uncharted forested part of your state, county, province, or village that you and a few friends have not visited before. Why not pay it a visit now?

You also don’t have to have a two-hour visit to your forest primeval (although that would be recommended)! If pressed for time, 30 minutes is enough to sit under a tree or on a fallen log, and bask in the glory of the sights and sounds of the forest. Listen to the sights and sounds of the forest – the cockatoo calling, the insects walking along the trunk of a gigantic tree, the buzzing of a bee over a flower, a few mushrooms growing at the base of a tree, the play of light and shadow on the forest floor of leaves and twigs at the end of a long day – these are the things you need to “sense” when you’re forest bathing ;)!

People who take regular forest baths are known to have balanced physical and mental health, with the absence or reduced stress & anxiety, and enhanced memory levels. Relaxing and communing with nature also strengthens our immune system, which makes us resistant to disease as well as lowers our stress levels.

Lastly, those who regularly go for forest baths have renewed oxygen levels in their system – because plants and trees emit oxygen and you breath in this thing. You can concentrate better, are more peaceful, and sleep peacefully and restfully at night :)!

So, are you ready to go on your forest bath ;)? Let’s do it then ;)!

Finding Peace & Happiness in the Chaos: How to Have a Life during A Pandemic!

Are we ready to live a life during a pandemic? Photos courtesy of Tom Barrett, Matteo Jorjoson and the Blowup from

You might be surprised but this is my 3rd draft of a topic that I had been avoiding to write – my life during this almost endless covid pandemic and how did I manage to survive unscathed, healthy, and covid-free up to now ;)!

So you might be wondering what happened to me during the past 1 ½ years of the most destructive global calamity ever, discounting The Black Death which wiped about 60% of the European population in the 14th century?

No, I didn’t get covid during the past 1 ½ years, although there were some close calls. But I thought about sharing with you how I survived and continue to survive the impact of the pandemic and how you can too ;)!

A Retrospective of Events in the Last 1 ½ Years of the Pandemic

When the covid pandemic and the subsequent lockdown of borders between all countries occurred in late March 2020, I had the fortune – or misfortune – of being in Bangkok on business. Traveling in-between Thailand and Laos at that time, I barely made it to Bangkok before the borders between Thailand and Laos started to close.

With Thailand’s land borders closed including the cessation of international flights incoming and outgoing of the country, I was technically stuck in Bangkok — until a repatriation flight could be organized to bring us back to our island-nation.

So I had no choice but stay in Bangkok for 6 months, watching all that was happening to my country through social media and YouTube. It was the only thing I could do during those grief-stricken months when almost everyone you know, whether in your home country or outside, had to face the devastation caused by the covid virus on our health, our economy, our everyday life, and our sanity.

Coping with the Pandemic in the Land of Smiles

Frankly, being stuck in Bangkok for six months during the pandemic would have been considered “heaven” to most of my fellow compatriots. Thailand has an excellent and advanced health care system, and although the country was one of the first ones who identified the existence of the covid virus among the population, it quelled the further rise of covid cases in the country through stringent medical methods and strict observance of anti-covid protocols.

With strict anti-covid protocols in place and an economy that was still operating and providing for almost 70 million Thai people, living in Thailand during the pandemic was not as bad as living in an island with less medical facilities capable of handling covid cases. We were allowed a measure of freedom to go around and do our normal daily things in Thailand, like buying food in groceries and takeouts, and traveling from one province to the other. That lent a “feeling of normalcy” to me despite the circumstances.

But living far from loved ones and friends takes its toll on your mental health as well L. Not that the Thais are not kind or accommodating to foreigners. It was the news that we were getting from the homeland that frightened and put me in a “flight or fight mode” which took its toll on my peace of mind and my usual composure during horrible timesL!

Holding on to Sanity

Part of the threat of “losing one’s composure and sanity” during the pandemic was the feeling of “helplessness” when friends and family members who were struck by the covid virus passed away without being able to give proper goodbyes to their loved ones. During that whole period including this year, I lost 4 relatives – two of them cousins younger than myself, one aunt and one favorite uncle, and a former boss at work. And a host of other friends who passed away due to complications with covid L!

