Our Holographic Universe and the Truth about Our 3D Reality

The Holographic Universe and the Nature of 3D Reality

Man sees and senses 3D Earth as a “holographic universe”.


Perhaps you have encountered sometime and somewhere in your readings this particular assumption by some lightworker, ufologist or proponent of an alternative view of the Earth’s creation, a theory that our world today is “just a hologram”. That the world we see today is “not real” and that by meditating and/or raising our frequency, we can open our 3rd eye and see the “true nature of reality”.

What is a hologram or a holographic universe? I’m no physicist nor am I a scientist to adequately explain what a hologram is. But from the limited information I know, a hologram is a representation of what is perceived as a 3D construct or 3D item or entity. In short, it is not a physical representation but more of a visual/auditory or in short, sensory representation of a thing, person, situation, location, etc.

If I were to explain a hologram through the ordinary experience of popular culture, picture the character Neo in his blue-colored rendition of Earth, and the green codes that replete his world when he is inside the Matrix in the science-fiction/adventure movies “The Matrix” and “Matrix: Reloaded”. That whole world, the Matrix universe, is a hologram or a holographic universe.

Andromedan contactee Alex Collier in his book, “Defending Sacred Ground”, talked about our world as a “holographic universe” just like in the Matrix movies. That’s because under quantum physics, all of us humans, including plants, animals, inanimate objects like buildings, buses, etc., actually are “beings or objects of energy”, vibrating at a certain frequency. Just like what Morpheus said in The Matrix, “Man is a single cell battery”.

It has not been easy to change perspective or to “convince” your logical mind that the “beings” you see and talk to frequently are ascended masters or benevolent, higher dimensional beings whose main concern is to educate you to the “true meaning of reality”. Our reality now which is what we see, feel, touch, hear, taste or sense with all of our five senses in this planet called Earth is “not real”. Our world is a holographic universe, and we are the ones that are creating it.

Everything is made up of energy; all of us – the trees, rocks, crystals, skyscrapers, your office tools, your office, the pavement, even you – all of these are made up of energy. If you take a single cell from your skin and put it under a microscope and view the components of that single skin cell, you will notice that at the most basic element of that cell is a mass of twirling and gyrating atoms and molecules – the building blocks of energy. We are basically a mass of pulsating energy!

And that energy is malleable in such a way that we can manifest it. As the founder and teacher of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha said, “All that we are and all that we do are created by OUR MIND”. Our jobs, our house, our job promotion, our very understanding Boss, our wicked stepmother, our two-timing boyfriend, the neighbor from hell – all of those are manifested and continue to be manifested by the “thoughts we think” and “our feelings” toward these people, situations – basically everything that we focus on here on Terra.

So if our Universe, the Earth and ourselves are supposedly holograms, who made them?

Well , Alex Collier quoted in his book, “Defending Sacred Ground”, that two of his Andromedan contactees, Morenae and Vissaeus, said that modern man now is the result of the intermingling of the DNA of 22 different extraterrestrial species. Twenty-two species! Quite a number!

But the one that takes the icing on the cake is that the genus Homo Sapiens was an intermingling of Reptilian DNA (Reptilians or what we playfully call the “Rs”, are highly technologically-advanced, lizard-looking entities from the constellation of Alpha Draconis) and that of early man. And of course, 21 different other extraterrestrial species added to the gene pool which created modern man right now.

Alex also said that there are extraterrestrial beings, including that of the Reptilians, who can create a whole solar system and move planets and planetoids from one place to another in the galaxy using advanced technology they developed and have been using not only for thousands but millions of years!

One other thing that Alex mentions in his talks all around the US is that the Rs took away 10 of our 12-DNA strand to keep a leash on what we can do. Basically, we used to be of a higher dimension, about the 11th dimension. My spirit guide and ascended being guides tell me that the Rs saw in our future a possibility of being great, and therefore, to keep the whole Terran human species docile and compliant, they took out 10 of our 12 strand DNA.

But then, starting in March 23, 1994, a whole new color and sound frequency came from the black holes in our galaxy. This new color and sound frequency is said to usher the raising of the frequency of the planet and all its inhabitants into the 5th dimension.

Therefore, it is inevitable that we will also ascend into something higher, conjectured to be the 5th dimension. But the gifted and Arcturian contactee Inelia Benz said that starting last 2011, there was a polarity in our universe, a splitting of our world into a “positive, light dimension” and a “negative or dark dimension”. Those who are destined to ascend will drift off into the positive, progressive world/dimension while those who have a hard time becoming benevolent or disinclined or not willing to raise one’s frequency will stay with the negative dimensional plane of Earth (here is the complete text of Inelia’s blog post on “The Splitting of the Worlds”: https://ascension101.com/pl/home/free-articles/97-september-2014/467-the-spliting-of-the-worlds-coming-to-a-planet-near-you.html).

Let me emphasize here then, in the light of what Alex and Inelia have propounded, that only WE can decide to follow the dark or the light paths that are before us. There is no other person or entity who can decide that for us. We can be influenced by others, we can be enlightened by others on which path to take but the final decision to be made on our destinies comes from US!

So let us now strive to be benevolent and think positive to generate happiness and contentment on this Earth and also to help us ascend to a higher dimensional Earth plane.

About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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