The Uphill Road of a Shamana in Training

The interesting tools used by a contemporary shaman (photos credited to The Healing Initiative:

The interesting tools used by a contemporary shaman (photo credited to The Healing Initiative:

I didn’t initially choose to go into training as a “shamana”. I was dragged into it 😉 .

I had talked about my background before as a corporate person (it seems so long ago but it’s been only a couple of years ago when I was tackling and drafting profit reports and Powerpoint proposals on an everyday basis instead of herbs and crystals ;). At that time, if you mentioned to me about shamans, spirits and spirit journeys, I would have laughed it all off and say, “This thing is not for me, sorry! Maybe you can convince the quack doctor down the road to listen to your stories!”.

Until of course, I got the call. The call was opportune. It came in the form of a problem (see the story here: The problem was my fav rutilated quartz pendant got enchanted by a powerful local warlock through my friend Jennie who was under a spell by him. When the solution to the problem was serendipitiously presented in the form of my mentor Riana who helped me “exorcise” my crystal and several other crystals I owned from the enchantment sent by this powerful local warlock, I had no choice nor any recourse but to be ushered and introduced to the tools and lifestyle of the “shaman”.

You might be wondering why I had to study shamanism then. Well, that incident with the enchanted crystal was like opening Pandora’s Box. When Riana and I disenchanted all of my crystals, it didn’t go down well with the powerful warlock (we can call him Mohan for record purposes). He sent his minions our way (for the sake of our readers, let me enlighten you that in these islands, we have these ancient stories of “mythical flying monsters” (actually this is a form of reptilian creature created since the dawn of the Rs on the planet) that come out at night and plague the local population by flying above their houses and preying on hapless families/households who have newborn infants or dying/very sick residents in them (I will narrate later a personal story of this in another blog post). Well this was what that warlock unleashed on us – a number of these flying creatures who constantly terrorized me and my mentor Riana.

The only way to counter this scourge from hell is to protect oneself from it using the tools and trade of the shaman, at least that’s how I see it from where I am sitting now. There are still many ramifications to my story but I will have to reserve the tale for another day.

The Way of the Shaman

More of the shaman's tools of the trade (Photo credited to The Healing Initiative:

More of the shaman’s tools of the trade (Photo credited to The Healing Initiative:

From what I read about shamans in the internet, I was informed that the shaman’s vocation is something not of his choosing but is heeded as a “call to service” – to help those that are tormented by Team Dark and the “dark arts”. I also read that a shaman’s training must be guided by either his lineage (if there is a record of shamanism or of a shaman in his family) or the lineage of his mentor (in this case, my mentor would be Riana who had a previous incarnation as a bad shaman 😉 – not a very good one for the books, heh heh 😉

But bad shamans can become good shamans – at least in Buddhism, it is believed that we are reincarnated again and again in this 3D world because we are being given the opportunity to correct the wrongs we’ve done in a previous lifetime/incarnation inorder to remove our negative karma (Karma, in the Buddhist sense, means “the sum total of one’s actions which determine one’s future or fate/destiny) a basic concept of Buddhism”; definition care of

So how do I train myself now, now that my 1st mentor Riana is out of the picture? Well, before Riana and I parted ways, she did train me somehow in a number of PSI skills – one of which is to conduct past-life regressions on myself 😉 And in this past-life regression sessions that I have conducted on myself – which I’ve also partly honed the skill as I went along, I’ve been able to identify at least 10 lifetimes already 🙂 . One of them was as a “bad shaman” in South America (well, it looked like the entity I saw in my regression was a male tribal warrior from South America because he had feathers on his headdress, a naked chest, animal hide boots and pants, paint markings on his face, and he was carrying a staff that he was moving wildly around). Bingo! All I need to do is “remember everything” I used to do before as a shaman, at least remember the skills and experiences I gained from that lifetime but not the bad parts of it! 😉

How Does One Start Off Training to be a Shaman?

I had two sources of information on this. One was Sandra Ingerman’s website (I didn’t have her book yet) and talks on shamanism by the most prominent and respected shamans in the world in The Shamanism Global Summit 2015 just concluded last month. The other one was a quaint blog I found on the internet by a shamana named Sarah Petruno ( It was largely through her story as a shamana taught and honed by the spirit of her long-dead great-grandfather from an Eastern European shamanic lineage that inspired me to embrace the calling of being a shamana.

Another website I found that had info on shamanism was The website states that one can be a shaman utilizing 3 ways:
• “Hereditary transmission;
• Spontaneous selection or “call” or “election”;
• Personal choice and quest. (This latter method is less frequent and traditionally such a shaman is considered less powerful than one selected by one of the two preceding methods.)”

I futher quote from the website: “The shaman is not recognized as legitimate without having undergone two types of training:
• Ecstatic (dreams, trances, etc.)
• Traditional (“shamanic techniques, names and functions of spirits, mythology and genealogy of the clan, secret language, etc.) The two-fold course of instruction, given by the spirits and the old master shamans is equivalent to an initiation.” (Mircea Eliade, The Encyclopedia of Religion, v. 13 , p. 202; Mcmillian, N.Y., 1987.) It is also possible for the entire process to take place in the dream state or in ecstatic experience. Thus, there is more to becoming a shaman than a single experience. It requires training, perseverance and service (underscore is mine).

Now the above information was something I thought about deeply for two reasons: 1) Our experiences in the shamanic lineage, at least for Riana and I, were downloaded to us from past-life regressions and additionally for me, just plain intuition (it seemed like I could just intuitively use certain herbs and plants for this kind of vocation); and 2) the popular notion that to train as a shaman, one has to find a mentor who has a “reputable lineage” as a shaman. Even if the mentor or mentoring is in the “dream state or in ecstatic experience”.

Does a past-life incarnation as a shaman help to provide legitimacy in training as one? Or the motive to help others by using one’s shamanic skills and knowledge assist one to become a “good shaman” nonetheless, despite the lack of prominent lineage or connections to such reputable shamanic lineage?

Do I really have to go into a trance to research and recover information about a subject or a client? Riana did not go into a trance to retrieve information about a client (as I had written about in an earlier blog post). We made use of crystals and consulted enlightened, multi-dimensional positive guides/entities to get information about practically almost anything except the Akashic Records of someone other than ourselves).

And I believe that a requirement to be a “legitimate” shaman is to “have a community somewhere to serve”. This is because a shaman’s reason for being is to be of service to others, to a community he/she belongs to, right? A bit of a tall order for me, since I’m supposed to be incognito due to the occasional attacks sent to me by Team Dark – until such time that I have mastered the shamanic arts and can adequately defend and protect myself against Team Dark, right?

Plus, I didn’t know of any shaman in the islands except those who were living in the bush ; ) And I was wary of consulting dead spirits or malevolent entities/spirits even though seeing and conversing with them was getting to be more common to me nowadays (they literally just jump up or make their presence felt sometimes, even if I don’t see them but I feel them around).

I thought I was going to hit a snag with my training – until I met someone who “volunteered” to teach me the shamanic arts, even before I had the chance to ask if I could be mentored. That would be the topic of a future blog post 😉

In the meantime, what do you think about a shaman’s training? Do we really have to find a lineage, or can we mentor ourselves thru “spirits” or “guides” – and still be considered effective shamans? : )


About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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