My Formula for Coping with the Covid Pandemic

It all boils down to 3 important aspects of our persona: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

Let me start off with the “Mental Aspect”.

* Personally, I believe having a “holistic and firm grasp” of the whole pandemic is important in beating the problem. True, the situation is fraught with anxiety and worries – “How can I work and feed my family while under lockdown?”, “How can I fight off the disease?”, “How can I remain calm and not be panicky for 1 ½ years?”, etc.

These are typical questions that plagued our minds not only during this covid pandemic but also in the wake of previous serious global events! Even the news of watching Afghanistan being invaded and taken over by the Taliban also brings havoc to our nervesL!

So the key to coping with issues that challenge our mind is “to cultivate a Presence of Mind to perceive, understand, and accept that all these things happening to us are just part of The Matrix”!

For some of you who might not have had the opportunity to read my previous blog post here: about “The Matrix”, then let me explain that “The Matrix” happens to be this world, this Earth we are living in now is just an “illusionary world”, a world that was artificially made and controlled by the bad old Reptilians and other entities similar to their kind!

And if we are suffering now due to covid, or predatory wars like the one in Afghanistan, or being boiled in our plastic filth and environmental malpractices resulting to “Global Climate Change”, you can only credit most of our suffering to the instigators of chaos, unhappiness, anger, torture, despair, aggression, sadness, and other negative emotions, namely the Reptilians or Rs, as we fondly call them L!!

So, the 2nd important point that I want to emphasize about the Matrix is that we can break free of this “illusion of the Matrix” by taking charge of our destiny, our fate! And once we take charge of our destiny, we can mould also The Matrix as we see fit.

Which brings us to the next point!

* Once we take charge of our ability to create or shape our destiny in The Matrix, then it also follows that we can also manage the “Physical Aspect” of our bodies ;)! Let me explain how that goes.

Once we implant into our minds and our consciousness that we are the creators of our destiny, as Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism says, we can dictate how our bodies should act.

For instance, if we believe that our bodies are made of the toughest material and that it can withstand or surpass any form of disease or illness, then our bodies follow our minds and become as tough and indestructible as we want it to be.

A cool, concrete example is when I programmed my subconscious mind to believe that I am not only healthy and disease-free but also that covid will never infect me or my brain, then I become physically immune and resistant to covid!

I also have this technique of using “triggers” to enable my brain to fully believe that I am immune to covid.

I go out daily during the early days of the pandemic to buy or eat cooked spicy and sour foods for lunch and dinner. That would include eating a lot of chilies (mainly raw or cooked with my viand), to build up my immunity against any disease.

By eating these chilies and having sour foods like tropical fruits to round up my immunity-boosting diet daily, I was successful in fending off covid even when I was going out of my flat daily in Thailand ;)!

* Take care of the “Spiritual Aspect” of yourself, even if you’re not spiritual ;)!

A psychological study of people who have cancer and had to undergo Western-style medical treatments yielded the result that those who are engaged in religion and spirituality even prior to their cancer diagnoses tend to outlive the cancer or survive longer than those who are not.

It then follows, as I interpret it that is, that those who are spiritual or religious in nature tend to have a greater fighting chance of coping with dire circumstances, such as pandemics and other global catastrophes. One of the reasons attributed to this is that spiritual or religious people usually have a “support group or support system” to back them up when things really go down.

I personally am not affiliated with any religious group or sect. However, I do consider myself a “spiritual” person. I am also a great believer and follower of Buddhism, which technically is not a religion but a way of seeing, understanding, and coping with life using various teachings by the founder of Buddhism, the great Gautama Buddha ;).

Buddhism espouses that what you focus on in this life becomes your reality. So if you keep on focusing on the problem always at hand, like the pandemic, then that becomes your reality!

Let’s not focus on death or the end of humanity, even though the problem is Illuminati-instigated (more on that in another blog post 😉 ).

