2016 is My Year of Achieving the Impossible!

The future looks bright! I want to tackle this mountain in front of me ;). Photo courtesy of Unsplash.
The future looks bright! I want to tackle this mountain in front of me ;). Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

It’s the fifth day of 2016. And like the first few days of every year, I do my ritual of writing my goals and affirmations for the year.

Except this year is a “pretty special” one to me 🙂 .

About 5 months ago, I started writing this blog focusing on events and occurrences that happened and continue to happen to me for the past 2 years or so.

I wrote about how I came into the vocation of shamanism as a calling and a way to understand, study and work with the spirit and spiritual world, to understand my “intuitive gifts” and how to use them to help humanity, to share my knowledge of spiritual topics that I’ve been studying for 2 decades now, and to help others like myself to cope with the dark forces that continue to haunt and oppress me up to this day.

But at the same time, I made a commitment to help enlighten people about the “true nature of reality” so they can make informed choices about how to proceed and continue harmoniously and happily with their lives in this 3D world, or work towards ascending to a benevolent, 5th dimensional plane.

I’m not sure if I managed to enlighten people at this point. But I hope I’ve been able to share some valuable information that would help those who are also experiencing the same kind of “challenges” and dilemmas I’ve had in the past 2 years or so.

My Fav Rituals during the New Year

In the past, I used to go to a fortuneteller at the end of the year or in the first half of the 1st month of the New Year. This year and same as last year, I decided not to go to one.
Why? I realized that we create our own destinies, no matter how difficult the path may be, and how the fortuneteller is only there to foretell and advise you about your fortunes ahead.

Mind you, I don’t downplay the work and advice of astrologers/fortunetellers/psychics. I just want to say that fortunetellers are there to give much needed advice and guidelines – but most of the hard work and the execution to make it work still rests on YOU.

Let me narrate to you my personal experience of divine and astral intervention. I suppose you’ve heard of the effects of a “mercury retrograde”? Well, a mercury retrograde is a certain period/s of the year wherein the planet mercury is said to rule the heavens by creating pandemonium, particularly in areas of our life dealing with communication and new beginnings .

During a mercury retrograde, astrologers and fortunetellers usually advice most individuals not to engage in anything new, like starting a new job, moving into or buying a new house, launching a new business, etc.

Well, during last October’s (2015) mercury retrograde, I managed to clinch a new writing job, despite knowing about the dangers of starting anything new during a mercury retrograde. Well guess what? The job I clinched didn’t last.

Was it really true that a mercury retrograde has an astral effect or impact on your career and life? As I pondered upon my misfortune, I realized that it might not have been the planets that had a negative impact upon my career but the “knowledge” that a mercury retrograde could bring into your life.

In short, I let “fear” get into the equation (by the way, another mercury retrograde starts today as we speak 😉 ).

Goal #1 in 2016: Elimination of Fear – Totally!

This is one of the hardest lessons that we need to learn again and again and again, if need be, and if we are to survive the perils of our 3D reality.

Much of our life here in our 3D world involves navigating around FEAR. Fear that we can’t hang onto our jobs, FEAR that our husband or wife or boyfriend might philander, FEAR that we can’t make enough to feed and clothe our family, etc.

Remember that I talked about the Rs building this empire of theirs on Earth by capitalizing on the presence and generation of FEAR among humans (see my previous introductory article on the Reptilian race here: https://shamanainthemaking.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/faqs-on-negative-entities/).

The common problem is most of us, admittedly including myself, just navigate around our FEARS. We run around them, we avoid them, we pooh-pooh them – even pretend that they don’t exist!
True and total elimination of our fears from our lives can only be done with harboring love in our hearts. My 1st mentor Riana taught me that once we have unconditional love in our hearts, it automatically eliminates our direst fears.

Goal #2: Live from the Heart

This used to be a tall order from me before just because I used to focus more on the ME and not on the OTHERS. But after I “woke up” to my true calling a few years ago, I promised my mentors I will live basically from the heart. And to do this, one must always be “thinking and working” to be of service to others all or most of the time.

