Clearing your Crystal from the Influences or Clutches of Negative Entities Part I

Sometimes we need to engage the help of our multidimensional friends in looking at the future. Picture care of Mr. Mo at a Creative Commons 2.0 licence.

Sometimes we need to engage the help of our multidimensional friends in looking at the future. Picture care of Mr. Mo at under a Creative Commons 2.0 licence.

So back to my story about Jennie and my rutilated quartz crystal pendant.

We had the crystal clearing session at Riana’s place— a modest-looking flat in the town’s suburbs. Going inside the flat felt like going inside a cave. Because of all the chanting and consulting with clients that Riana had done for over two decades in her place, it felt so peaceful to be sitting in the middle of her living room.

I brought my rutilated quartz crystal pendant with me which by then I had started calling “Saraswati” (normally, the entity in the crystal will give you his/her name when you ask it). We smudged Riana’s living room first which was our working area and the affected crystals with Indian incense – very important!

Since I was very new to “crystal clearing”, Riana did the clearing for me. Her technique was to consult another of her crystals (there were many by the way because she had an extensive collection of crystals then) to give us an idea of what happened to the crystal.

To divest a crystal from negative energies or worse, a negative entity that could have been purposefully trapped there by an evil witch or warlock, one must also come prepared. For protection against negative entities, we had to wear various crystals on our person — usually a crystal necklace or two, and various crystal bead bracelets (I will explain in greater detail in a separate post the kind of stones that are helpful to use during these sessions).

We sometimes will also engage the help of our “interdimensional friends” through the use of other stand-alone crystals. Riana brought out one of her lovely clear quartz crystals named Genesis for this consultation (Genesis’s speciality is past life regression, divination and scrying the future; Genesis is the transmitter crystal of several multidimensional beings called “dominions” – warrior angels). Using Genesis as our “consultant crystal”, we managed to talk to the entity in Saraswati.

Upon scrying my crystal Saraswati, we saw a young, Oriental-looking girl with platinum-blond, shoulder-length hair wearing an outfit resembling a Japanese anime warrior complete with sword, body armor, kneeguards and shinguards. She had a tiara on top of her head and in the middle of her forehead was a huge diamond-looking crystal which changed colors depending on her mood.

She said her name is “Alia” and that she is a legendary warrior from an ancient royal family in the 5th dimension on another universe/dimension 😉 She also said her “transmitter crystal” (my rutilated quartz pendant) was “enchanted” by a very powerful local warlock who managed to inflict harm on the crystal by using my friend Jennie as a conduit.

Now let me digress a bit about how the enchantment happened even though this powerful warlock (let’s call him Mohan for discussion purposes) had never seen me or met me or my crystal Saraswati. It all goes back when I met my psychic friend Jennie at the coffeeshop. Remember when I started having migraines after that meeting? Well apparently Jennie — unknown to her of course — was “enchanted” by Mohan.

Mohan who happens to be Jennie’s mentor in all things relating to crystals and development of psychic capabilities had put a spell on Jennie without her knowing it. Jennie who had advanced clairvoyant and other PSI skills unwittingly would pass on a spell from Mohan to any other crystal Jennie sees or handles. And that was what happened when during our coffeeshop meeting, Jennie saw me wearing Saraswati and asked me if she could hold her.

Bingo! There was the explanation why I was having migraines and why my crystal Saraswati felt a little off when I would hold her after that incident. I kept my crystal Saraswati in a little pouch in a small plastic drawer box along with my other crystal ornaments. Since she was enchanted, all the other crystals in my drawer box were also affected.

What does a negatively enchanted or hexed crystal feels like? First thing you experience is having headaches or other bodily aches especially when you wear them on your person or is nearby, because that crystal has absorbed negative energy from a specific source. Secondly and in my personal experience, the crystal which is “enchanted” feels rather off. This is the reason why I was having migraines ever since I met Jennie.

So to make a long story short, we had to smudge with aromatic Indian sandalwood incense each and every crystal I owned and stored in that little plastic drawer box for several times and put some of them in salt or bury the most affected ones in the ground for a week or so.

If you already attained an advanced level, you will feel this negative energy being emitted by the crystal. On some instances, there is a physical manifestation of enchantment. Among the crystals and jewelry items that were stored with Saraswati in the box was a green tourmaline ring that was my favorite. I just noticed during that trying period that the green tourmaline gemstone had this mold-like growth on the side of its bezel – when nothing of the sort used to be there before.