Some Final Words of Advice

So, as mentioned previously, take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual aspect, for they will be tried greatly in this pandemic. Just to mention that by managing all three aspects of our persona, we can manage our emotional state of affairs – and be less anxious and worried about what the future will bring!

I hope you still remember to have a great time despite the world’s current state of affairs! See you!

Note: Remember to push the subscribe button down here if you’d like to be informed of my upcoming blog posts ;)! Have a wonderful day!

When Everything Becomes Clear

Have peace in your heart and joy in your soul – and your spirit will always be elated and work abundantly, peacefully, and joyfully for your future!

With a bit of meditation and self-introspection, I finally found peace in my heart and the ability to manifest the future I wanted!

Have you had that feeling – that everything was going to be okay inspite of the current circumstances we are in ;)?!

I had that feeling not too long ago. It was mid 2018, and my father just passed away from a long, lingering illness. I felt so helpless and so distraught that I wasn’t there at his bedside when he needed me most.

I wasn’t there because I couldn’t be sure that I would be safe from dark forces. They usually come or inflict some sort of accident or negative incident in my life when I’m distraught or emotionally and mentally down.

I would have died for my father any time – except it wasn’t my call this time! This time I had to live, I had to live not just for myself, my husband and twin soul, and my future kids but also for the fate of humanity on Terra Earth.

Crystal-clear Thoughts

But going back to my first question to you readers, have you had a time when your thoughts were so crystal-clear that you could see your future in a couple of decades or so? Well now I’m having “that moment”. It was the same kind of moment when my father passed away and I was mourning for him.

I had lost a father and gained the derision, even near hatred of my family because I wasn’t there to be at my father’s side when he passed away. But in the middle of my deep sadness and distraught, I vowed and told the universe that I was going to get back. I was going to be the “best daughter I could ever be” and make my late father proud of me 🙂 !

Because at that time, I was fearful of what might happen to me in the future! I knew the mission I had to do – to awaken people and make them realize the true nature of The Matrix that we are in, and in so doing, would help them raise their frequencies in order that their bodies and souls ascend to the 5th dimension.

But at the same time, I knew I was going to be “unstoppable” because “I lost my fear of anything and anyone, not even of the “Reptilians” and “The Powers that Be”! And when you remove all that fear, all that anxiety, sadness and helplessness that those mind-controlling neg entities throw at you, then you can create and manifest just about anything! You have your future in the palm of your hand and you can shape and manifest anything that your mind is capable of conceiving.

Conceive and execute! This is the “secret” that The Other Side has always tried to suppress in all of us three-dimensional humans, not just the “awakened ones” like myself and others who have committed to help others to awaken too ;)!

Unusual Times & Your Destiny

And so like the incident that happened to me just after my father passed away a few years ago, you can see your future as “clear-cut as glass”.

Ever since the pandemic started and even before, I’ve always struggled with moments of “blurry thinking”, as if I had brain fog L. Some medical experts say this is sometimes due to our diet (full of carbohydrates, brain- and cell-inflaming food ingredients and artificial chemicals).

And more alarmingly, when I was in one of these moods, all I could think of was “how difficult the job is or the situation that I was currently in” L! It was so frustrating and sometimes, nerve-wracking 😦 !

But, as I keep telling my readers in my earlier blogs, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!

You always have a choice whether to feel sad, bothered, cantankerous, depressed, anxious, hopeless, angry, excited, or happy at any given time ;)! I realized at this very moment that you can choose to wallow in those negative emotions or neg energies, and just be anxious and fearful all the time of the future and what it has in store for us.

The truth is that “we create our future”, said Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism ;)! We can choose to be thinking negatively of our life and our day even as early as the moment we wake up in the morning. But, once we choose to make that day a “fantastic day”, even if your circumstances are not that fantastic, then your day really becomes super fantastic 🙂 !

Agree with me on these ;)?

As I am reminded again of this teaching of my previous shaman mentor, I look around my little flat and realize that if I see it as cluttered and unorganized as it is now, then we feel as cluttered and unorganized in our thoughts like what we see right in front of us!

