FAQs on Personal and Planetary Ascension

Photo Source: Ascension by Eddie Van. W (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 under the Creative Commons)

Photo Source: Ascension by Eddie Van. W (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 under the Creative Commons)

(Note: Q is for Question/Questioner and S is for shamana in the making)

Q: What do you mean by “Personal Ascension” versus “Planetary Ascension”?

S: Quite a mouthful I must say. But it is a very basic and altogether, important word that New Age proponents and Lightworkers have been espousing and talking about since more than 2 decades ago.

Let’s break the concept down then. It is said that our planet Earth is existing in a three dimensional framework (three dimensional meaning a point, a line and the matter in between these 2 points on a line). But do you know that there are other planets and their inhabitants as well as beings here in Terra (Earth) who are existing in a higher than three dimensional plane?

What do higher dimensional beings and planets look like? Well in a previous blog post, I mentioned that Higher Dimensional Beings have less density in their physical form (in 5D, according to my 2nd mentor who is actually an ascended 5th dimensional being, 5D beings are actually crystalline in physical form while 3D beings like ourselves are more carbon-based or nitrogen-based, depending on the environment that they thrive). Likewise, positive 5th dimensional beings vibrate to a higher frequency and also to Love, Joy, Peace, Enlightenment, Bravery, Generosity – and all other positive emotions and ideas.

While those vibrating at a lower frequency do so to the emotions and ideas of Fear, Anger, Sadness, Jealousy, Envy, Disgust, Unforgiveness, Stubborness – and all the other negative emotions and ideas you could think of.

Raising our frequencies and becoming more Benevolent and Helpful to others jumpstart our Journey to Ascension. By virtue of our changing our “mindset and behavior” towards others by serving and helping them, we also raise our frequency thereby paving our way to moving to a higher dimensional plane, in this case, that plane is the 5th dimension. This process is technically what we call “Personal Ascension” 😉 .

“Planetary Ascension”, on the other hand, is a collective term for the raising of the frequency of the planet as well as its inhabitants – whether sentient or not. This process of Ascension is part of a natural course of any planet’s evolution. In the case of the Earth or Terra as we fondly call it, this process of “Ascension” started in 1994, according to Andromedan contactee Alex Collier, when a new sound and light frequency was detected coming out of the black holes near our solar system.

Alex explained that because of this new sound and light frequency being emitted by the black holes, the vibration or frequency of Terra is also gradually rising. As the planet itself ascends or raises its frequency, thus all of its inhabitants particularly its human inhabitants must also strive to raise their frequency to match that of the increasing frequency of the planet.

(If you’d like to know more about the process of Personal and Planetary Ascension, here is a blog post by Inelia Benz on Ascension101.com that talks about Personal Ascension and the road to 5D: https://ascension101.com/en/home/free-articles/3-february-2009/8-what-does-the-process-of-ascension-involve.html ).

Q: Why would we want to ASCEND?

S: This was one question that caught my attention for a long time. As my friend who works in a UN satellite agency told me, “Honey, there are people who are thinking positively everyday, earning money to feed their families and themselves in the midst of all the problems in the world. Why do we have to Ascend?”.

Because dear Reader, an ascended being sees the “true nature of reality, either in this world or any other world”. Vibrating at a higher frequency in 5D, you can see not only other higher dimensional beings but also forms that can’t be seen in our much dense three dimensional planet. According to my 2nd mentor, in our 3D view, our solar system has only 9 planets and 166 moons. But in a 5th dimensional plane, this goes up to more than 30 planets and countless moons. Even Jupiter becomes a sun in 5D!

Our 3D Terra now has poverty, hunger, fear, envy, jealousy, and all the wars and misunderstandings that go with it. In a higher dimensional plane like 5D, there is no fear, no hunger, no lack of goods for oneself, no envy, no competition, now wars, etc. — all are amply provided for the individual. Human beings and other entities work and serve others not just themselves, hence, there are no wars (because there is nothing to compete, quarrel or conquer over anything anymore). Since there is no competition, people go to higher schools of learning to continuously upgrade one’s knowledge in order to serve others better.

