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Photo courtesy of Mike Licht, Whistler's Mommy-Blogger under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

Photo courtesy of Mike Licht, Whistler’s Mommy-Blogger under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

Okay, I’m HAPPILY back again – hopefully actively online – after an absence of almost 1 1/2 months! 🙂

You can’t imagine how happy I am to be online again after not being able to blog to you guys after SO LONG. Admittedly, it wasn’t because I was sick or depressed or anything like that which prevented me to blog. It was because I got a new part-time writing job to sustain myself and this mission of mine to start blogging for your “enlightenment” and “liberation” 😉 And despite the fact that the job was supposedly “part-time”, the work made me extend my hours finishing their stuff 😦 .

Okay, enough of the sour-griping 😉 At least I should be grateful for having a job to sustain me and place food on the table and a roof over our heads, right? 🙂 That’s what gurus of The Secret video always teach – be grateful for every “positive” thing that comes your way, no matter how little or how trivial you might think it is.

For example, I wake up every morning to thank the Creator/One Source that I’m “still alive”. No other time do I REALLY APPRECIATE this short and seemingly simple affirmation than now. This is after all the years I’ve been receiving negative energy attacks (I don’t want to call them “psychic attacks” anymore because it sounds so “sinister” and “malevolent”, you know, like I’m in a final battle between good and evil — though it might not be far from the truth – which actually reminds me of the heart-stopping final battle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort 😉 ).

So I can truly say that if I wake up alive and free from a mind-blowing migraine every morning (because they use all these cell phone towers, TV antennaes and satellite dishes from your friendly neighborhood internet or cable TV provider to send low-level electromagnetic waves to disrupt your brain patterns when you sleep see article here about how they do it), I am VERY VERY THANKFUL for The Creator/One Source for that!

So don’t EVER forget to recite your positive affirmations every morning or evening (yeh, sometimes I don’t manage to recite them to myself too, but that’s not because I forget doing it but because I’m swamped with work! But that’s not a valid excuse, according to my benevolent, higher dimensional friends 😉 )!

Let’s go on with the topic for today’s blog post.

One of the things I learned from my part-time writing work is how to make more readers read your blog posts. Now it’s been said in the content world that once your “content” or the information that you publish online is “interesting” to your readers, then they would keep coming back for more.

Well, it’s not that easy anymore 😉

In the early days of the blogging phenomenon, people like myself would just blog for the fun of it and the knowledge that you’ve shared your posts with a host of other people who share your interests. And it would be a boon if those readers actually comment on your blog because they “resonate with it” or they have vehement objections to your ideas. But now, because so many blogs get added every day (actually thousands if I remember my figures right), it is always a struggle to remain in the “top-of-mind” of your readers.

So after a few weeks in this job, I learned 4 important things that may keep your readers glued and coming back for more to your blog (actually, I learned these ideas from this article online while I was researching for something else). In other words, I’m sharing with you what I learned about the “technical side” of blogging – how to make your blog posts interesting for readers to keep coming back for more 🙂

Share Your Interests

Currently I’m listening to Bruno Mars song, “Just the Way You Are” but played by The Piano Guys 😉 . I like Bruno Mars’ songs but I don’t go gaga over them.

However, when it’s played so beautifully by The Piano Guys, I really get teary-eyed because I remember the love of my life and how I keep a picture of him just beside my bed so I am constantly reminded of how much I love him and that I will continue to love him just the way he is :).

And so if you blog, do keep in mind that you’re writing for a “human audience” with feelings and desires as well, and that audience might want to share your interests – or they want to share their interests with you. No matter how shallow your interest is, somebody might be shallower than you – and that isn’t such a bad thing! 😉

Share Your Story

We all have a story to tell, as long as we are human and living on this Earth. One of the main reasons why I started this blog, shamana-in-the-making, is to share my story of how I ended up studying to be a shaman (I still am in the process of studying though), how specific benevolent beings are helping me to attain that, and how to help Terran humans “spiritually” improve their lives on this Earth and eventually, work for their personal Ascension as well.

It’s not so much about being a shaman that I want to share but about the skills, problems and resolutions I learned and encountered to get my foot on 1st base in the long journey towards shamanism and shamanship, and the beginnings of a journey toward my own personal ascension.

Share Your Daily Life

Okay, this is the hard part of blogging about myself. I cannot share the nitty-gritty details of my entire life story online – and that’s not because I don’t want to share it to my readers/followers but because there are certain aspects of it that cannot be revealed at this time. So be patient readers – the opportune time will come 😉

So how do we get our readers engaged without giving too much away?

Write about something that is relevant, insightful and helpful to your readers! I learned this insight from hours of writing content for specific clients. And in the process of writing content, I learned something important – that your readers will keep coming back for more of the stuff that you write if they find it “relevant” to their lives, “insightful” to their knowledge and current beliefs, and “helpful” to improving their lives.
Now, there’s a 4th quality that makes your blog posts attractive or “sticky” to your readers – and that’s being “entertaining”. Isn’t it true that most of the time, we like to be entertained especially when we’re down and out or feeling low sometimes?

This is basically the reason why most of us turn to Facebook to watch cat videos or see what our friends and colleagues have been up to lately – to be informed and entertained! No problem with that. In fact, one’s writing can still be enlightening and helpful and be entertaining at the same time ;).

Let me tell you that currently, there are 3 social media platforms right now that are gaining ground on the World Wide Web among a certain demographic – US social media users and people aged 18 – 55 years old. These are Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat (see Business Insider article: ).

Image-focused social media websites are gaining ground now because practically everyone likes to see photos more than reading a lot of text-based posts (but if you harmoniously combine both, then you get a lot of interesting and “sticky” content for your readers to keep coming back for more ;).

Snapchat and Pinterest have just been around for a few years, and they are already gaining a lot of users. Instagram is also open for business opportunities and have opened an ad-base service to earn money for the site.

Personally, I haven’t used any of the 3 — no offence meant! They’re all great for networking but my line of information isn’t exactly the type you’d like to enthusiastically share at an online forum or gathering. “Hi folks! Want to know the latest techniques to prevent psychic attacks against you?”?

But the longer I think about it, the stronger I feel that one has to disseminate this kind of information in a forum or perhaps a social media platform that a lot more people can utilize the info to prevent the same negative thing happening to them. What do you think?

Share Your Desires

I want the love of my life to be here beside me ALL THE TIME! Oops 😉 sorry, got carried away folks! 😉

Seriously, if you’re sharing your desires and wants with the rest of your readers, you will most likely get repeat visits from them. Why? Because you’re showing to them that despite all the obstacles and the incredible, almost science fiction stories you’re dishing out in your blog, you’re as “human” and “vulnerable” as any person here on the planet.

I started my blog only a few months ago because I want to share my experiences with the world – and I want my readers to learn not just how to cope with all of these challenges in our 3D world, but how to make it a better place – by starting first with ourselves. As I had blogged before, “we must vibrate to a frequency that will keep us higher and free of fear than those who aspire to bring us down. Once we have surpassed that, we can help others as well.”

And that’s it folks! Hope you learned something today :). Now if you have other ideas that can help make your blog posts more attractive to readers, do share with us on the Comments section below.

Have fun and stay tuned guys!


About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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