How to Identify a Negative Entity in your Field

Negative entities sometimes reside in your field when you least expect it.

(Dear Reader, this would be the last in a series of articles I’ve written about negative entities – for the meantime. I hope to move on and write about more cheerful topics 😉 )

Negative entities abound in the environment whether we like it or not. But how to identify and determine whether they are in your field or aura?

It is said that you have one of these entities if you have some or all of the following symptoms or signs:

* You have unexplained bouts of depression and it is not related to having an early menopause.

* You are always tired even though you’ve had a good 8 hours sleep.

* You feel like you’re carrying an additional baggage, either small or large, but this one feels like it has sentience 🙂

* You make decisions and behaviors that are not typical of you with negative or disastrous results.

* You exhibit non-typical behavior which you cannot attribute the exact cause, e.g., suddenly wanting to eat hamburgers when you’ve always favored vegetable-based food.
* You become emotional when in the past you’re not, or reckless when previously you weren’t.
* You are repeatedly getting sick of the same sickness, e.g. fever or migraine, as if it just won’t go away — week after week after week despite constant medication. This by the way is also a symptom of being hexed or bewitched ;
* You become self-destructive for reasons you are not sure of, e.g. suddenly want to commit suicide over a petty matter; suddenly wanting to kill someone or feel like killing someone for shaming you or for arguing with you, etc.

What to do when you do positively identify the presence of a negative entity?

* Call on Higher Dimensional beings like Archangels, God, Divine Source, etc. or your spirit guide/s to help you remove the offensive entity.

* THINK LOVE. The greatest defence you have against negative entities or negative energies is to keep in mind that you are a DIVINE BEING OF LOVE. If you vibrate to the idea that you are LOVE PERSONIFIED and that all things that exist in this 3D world come from Our Creator or One Source which means it is PURE DIVINE LOVE, then no negative being or negative energy can face or bring you down.

* Now if you THINK LOVE and is full of love, therefore you eliminate FEAR in your body and in your soul. With the absence of fear in your heart and in your field, negative entities cannot harm you because you will be vibrating at a level that is above their fear-based and other negative emotions-based existence.

* Bath in a concoction of rock salt, ground black or white pepper and cinnamon. Wash it all off with tap water afterwards.

* Smudge yourself with sandalwood or sage incense, at the same time recite your intention repeatedly such as “I cleanse myself of all negative entities, spirits, beings, energies and other negative affiliations from now and forever on”.

* While smudging, you can visualize a bright field of violet flame or silvery white light coming from Divine Source or One Source and enveloping you. Intend this light to dissolve any negative entities or spirits within your field. You can also program this light to be permanently there as your “psychic shield” (admittedly, I also sometimes forget to program the psychic shield to be “permanent”, hence I tend to get these malignant spirits/entities from time to time ;)).

* If you have the opportunity, do contact a psychic healer or shaman to double-check the presence or non-presence of the negative entity after you do the above-mentioned steps – and to seek their help to remove the offending entity PERMANENTLY.

Of course, if you have been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder or ADHD or any other psychological ailment since you were a child, then it is more likely that your problem has a “physical and genetic cause” and not due to the presence of a negative entity in your field or aura. However, there are cases of people who have psychological problems since they were very young that were “healed” when they correctly identified and removed a negative entity from their field or aura which turned out was affecting their minds and emotions.

Example of such a healing is the account of Sarah Petruno, a young shaman, who cured herself of her mental problems when she utilized shamanic techniques while training to be a shaman:

Important Advice: We do still encourage people to seek the services and advice of a qualified medical doctor with regards to treating serious medical conditions and ailments.


About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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