Why wouldn’t one want to live in a world where there is NO fear, NO hunger, NO pain, NO envy, NO wars, NO sadness or lack of anything else? Only LOVE AND COMPASSION are existing there 🙂

Q: How do we start the process of “Ascension”?

S: I am not an expert on this but there are resources online, a lot of them FREE, that can guide you in this topic. This blog post by Inelia Benz on Ascension101.com talks about how you can jumpstart your personal Ascension process: https://ascension101.com/home/free-articles/32-october-2010/101-ascension-and-dna-can-we-accelerate-the-process.html.

You can also buy Inelia’s Ascension 101 ecourse on her blogsite: https://ascension101.com/en/component/hikashop/product/4-ascension101-ecourse.html. However, do try to read her blog posts (I’m not being paid to endorse her website on my blog) because most of the techniques and materials for ascension are all there :)!. You could also give a small donation to her blog so Inelia can continue her work of enlightening many people about personal and planetary ascension and living from the heart.

Another empowerment guru, Christie Marie Sheldon, uses a technique that utilizes “removing the judgments” that we have on people and situations, thus raising the frequency of that person (I recommend watching this video of Christie at the Awesomeness Fest. To tell you frankly, I am using both a combination of Christie’s and that of Inelia’s techniques inorder to raise my own frequency as part of the process of Ascension.

Personally, I started my ascension process with “controlling my anger issues and inclination to judge people” – a habit I’ve acquired since my days of being a corporate rat and judging people based on their efficiency, willingness and effectivity in generating the results I need to run a successful corporation. But in 5D, there is no need for competition, nor is there a need to judge people on their effectivity to run tasks. Everyone in 5D is working on improving themselves to be better persons as well as doing their utmost best to serve others.

I also do Tibetan chanting which helps lift my spirits, keeps me centered and focused, and near to One Source (I don’t exactly know the technical explanation why Tibetan chanting lifts one’s spirits but whenever I recite the Tibetan Sanskrit mantras, everything falls into place and positive things happen, e.g. getting better when sick; protects you against black magic or negative attacks from dark forces, generates positive energy to manifest the things you’d like; etc. ;).

I also do meditation as much as I can. However, it has been exceedingly difficult to meditate lately with all the electromagnetic pollution we have around us, even outside of the cities 😦 .

Of course, the above-mentioned are not the ONLY WAYS to jumpstart your ascension process. In fact, I would assume that each person’s ascension process would be entirely unique to himself/herself. I would leave the hand-holding and the teaching of the ascension process to experts like Inelia and some of our higher dimensional, benevolent beings 😉 .

Q: How do we know if we already “ascended”?

S: As Inelia Benz explained in her blog post about ascension, “Ascension is not a location but a creation” (see this link: https://ascension101.com/en/home/free-articles/68-november-2012/286-the-5th-dimension-is-not-a-location-its-a-creation.html).

What Inelia was trying to propound is that living in the 5th dimension is actually a “state of mind”. We manifest and create our lives on a daily basis by the things that we think and focus on (I learned this from the gurus in The Secret video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMdTMrBSfd4 ). Once we manage to hone and train our minds to manifest this 5th dimensional reality, we suddenly realize that “we’re there” ;). At least this is how my 2nd mentor and some of my higher dimensional friends explained the 5th dimension to me :).

My 2nd mentor who declines to be named at this point yet ;), said that the 5th dimension also has a physicality that is sometimes hard to explain. So aside from the crystalline nature of our physical bodies and the ability to see the “true nature of reality” which includes seeing the other dimensional planes of existence, here is an article written by Jafree Ozwald that explains the signs and symptoms that you’re already ascending or are moving in a 5th dimensional plane: https://likematrix.wordpress.com/2012/12/26/the-7-signs-that-youre-entering-the-5th-dimension/.


About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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