FAQs on Negative Entities or How Did I Start Knowing and Defending Myself Against Negative Entities or Energies

Negative entities may lurk in every area of 3D earth. Photo is a still from the 1922 movie Nosferatu.

Negative entities may lurk in every area of 3D earth. Photo is a still from the 1922 movie Nosferatu.

I’ve been talking for some time about negative entities in crystals and how to get rid of them. I said one distinguishes a negative entity from a positive one by its behavior – giving you much-needed advice (only when asked) on a problem or dilemma and allowing you to exercise your “free will” to decide whether to apply his/her advice in your life.

But what exactly is a negative entity? Where do they come from? And is there more than 1 type of negative entity?

The following is an informative compilation of answers to these and some other important questions of yours. Bear in mind that my answers are based on my personal experiences with negative entities and also culled from authoritative sources that I’ve read and researched in the exopolitics community (recent and updated term for “UFO Community) and experts of the interdimensional and multidimensional worlds.

Q: What exactly is a negative entity?

I: Frankly, a negative entity would be an entity or sometimes just an energy that has a negative imprint or influence on both humans and animals around it, and even in the location that it inhabits or haunts.

Q: Are there ways to identify a negative entity?

I: Well aside from the energy that it exudes which is pure or semi-evil, it can also be identified by the physical, mental or psychological impact it leaves on a person and sometimes, a location. There are also many types of negative entities, particularly those with physicality and sentience. This can vary depending on the plane or dimension of existence it comes from. There are negative entities that look like an oversized centipede, a long fat leech as thick as your arm, a black cat, a snake, a big black dog, or as huge as a dragon.

Regardless of how it looks like, there is one common denominator for all these entities – the influence or impact they have on humans and animals is totally negative.

A negative entity also feeds on the negative emotions of people and maybe, animals as well. One such example of a negative entity is what we call the ancient, Terra-based Reptilian race (we playfully call them the “Rs” in short). Extensively discussed by the Andromedan Contactee Alex Collier, the Reptilian race is composed of two types – the Ciakars or the “Royal Line”, and the Alpha Draconians or the “working class Reptilian species”.

Here is the link to Alex’s Book (it is available for free download) where he talks about the ancient “Reptilian race” on Terra: http://www.alexcollier.org/alex-collier-defending-sacred-ground-1996/

A drawing of a Reptilian (sketch is part of the Creative Commons).

A drawing of a Reptilian (sketch is part of the Creative Commons).

Both types look like reptiles – slit eyes, scaly skin; segmented fingers which are actually claws; forked tongue; and yes, some have tails (some do not have tails). The only difference between the Ciakars and the Draconians is that the Ciakars have wings and tails. You probably know now where ancient people got the images of horned devils with tails 😉

They are quite tall and multidimensional which means they can slip from our 3D existence to a 5th dimensional plane. And most of all, they can read your minds which means they’re telepathic.

Q: Where do these negative entities come from?

I: There are negative entities which are Terran meaning Earth-based (they live on Earth and are indigenous inhabitants of the Earth). There are some that are “extraterrestrial”.

One example is the Reptilian Race. The Rs came from another star system, Alpha Draconis, millions of years ago. Quoting Alex Collier in his book, “Defending Sacred Ground”, the Rs were the ones who partly seeded the Earth by creating a “slave race of humans” from a mix of their DNA and the existing DNA of early humans already existing on the earth. This slave race was tasked to mine for gold in the mines of Africa thousands of years ago.

The Rs are very much still here. Some of them are shapeshifters and can easily morph into a human and easily blend into the local population or an animal and prey on unsuspecting victims at night. Others have taken over the physical bodies of humans and use it as a physical vessel to carry their own true form.

Our penanggalen beauty from Malaysia. Thailand also has a similar version called "krasue".

Our penanggalen beauty from Malaysia. Thailand also has a similar version called “krasue”.

The Rs are responsible for the existence and sightings of “demon-like” creatures or entities in many Asian cultures. For instance, in Malaysia, they have the penanggalen who takes the form of a beautiful woman, at least, the head looks beautiful while the rest of the body is just entrails; the aswang in the Philippines who look like normal people during the daytime but morphs into ugly, human bat-like creatures with glowing eyes and wings at night, seeking the blood of infants and sick or dying people; and the Phi Song Nang from Thailand which takes the form of a beautiful woman and seeks men as victims.

Q: How do you prevent a negative entity from attaching to you?

I: By vibrating at a higher frequency akin to 5th dimensional beings. Negative entities feed on your negative energies, therefore the primary way to prevent them from attaching on you and feeding off you is to “think and feel positive thoughts and emotions”. Refrain from harboring negative thoughts and emotions, particularly anger, fear, disappointment, irritation, aggression, envy, jealousy, sadness, impatience, and a host of others.

Q: If a negative entity has already latched onto you, how do you get rid of it?

I: Sometimes, there are instances when we go to areas that are inhabited or frequented by negative entities like a funeral parlor, a hospital, crowded shopping malls (because there are just too many people wandering in them and sometimes, some of these are “really bad or negatively inclined people”), lottery selling kiosks (hey, not everyone gets to win the big jackpot, right?), busy train stations, sometimes certain churches, wet markets and graveyards. I personally tend to attract negative entities from these areas (by the way, certain negative entities like to latch onto people with very bright auras, as they lack these and sometimes seek the light that they don’t possess).

So when you pick up a negative entity from these areas, do smudge yourself with sandalwood, sage or frankincense & myrrh incense accompanied by a “sincere and serious intention” to remove these entities from your physical body and/or auric field. Another way is to take a bath with water mixed with rock salt, black or white pepper (the grounded type) and cinnamon (if available) accompanied by the intention to remove the entity from your field.

Also, you can strengthen your aura by visualizing that you are surrounded by a “very bright silvery-white light” akin to a halo 😉 Verbally intend that this “field” will be impenetrable and secure against any negative, malevolent entity, spirit or energy.
Of course, there are certain entities that cannot just be removed by mere incense smudging or a bath of salt and cinnamon. In this case, do try to find a local traditional healer or psychic with experience in “spirit extraction”, as some shamans call the process. I myself have had a “serious case” of spirit extraction which I am going to narrate in another blog post.

Here is a link to a blog of Sarah Petruno, a shamana (female healer) who practices “spirit extraction”: http://www.sarahpetrunoshamanism.com/blog/what-is-spiritual-intrusion-extraction. There might be someone like her in your vicinity so do try to contact one if the above methods are not enough to extract and remove permanently the spirit/entity.

Q: Have you had any personal experience with Reptilians?

I: Yes and it scared the hell out of me ;). But I would reserve that story for another post 😉

Sources and for further reading:
• Alex Collier, “Defending Sacred Ground”: http://www.alexcollier.org/alex-collier-defending- sacred-ground-1996/
• Vampire Underworld: http://vampireunderworld.com/asian-vampires-types-of-vampires/
• Sarah Petruno blog: http://www.sarahpetrunoshamanism.com/blog/
• Alex Collier interview with Leading Edge: http://www.reptilianagenda.com/cont/co121099h.shtml

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  2. Charlotte says:

    Please could you link the story to this comments section?
    Q: Have you had any personal experience with Reptilians?
    I: Yes and it scared the hell out of me😉. But I would reserve that story for another post


    • Hi Charlotte! Apologies for the rather late response. I’ve written already my story about my encounter with the Reptilian and may release it as a book soon. To make sure that you get to know when the launch is, do subscribe to my feed here.:) Thanx for inquiring and have a good day!


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