How I “Accidentally” Stumbled into the Way of the Shaman


Hi! My name is Sharvani and I’m a shaman in training, at least for the meantime 😉 .

I live on a medium-sized island, in a little town that is located beside a majestically tall verdant mountain who locals refer to as “Il Montana Mystical, the Mystical Mountain”. For hundreds of years, locals fondly call the mountain as such because they believe the mountain is an “energy center” that draws not only fairy folk (elves, dwarves, fairies, enchanted ladies, etc.) and mythical creatures (minotaurs, griffins, etc.) to its thick forests, twinkling streams and cascading waterfalls but also local healers, mediums, fortunetellers, witches, warlocks, shamans, etc. and the occasional misguided tourist or backpacker to its foothills.

Before this newfound calling of mine, life was mediocre, harried and boring from the daily concerns of surviving from day to day looking for work, getting hired, getting fired, getting hired again and living from paycheck to paycheck.

It wasn’t always so. Previous to my bohemian, semi-nomadic life now, I was a hotshot advertising executive in the big city, earning a six figure salary, using the latest cellphone model with a substantive monthly call allowance included, travel allowance, traveling to far-off exotic places, eating at 5-star restaurants, consulting spiritual gurus and spending three-week holidays on the beaches of India on some half-baked spiritual pilgrimage – yeh!

Yup, it was a hedonist-cum-Buddhist initiate’s dream to be going out on my own to all these exotic places, seeking lasting enlightenment but only ending up repeatedly in perpetual confusion and depression. I was looking for answers to the proverbial age-old questions: “Who am I really? What am I in this world for? And perhaps the most pressing question every time I’m facing a rut or got terminated out of some high-profile job again, “Where do I go from here?”.

Why the constant job termination notice? It was depressing to find that after flying so high in the top 10 company jobs abroad, one has to start again from scratch in the home country and contend with superiors and immediate colleagues who could not understand nor appreciate the new concepts, trends and technologies one was trying to introduce into the company.

But that’s past and forgotten. I mentioned this unhappy part of my life so you, my reader, may have some background on how I ended up on this journey of mine to become a shaman – or shamana in training 😉

The Start of it All or How I Serendipitously met my 1st Mentor Riana

While I was in-between jobs in my humdrum 3D existence on the island, I met a friend and colleague I’ve not seen for ages who invited me to join an online group that focused on New Age healing modalities and other spiritual/esoteric practices, such as the use of crystals and stones for scrying and healing. It was in one of these off-line meetings of the group that I met Riana.

Riana was an old friend of mine from our college days on the island. Although I was a batch or two older than her, we normally would see each other in some subjects because we were taking the same courses in college.

Now our paths crossed again – but now it was in the shared interest on crystals! Riana was a modern-day shaman. She healed sick people using a form of traditional chanting – which she informed me came from her past-life memories as a bad warlock from a previous incarnation. She would download words and songs, some highly unintelligible (they sounded like songs from an ancient language) from some past-life memory when she needed it in her healing work.

But the one that got me going was her study and work with crystals. Although another friend introduced me to the use of crystals for contacting or acting as a conduit or transmitter to interdimensional and extraterrestrial beings, it was Riana who helped me hone my ability to do this.


About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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2 Responses to How I “Accidentally” Stumbled into the Way of the Shaman

  1. ilonca84 says:

    Cool story! I can’t wait to read more 🙂


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