After we smudged the green tourmaline repeatedly for several days, the energy cleared and the physical molds on the crystal vanished. This was my tangible proof that there was really something diabolical happening to my crystals at that time. It also gave me a lesson to smudge my crystals before and after wearing them outside of my home.

So to summarize this article, here are some useful pointers for clearing or banishing negative energies or entities from your crystals:

*Always, always do not forget to smudge your work area and your “consultant or helper crystal” prior to inspecting/diagnosing the sick or troubled crystal. After diagnosis, make sure you smudge the sick crystal and store or place it in a location or storage area where it may be safe from negative entities, energies or influences. Also smudge or clean with rock salt, black pepper or other spices your helper crystal and all the crystals you were wearing as protection or “shields” when you conducted the session.

As mentioned earlier in the article, use incense made out of exotic spices to smudge your crystals, such as sandalwood, sage, cinnamon, frankincense & myrrh, to name a few.

*Visualize a field of silvery white or deep violet light around you before starting the consultation. This is your “energy shield” against anything negative or negative entities that you will encounter during the exercise. You can intend or program this shield to be “unbreakable” or “impenetrable” and to last for a specific period of time. You can also program the shield to be self-renewable, meaning it will constantly continue to refresh itself and its purpose for a certain period of time.

*Invoke or request the assistance of your spirit guides, guardian angels, nature-based elemental friends, ascended masters and other positive, higher dimensional friends to help you expel the offending entity as well as keeping you safe during the ritual or exercise. Since I am still undergoing my journey to be a shamana, eventually I will write about “spirit intrusion extraction” using traditional shamanic “power animals” 😉

* Wear appropriate crystals and crystal jewelry prior to handling the sick crystal. It takes some courage and focus to divest a crystal of negative energies or entities so make sure you are protected by the right crystals. For the uninitiated, we believe certain crystals and stones are “natural shields”, especially when “programmed”, against black magic sent by negative entities and their minions (warlocks, witches, warlock’s assistants, etc.). I will write more on the crystals I personally use for psychic protection but for starters, you can consult Doreen Virtues’s bestselling book, “Crystals for Psychic Self-Protection” crystals for psychic protection .

You can also program your protective crystals to provide “invisibility” against negative entities/beings/influences for you during the session.

* Be in the right frame of body and mind when you have to face these energies/entities. Do not engage in entity/energy removal if you are in a bad mood, had a bad hair day, are stressed out, sad or depressed, sick (also in mind 😉 or not feeling too well. Chances are your energy field, popularly called an “aura”, might be weakened and thus, can be a loophole for negative energies or entities to affect, influence or harm you while in the process of clearing.

Personally, I do some form of Tibetan mantra chanting before I get into a session; others do some form of prayer while my friend Riana uses some archaic or primitive form of chant that only she can remember and understand. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

*For beginners in crystal cleansing, engage someone – a shaman or psychic friend with tried and tested experience on entity removal – to help you initially when clearing your crystals of negative entities or influences. Later on, he/she can teach you how to go about it if the same thing happens someday.

*There are instances when the crystal/stone has been so affected by external negative energies or has absorbed a fairly large amount of negative energy that a one-time smudge would not suffice. In this case, we recommend burying the crystal in soil or tiny pebbles for a specific period of time (the period of time will be determined by the consultant crystal or any other positive*, higher dimensional or angelic entity that is assisting you to cleanse the crystal).

Note/Disclaimer: As I had established in the very beginning of this blog, I am still quite new in this new calling of mine. It is something that I am in the process of learning and practising. As a shaman in training, one also has to learn to break away from age-old customs and beliefs that do not apply to you already in this life or are not relevant to you already at this stage of your life. It happens and one must be prepared for it when it comes.

I would also like to clarify that I ALWAYS WILL NOT AND NEVER ADVOCATE the use of what we call “black magic” or negative methods, practices or influences that may harm both the client or the entity communicating through a crystal – no matter how effective they may be in expelling the negative entity or energy from that crystal. I advocate this strongly because I believe that we MAKE our own karma, and thus, any negative or harmful act we do to another sentient or non-sentient being will come back to us a hundredfold.


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