Goal#3: Forgiveness must start 1st with YOURSELF!

I have a sad story about FORGIVENESS. In the not so distant past, I have these two friends who I was trying to help get out of their depression. The 1st one had issues like myself – being constantly tormented by unfortunate past incidents which led to bouts of depression.

The 2nd one was pretty recent and it involved the person not being able to cut the mental and spiritual cords with her experiences of being abused as a child.

I knew that there was a lot of forgiveness that needed to be done before both of my friends could “move on” to the next chapter of their lives. But they failed to do so – and I felt so miserable not being able to help them elevate themselves from their misery.

The lesson learned here is that one has to start 1st to FORGIVE ONESELF before you can help others forgive themselves. And I had my issues at that time too – but I wasn’t aware that I had issues about forgiving myself first – or that there was a need to forgive myself at all!

So that will be my GOAL for 2016 – continue to forgive and be kind to myself so we can help others with their forgiveness issues too!

Goal #4: Stop Judging People!

The practice of passing judgment against someone who we dislike and consider sometimes “wicked”, “bad” or “inferior” to us has been pointed out by intuitive life coach Ms. Christie Sheldon as keeping us from vibrating to a higher frequency akin to the 5th dimension. But once I heard about this problem among Terrans, then I vowed to be mindful of not judging people so easily, in fact, not at all. It lowers our vibration and prevents us from ascending.

The Impossible List

In the course of researching stuff for articles I wrote last year, I serendipitously read about a guy named Joel Runyon who started what he called an “Impossible List” – and the movement that was born out of that.

According to Joel, he stopped doing a “possible list” of things he wanted to do every year because he knew he was going to do them anyway. So, he thought about making an “Impossible List” of things he wanted to do wherein the idea was to challenge oneself to gain and achieve something that was considered “impossible” by you.

So Joel drafted his “impossible list” which he continuously updates up to now. It included traveling to several countries, setting up charities along the way and in the countries he visited, learning to do extreme sports and other things etc. that he thought he couldn’t do.

And the response from those who heard and read about his blog was phenomenal! Everyone also wanted to write their “impossible list”!

Why you need an “Impossible List”?

All of us need an impossible list! All of us need to be constantly challenged by almost impossible things. Because once we become too comfortable with our lot and do the “possible” all the time, we don’t or hardly grow – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, even physically. We don’t reach out to try new things or other things.

We must go beyond our comfort zone and excel at what we love to do best.

So let me tell you now some of the things I included in my “Impossible List for 2016 and beyond” which I used to think were “totally or almost impossible” to do:

Eliminate fear from our everyday lives and live from the heart!
• Live & breathe in “Serving others before Self”!
• Work hard on my “ascension goals” while serving others in the next 2 years 🙂
• Enlighten as many people through my blog about the “true nature of reality”, the splitting of the worlds, the elimination of FEAR as well as living from the heart as the way to improve themselves spiritually and eventually, if they are also willing, to ASCEND to the 5th dimension
• Reach out to like-minded individuals in specialty forums and other public fora
• Continuously practise and enhance my “gifts” and other budding PSI abilities ALWAYS in the service of others
• Work with my shaman mentor and spiritual advisers on studying Shamanism and the tools used by a good shamana
• Help/Support private sector citizens and non-profit groups/organizations to achieve complete “Disclosure of UFO-related information and incidents”, including its impact on ordinary Terran citizens

And for my “Possible list”, here goes the exceedingly short one:

• Be patient with others and especially myself when everything else is going downhill.
• Be less judgmental; understand other persons’ point of view.

To know more about Joel Runyon and how to start your own “Impossible List”, see here: http://impossiblehq.com/do-something-impossible-or-go-home/

How about you – do you have any other interesting affirmations or recommendations about drafting your Impossible List for 2016?

Author: shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!

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