Talking to your Crystal – a Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes we see fairies, mermaids and other multi-dimensional and extraterrestial beings in our crystals.

Sometimes we see and hear fairies, mermaids and other multi-dimensional and extraterrestial beings in our crystals.

Before I proceed with my story on how Riana and I cleared my crystal and others like it from negative entities/energies/influences, let me tell you the steps on how to talk to your crystal as I had learned from Riana and others like her:

Step 1: Choose the crystal that you’re going to talk to. Based on my personal experience which isn’t that extensive either, a clear quartz crystal, medium-size, is a good first crystal to talk to, mainly because you can look into its depths and see if an image immediately appears. This practice is called “scrying” and it is an age-old practice by diviners and fortunetellers when they want to get answers about certain things from an entity or spirit using the crystal as a transmitter. It is also a great way to make contact with the entity you’d like to communicate with.

Why talk to an entity in a crystal? I used to think it was a nifty idea to talk to an entity but how does he or she fit into the crystal? Until the day I talked to Yena, a lady with flowing silvery-white hair who I would usually see inside a large clear quartz crystal. Later, with the help of another friend of mine with advanced clairvoyance capabilities did I realize that she was a mermaid; all I could see was her flowing hair and not her body which was covered in scales, according to my friend.

Step 2: Clear the area and crystal of negative entities, energies or influences. Just like when you enter the Holy Sepulchre of a Catholic church or any church or temple for that matter, you also cleanse the area you are going to do the sitting from negative energies or negative entities and influences. To cleanse the area, I normally use fragrant Indian incense (I highly suggest buying one with a sandalwood or sage scent; one other effective scent is also frankincense and myrrh). Lighting up a stick, I would smudge all of the corners of the room, letting the smoke permeate every darkened corner or crevice, including inside cupboards and cabinets.

Also smudge the crystal you are going to use for scrying, making sure the smoke passes through the crystal several times. Or, if you have time prior to the session/meeting, you can soak your crystal in water sprinkled with rock salt (just remember that some crystals or stones cannot be left in water with rock salt at all; they would corrode or soften).

Step 3: Now that both the room and the crystal you’re going to use are clean from negative energies, you can now proceed to talking with the crystal.

Hold the crystal in one hand and peacefully look at its depths. Try to empty your mind of all pressing thoughts to be able to hear new ideas coming in.

While looking inside the crystal, make an invocation or intention for the crystal to help you talk or consult it. You could say something like this:

“Clear quartz crystal (or the name of any other crystal), I request you to help me find the meaning/the truth of this matter . . . and then say your request.” Chances are the crystal will answer you, probably not immediately but you will hear it in your ear.

For me, I sometimes see the image of the entity inside the crystal, particularly a clear quartz crystal. And then I would hear the entity talk in my mind. Most of the time, they have a different language than ours but because the communication is done mind-to-mind, there is always streaming, real-time translation ;).

And because I and Riana have a collection of crystals used for scrying, we normally would give them names like Atlas or Mrs. Doubtfire to a carnelian stone for instance for familiarity.

Step 4: Keep a notebook and a pen or pencil nearby, and jot down your conversation with the entity/being or summarize what happened in the session in the notebook. Sometimes, I would go on an “automatic writing” mode wherein I will have my notebook and pen at hand, and then like a secretary, will jot down everything that that entity will tell me verbatim. Usually after these sessions, I will wonder how I managed to get so much info from just one entity/being/spirit.

I just realized that sometimes the entity will speak on behalf of its benevolent/enlightened/ascended race (there are usually two kinds of entities we encounter during these sessions: the ones of Terran (Earth) origin but belonging to a higher dimension than our current 3D existence, and entities from other planets or star systems who are usually of a higher dimension than us). It is important to listen carefully then to what they have to say, as most of the time they are there to pass on a message so important that it can save humanity sometimes 😉

Step 5: Do not forget to thank the entity/being for his/her help in answering or assisting you with your concern or problem. They will normally mention that they are happy to be “of service to you” 🙂

A word of advice: do not be discouraged if at first you are not successful in talking to an entity thru a crystal. It takes some time – unless you have some advanced PSI skills already since you were born. I hope you will only consult or ask for assistance from these entities on a “positive, friendly and helpful” mission or objective. Remember that karma works against you and with tremendous impact if your intention is less than benevolent.


About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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