So I decided to fix my flat and all its clutter by the time I wake up in the early morning ;)!

We are the Creators of Our Future!

Dear reader, sometimes we just need to wake up from our stupor and face the fact that we are “creators of our future”! We can always turn the tide, no matter how dismal or depressing or sometimes hopeless the situation is, for instance, the pandemic and how it impacts not only our current economy but also how people treat you and others.

I noticed that people are less patient, more irritable, negatively-inclined and fussy about things – which I attribute to the state of the world now – the economy, the rules to stay indoors, stringent health protocols – sometimes being inefficient and unproductive – and the possibility that one may drop dead of the covid virus any time L.

But for me, covid can be prevented if one builds up one’s immunity against any sickness!

But let’s go back to the main topic and not wallow on the covid problem ;)!

And just like the year 2018 when I lost a father, on the other hand, I gained clarity in my purpose and my mission. I lost my fav job also 2 months after my father died 😦 .

But when I made a declaration to the universe that I will avenge the death of my father and make him proud of me, and pursue what has to be pursued against all odds, everything really changed! That life-turning decision that nobody can scare me or deter me from my mission cleared the path for everything to fall in the right place – and things did really exceedingly well after that! I didn’t have a job at that time; I only had a clear-cut idea of what kind of job I wanted to work in (helping others).

I had a firm belief that things can only get better after those harrowing months prior to my “life-changing realization moment”. And things did get better. I gained a job that really made me happy for a few years because I was helping people improve their health and eventually, their lives. The pay was not exceedingly high but enough to make me comfortable living in the boondocks ;)!

Of course the pandemic happened ;)! Even though I was back to square one, I had a clear-cut vision and desire on what I wanted to accomplish in the near and far future J.

I knew what I wanted – and I’m still following my heart’s desires ;).

Stay safe, motivated, grateful, excited (for your future!), and confident about your abilities or “superpowers”! For we are always in the path to greatness when we are calm and composed, and when we think and selflessly work for others before ourselves. “Serve others first before self” as my mentors always taught me to do.

And you know what, I always had a much brighter day when I managed to help someone with their day in any way ;).

Namaste and have a most blessed and wonderful day :)!

“A Tribute to a Fellow Lightworker and to All Lightworkers on Terra”

I don’t normally write about personal things about other people, unless by doing so, it would help me accomplish my mission of enlightening people about “raising their awareness of the true nature of 3D reality”, thus increasing their personal vibrational frequency (this can be a topic of another blog post; if you’d like to know the basics of this concept, check my previous blog post here: ).

Well, that was a mouthful ;)! But I wanted to tell you all about the tragedy that has befallen my fellow paranormal blogger and “soul sister” Sheila Renee Parker :).

It was only a few days ago when I saw the blog post of Sheila, recounting her long-term battle with chronic pain and fibromyalgia, mainly because it was “Fibromyalgia Awareness Day” last May 12, 2021.

Sheila was one of the first few, early subscribers to my blog way back when I started blogging about my paranormal and esoteric exploits in 2015. At that time, she was already famous in the paranormal world and had written and interviewed quite a lot of paranormal investigators whom she featured in her own blog, “Sheila Renee Parker”.

Like any paranormal writer and blogger, the range of topics in her blog were written in a short, interesting narrative. Sheila, who is also an empath and a sensitive like me, was pretty lucky to have encountered a lot of spirits and other-dimensional entities who were really either kind or horrible to her.

Anyway, let’s just say that her blog was one of the first blogs that I was lucky enough to subscribe to – and be followed too J!

So it’s really a shock and a bit sad to know that Sheila, unknown to many like myself, has been battling constant pain and a host of other chronic diseases as well – the latest of which is fibromyalgia (see her blog post on that here: ).

I am not an expert on fibromyalgia. I just know it is a disease involving chronic pain L.

