Learning to Communicate with Interdimensional/Extraterrestrial Beings thru a Crystal


Sunflower and Crystal – picture attributable to Flickr-Mo under a Creative Commons 2.0 licence

It wasn’t Riana who introduced me to the concept of using a crystal as a “radio transmitter” or “two-way walkie-talkie” to conversing with interdimensional or extraterrestrial beings. There was another member of my online group who introduced me to this practice.

Ricardo is another of our crystal aficionados. As a medical doctor with in-born “second sight”, Ricardo was used to seeing all sorts of disembodied energy bodies such as ghosts and creatures that could only haunt you in your dreams in the hospital where he worked. Because of this, he wore crystals such as a necklace made of crystals or a crystal bead bracelet as a protective shield against these negative entities.

It was Ricardo who instructed me to talk to a crystal during one of our offline parties. At that time, he gave me an amethyst crystal bracelet which I found to be quite lovely (I’m still using it up to this time). He then told me that I could program it to protect me from negative entities and energies. He also told me that the crystal would also pick me out as its rightful owner when I’m out buying such in the local market for crystals. I asked him how do I know if an item is the right crystal for me. He told me to talk to the crystal. “Talk to the crystal?” I asked, “Talk to it – how?”. He said, “You will know when you start talking to it. You’ll just have the feel for it.”

Initially perplexed, I didn’t think so much of it at first. All I was happy about was growing my collection of crystals and crystal bracelets.

In time, Riana and Ricardo would get together and share their newfound knowledge with each other and other crystal aficionados. Joining them was a third guy, Ade, who was also an initiate in the “Hidden or Esoteric Arts” of the islands, and had a similar interest in collecting crystals. With a 4th member who was a girl and an accomplished seer at that, these four guys started a “Crystal Aficionados Club”, an informal organization who helps people with “sick crystals”, seeking refuge or assistance in “exorcising” or purging them from these negative influences or negative entities that are sometimes enchanted or trapped in these crystals by witches, warlocks and other negatively-inclined people/beings.

In order to explain to you dear reader how to clean or liberate a crystal from negative entities or energies, let me first narrate my first attempt to contact an interdimensional being using a crystal. The best way to illustrate this is by narrating a personal experience of mine with such.

One day, I bought a beautiful rutilated quartz pendant from one of the members of our online group who sold lots of unusual, high quality crystals. It was shaped like a teardrop and had some gold inclusions in it. I was so happy to use it that I was wearing it almost daily when going out of the house.

It was in one of these meetings that I met a young friend who was a gifted psychic. Let us just say that in those days, I basically could not even see much less talk to the entities showing up in my crystals. But Jennie, this girl I had a meeting with in a small quaint coffee shop, could talk to them.

So in this meeting, I was wearing my rutilated quartz crystal pendant. The meeting with Jennie went well; my friend was explaining about her idea to market special crystals for crystal and crystal jewellery enthusiasts. I did not experience anything different or out of the ordinary when I sat across her at a small table in a coffee shop and talked for some time about her planned crystal business. It was only immediately right after the meeting that I suddenly started experiencing a migraine.

I was concerned. I rarely experienced migraines especially out of the blue. I assumed that this might be some form of black magic because previous to this meeting, we at my online group were discussing how several crystal aficionados were using crystals to inflict harm on others using them from afar (this is what most of us who are informed call “remote viewing”). Moreover, I could feel my 3rd eye chakra spinning rapidly in the middle of my forehead (it too was hurting for whatever reason I didn’t know at that time).

Nevertheless, I just gritted my teeth and endured the discomfort throughout the night. Eventually the migraine disappeared after a day or two.

It was just one of those serendipitous moments that a few days after the meet with Jennie that I ran into Riana at a local crystal market when I was buying raw crystals for my personal use (I was learning to string them together as bracelets and necklaces for my own use ;). I told her about my migraines and my forehead hurting after I met my friend, and that I had an intuition that there was something wrong.

Riana listened to my story and without pushing me too much, invited me to attend one of their “crystal empowerment sessions” then so we could fully determine what happened to me and to bring my “sick crystal” and any other crystal which I perceived had a problem with me (continuation in the next blog post).


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Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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