Shamana in the making’s Favorite Reads on Ascension, UFOs, Karma & Reincarnation, Black Ops and Lightworking

Photos of my fav sources of "enlightened information", clockwise from the upper-lefthand corner: Zecharia Sitchin, Inelia Benz, Barbara Marciniak, Christie Marie Sheldon, Michael Tellinger and Alex Collier.

Photos of my fav sources of “enlightened information”, clockwise from the upper-lefthand corner: Zecharia Sitchin, Inelia Benz, Barbara Marciniak, Christie Marie Sheldon, Michael Tellinger and Alex Collier.

What are my favorite reads for researching the topics of Ascension, Karma and Reincarnation, the “real history” of the Earth and its various ET races, Black Ops and Lightworking? Here are my top choices:

* Inelia Benz’s blog, Inelia has been one of the most readable authors and lightworkers that I’ve been following for the past two years. She has written a simplified but informative primer on “how to ascend” and two books (Interview with an Alien and Interview with a Psychic Assassin) on her encounters with multidimensional beings. She has videos also on YouTube on Ascension and a host of topics that are mighty helpful for lightworkers, shamans and ordinary but spiritually-inclined readers.

* Intuitive empath Christie Marie Sheldon is a very recent fav resource person of mine on the Ascension topic. A self-empowerment guru with the ability to read your chakras and energy levels using her 3rd eye, I found out about Christie’s “Removing the Judgement” technique while researching on the internet for Ascension articles. Here is the link to her 30-minute video on “Raising Your Frequency to Change your Reality” delivered at the 2012 Awesomeness Fest in Puerto Rico: . I personally attest to her technique’s effectivity! 😉

* Another good read is Alex Collier’s book, Defending Sacred Ground”, The book talks about a host of interesting topics, such as the “real history of the Earth”— the creation of MAN from the collated DNA of 22 different extraterrestrial races over millions of Earth years, and how the Zenetae people of the Andromedan galaxy revealed to him the true nature of 3D reality. And of course not to be missed, the story of the Reptilians (we call them Rs for short) – who are they (beings from a world near the Sirius constellation), how they terra-formed the Earth and created Man as a “hybrid” from their genes and that of early man who was seeded in Terra earlier by another, more benevolent race of extraterrestrials, etc.; and how to fight back against non-benevolent extraterrestrial races.

* Zecharia Sitchin’s 12-part “Earth Chronicles” book series on the creation of Terra/Earth and the origins of humans on Terra , focusing largely on the story of the renegade planet Nibiru and how it is scheduled to visit this part of the solar system to create havoc again on the Earth and its neighboring planets:

* Barbara Marciniak’s “Bringers of the Dawn”. A long treatise (now available as an e-book) from the perspective of Pleiadan emissaries to Earth on the advent of “lightworkers” on Terra who will help usher the “ascension” of the planet to a higher dimensional plane, as well as lessons on how to work to become a 5th dimensional being. (I am still looking for a good copy of this book online. Check here later for the copy).

*James Casbolt’s e-book, “Agent Buried Alive”. A former British MI6-NSA “Super Soldier” agent talks about his harrowing experiences growing up as an “engineered baby” taken from Annunaki and Illuminati bloodlines and trained as a “Super Soldier” for British Intelligence and the NSA. Casbolt delivers a “no-holds barred” story that resembles 21st century science fiction but actually shows how the TPTB (short for “The Powers That Be”) controls most Terran humans as part of their plan to dominate the world and us as “food for the Gods”! You can read the book here (some other websites have the PDF format of his book):

*Michael Tellinger’s video, “Temples of the African Gods” talks about an ancient race of giants on the earth, the Annunnaki, who did genetic manipulation of Early Man’s genes intermixed with their alien DNA, leading to a new “slave race of humans” working the gold mines of Africa for the Annunnaki: . Interesting read, particularly when it’s been told that due to carbon-dating the site of such mining, this could have happened almost 500,000 years ago!

And more free paradigm-breaking e-books on UFOs and the exo-politics community from Expolitics Hongkong (see the link here:

How about you? Do you have a favorite e-book as well?


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