I have never thought that Sheila would be carrying this problem for some time. I myself, have been subjected to constant bouts of pain through seemingly unforeseen accidents – which I believe are not truly accidental at all! I went through 3 vehicular accidents in the past 10 years, as I have blogged about it several times – and I can’t tell you the pain, fear, and uncertainty that I had to endure every time I was unlucky to experience one.

And every time I had to go through some sickness and pain generated by an accident, I managed to bounce back on my own J.

Recovery is almost instantaneous when you know what to do. But for now, I want to mention this incident with Sheila because I firmly believe lightworkers, like herself, are constantly being targeted by dark forces and entities that are part of this illusionary “Matrix” that we are in.

More importantly and as I have blogged before, these dark entities – you can call them Reptilians, Archons, Rs, the Lizard people, etc. – have a predilection for inflicting pain and suffering to those who want to do good, mainly lightworkers. This pain and suffering they inflict on us are consumed by these entities (it actually is like a drug to them).

And then these people who are tormented by the Archons also passes on this pain and suffering to other people – and the cycle of pain and suffering continues.

It is not a pretty thought to be carrying especially in difficult times such as these. Especially when we are in the midst of “constant pain”, which could be not just physical but mental and emotional in nature. It is true what Sheila said in her blog — that sometimes it is difficult “to be positive” when you have to face the same scenario and pain every day.

But, there is a way out of the pain – and I have blogged about it in several occasions here: and here:  . In fact, I nearly became a casualty of covid – or a sickness similar to covid just slightly more than 2 weeks ago!

All I did – as taught to me by my benevolent, higher dimensional mentors — was program this “positivity” in my subconscious mind, and be constantly aware that “this sickness is not covid!”.

Then I started fervently reciting my Tibetan Buddhist Sanskrit mantras and taking my rock salt, pepper, and cinnamon baths; drinking lots of warm ginger tea, and gargling with warm water mixed with rock salt as an alternative anti-covid, herbal/all-natural remedy.

After 5 days (exactly at 5 pm on the 5th day), my fever subsided and my itchy throat disappeared.

The point is we must not lose hope about being able to outlive or outgrow our sicknesses. Because we certainly CAN — as soon as we learn the nature of The Matrix that we are in and how to maneuver through it. And once we know the nature of that Matrix, we can realize that everything happening to us is just an “illusion”, and that we can, after some time, banish that illusion from our 3D reality, possibly also permanently.

Sheila dear, hang in there J! This sickness of yours and all the others will also come to pass in due time J!

Want to know more tips on “creating your own reality the way you want it ;)”?

Write to me so I can address your questions personally J! In the meantime, keep safe, keep healthy, and remain loving and in love with your own person. That is a very effective way to getting us out of danger or eliminate problems in this Matrix that we are in ;)!

Finding Yourself in the Jungle of your Perceptions

Photo courtesy of

I know I should have known better. I know I am doing it ALL OVER AGAIN! I know I am in the brink of losing my identity again – and for what :O?! To please the people who don’t give a hoot about what happens to me 😦 !

Alright, let’s start from the beginning!

I had this idea of starting afresh again early this year, as in as early as early January 2021. Mainly to start the New Year with a new perception on life – more optimistic, less fearful of what is out there, and definitely moving forwards to a better and brighter future.

I decided I would dedicate January for upgrading my blog and finishing my book – for the nth time. I managed to find and buy a hosting provider so I could move my wordpress blog to a domain-based one. And I did already – yippee!

Then, my sister’s friend came calling, asking to have his book edited and rewritten. You know, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had a whole month of activities planned out already for me, I wouldn’t stop and consider taking that job. But I did take the briefing and was in the middle of negotiations already.

Until the shit hits the fan! Big time :O!

I went bonkers over the material I had to edit. Normally when I am in unfamiliar territory, I get a 2nd person to work with me on a project so I can have a sounding board.

This time, I couldn’t find that person to go with me. And I went ballistic the night before the presentation.

Okay, I dropped the 6-figure potential salary and opted out of the project. My peace of mind before anything else. Right ;)?

Or was it something else, some familiar problem again :O?

Trouble comes in Twos or Threes

So, last February was supposed to be a slow month of writing, rewriting, and publishing that effervescent book. But here comes the catch again!

I was encouraged by a friend to take FREE lessons in upgrading my virtual assistance skills (a virtual assistant is someone who helps or assumes certain tasks for somebody else, perhaps a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or even a CEO of a small to medium size company; it could also be the tasks normally done in-house by a company but is now being outsourced to independent freelance people or freelancer agencies usually to be cost-competitive).

So I signed up for free classes in 2 virtual assistance training agencies – and bought 2 paid classes in 2 skills I am interested in upgrading ;).

And study I did. And now I don’t own my time again.

Why did I subject myself to this crazy schedule? Was it because I wanted to level up my skills? Or was it because of my pride wherein I lost my fav client to a good friend who was more experienced in virtual assistance skills – or so I thought — and charged less than me L?

So here I am again – going down the rabbit hole. Trying to find myself like searching for a needle in a haystack. Trying to learn everything and be everything when all you want to do is excel in a few skills. And in the end, you end up being everything but not gaining anything. In fact, you lose your soul and your identity – because your need to excel was done to please others than yourself.

A Question of Identity?

I started feeling that “trapped feeling” again. But this time, I know already what to do to get out of that muck/fuck.

It basically is a question of IDENTITY! Do you find and establish your identity by kowtowing to everyone’s desires? Are you an extreme people-pleaser? Why do you have to perfect your ability to get everything right the first time and every time afterwards :O?

What happens if you don’t want to be perfect in everything you do? Would it really matter if you are not a straight ace person in everything you do? Or would you rather be the perfect example everybody wants to be – but deep inside, you feel like shit because you feel like an imposterL?

It’s just a matter of asking yourself “Why are you doing this?”. Or “Why do you have to do this?”?

Or, “Are you doing it for yourself or to please or get the approval of others ;)?”?

Be True to Yourself

And as I said before and as I am affirming now again:  Be True to Yourself!

Involve yourself only in things that make YOU HAPPY! You might want to make others or your family happy. But if you’re not happy with what you’re doing, you will end up only with diseases that will plague your health for the rest of your life L.

Like me! I thought I wanted to live and thrive in a corporate life. But eventually, after more than 2 decades being stuck up and living like every other communications consultant in the corporate jungle world, I broke away from that kind of existence – because I was already ailing and beset with a lot of health and emotional problems.

Be true to yourself by engaging only in the things that make you truly happy J! And as my benevolent, higher-dimensional mentors and friends always tell me, “The higher your vibration is or the higher and truer your spirituality is (note, I mention “spirituality”, not “religiosity” – although it can be both 😉 ), the better for your health – not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ;)!

How to Test if you are True to Yourself

True spirituality does not depend on material things, nor is it a guarantee that the more financially abundant you are, the higher your spirituality is. One does not equate true happiness with a lot of material wealth – even though money can help in generating happiness but not always “genuine happiness”.

So, a good test for True Happiness is asking yourself this: “Would I be happy if I only have this much but I am surrounded by people who love me and I love them also?”.

Or, ask yourself: “Which one is more important to me – material wealth or wealth of consciousness?”? Try to see which one would make you truly happy ;)!

So, find true happiness that is lasting, instead of happiness that is reliant on what the present moment only has to offer. This I learned over the course of many years, and am now sharing the knowledge/wisdom with you ;).

And eventually, you will emerge and finally find the way out of “The Jungle of Your Perceptions”!

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Yelling Rosan Blogi

is award free one

shamana in the making

Adventures in Spirituality, Shamanism and Everything in Between

Words from Walden

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Adventures of A Mage In Miami

A blog dedicated to the weird little adventures of a Cuban Magician living in Miami, Florida as well as my work doing consultations

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A project dedicated to reawakening the essential powers of the human being.

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Just another site


Paranormal Author, Artist & Empath. Follow Sheila on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram! @sheilareneeparker

My Meditation Challenge

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