3 Things I Learned to Manifest Our Intended Reality

We create our own reality. What we conceive, we can achieve.

We create our own reality. What we conceive, we can achieve.

For almost the past 2 ½ years, I’ve been learning and relearning a lot of things that probably upended or changed almost 360° my view of our 3D world. As I have discussed in previous blog posts, one of the more challenging perspectives I have had to contend with was the “true nature of our reality”.

But what is our reality other than that which we generate and visualize every day of our lives? If you’ve been watching “The Secret” DVD movie, reality is what we focus our “thoughts and feelings” everyday. The more we focus our thoughts on the “unpalatable, the gritty, the imperfect part of society, even our lives which includes the people we dislike, the corrupt system of government such as what we have in my country, the lack of jobs, etc.”, the more the problem or situation becomes bigger – and the worse and miserable and hopeless we feel about it.

So how can we generate and manage our intended reality? Let me outline 3 ways by which we can manifest a “positive, abundant reality” for all of us in 2016.

Technique #1: Learn to Connect the Dots!

I believe that everything happens for a reason. If you don’t get the reason or lesson initially, then you will eventually. And then, you will be able to connect the dots to every incident that happens to you.

It might sound a bit juvenile. It might be what other people call “serendipity”. But as Steve Jobs mentioned in his keynote speech at the 2005 Stanford University Graduation ceremonies (this is where I got this idea, by the way ;), you may not appreciate what’s happening to you now but you will eventually understand why all these are happening to you and “connect the dots” eventually.

I will cite as an example my experience last year of briefly getting a writing job and losing it in a couple of months. Of course, when I was given the news, I was initially pretty upset and mad at the client for demanding such an unreasonable work output/load.

But eventually, things started clicking into place. Because part of the job entailed research on different self-help topics, I managed to learn a lot more on how to hone my craft of writing than before I took the job.

Like what Steve Jobs narrated in his Stanford speech, wherein he got the idea of how to make the most creative typefaces for his Macintosh computers out of studying Calligraphy as an elective subject when he was a student at Harvard College, I realized that if I didn’t get that job, I wouldn’t have learned and honed my writing more.

Sometimes, bad things and events do happen to us because we eventually end up with something better or even more advantageous to us than expected.

Now isn’t that great? Of course it is! 🙂 Now let’s proceed to technique #2 . . .

Technique #2: Eliminate the Tendency to Judge!

“Our judgments can limit what we pull into our reality.” – Christie Marie Sheldon

Energy healer and Intuitive empath Christie Marie Sheldon has lectured consistently in her “Unlimited Abundance seminars” that to manifest a positive reality, one has to stop judging people and situations, including yourself.

Christie said that the act of judging actually lowers our vibrations, making us less inclined to be able to manifest what we want in life because we are weighed down by all these negative judgments.

One of the things she recommends to enable us to do away with our judgments is to go around for a week with a bunch of index cards. Each judgment that we make of people, situations, even ourselves, we should write down in these index cards. After a week, you are asked to review what you’ve written in the index cards and “rephrase” them to sound more positive, forgiving and benevolent (source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuM678WXs0c).

So let’s take for example the negative perception and relationship I’ve had with my neighbor. Every time I go down my apartment and sees him hanging their clothes out to dry, my blood boils because he’s supposed to be this locally elected councilor working at the local municipal hall. But he’s here at his home, doing the laundry 2/3rds of the time and worse, throwing his non-biodegradable trash in the vacant lot of our neighbor next door.

Of course, that includes taking out the “name-calling” from your speech and vocabulary, which means calling your neighbor names is certainly out of the question, no matter how true the accusations are 🙂 This means we really have to be patient, understanding and forgiving about the people we dislike – and eliminate altogether the inclination to dislike people! We need to live and work straight from the heart.

Technique #3: Take a Perception/ Perspective Shift

In my past blog posts, I just used to mention some idea or technique I picked up or learned from some guru, energy healer or spiritual adviser and put a link on it. After 5 months of doing the exercise or technique myself, I can now say I have a bit of experience using the technique myself and perhaps you, dear reader, can learn something from my experience and be inspired to use it for your own benefit (with proper attribution of course to the original creator/inventor of such an idea/technique;)).

I picked up this technique again from Christie Marie Sheldon (yes, I’m a great fan of hers and I do endorse/vouch for the effectivity and practicality of her teachings! And no, I’m not being paid to endorse her ;)).

So this is how the technique goes. If you have had abundance issues before, let’s say, you’ve always had a negative and fatalistic view about acquiring money. All Christie recommends you to do is to make a “conscious perception/perspective” about your attitude towards money.

So for instance, if you always think “I am almost always broke and out of money”, then you can rephrase it to, “I am so grateful and happy that I have so much money in my life!”. By making a “conscious perception shift” and saying this positive affirmation over and over like a mantra several times a day, one “unblocks” all these energy blocks that keep us from manifesting the abundance, including money, that we can generate in our daily lives.

A truly effective “perception shift” means working from the heart and involves a 3-point process. We not just shift our thoughts (mind) from a negative to a positive perception, we also involve our heart by sending feelings of love, joy, forgiveness, peace and tranquility where there was utter dislike, hatred, loathing, anger and anxiety before.

The 3rd component of this “perception shift” involves an immediate follow thru after the shift by reciting that intention or affirmation in place. In short, do something “productive” after you’ve expressed or decided to make that “perception shift”.

Draft a list of things you want to be or do this year. This is a great time of the year to do just that. Write your “Impossible List” and see how many “impossible things” you promised to do and include in your list.

Now try to execute your impossible list gradually but diligently throughout the year. It would be fun to do that because you will do something that is “proactive”, including manifesting things like ABUNDANCE, POSITIVITY and BENEVOLENCE to come into your life 🙂 .

So do manage consciously your thoughts, feelings and actions – and you’ll be able to bring in all the wonderful things you’ve always wanted in your life this 2016.

How about you – what do you intend to do to manifest the life you’ve always wanted this 2016? Do you have any tips that worked for you to do this in the past? Share it with us in the comments section below!

Note: I actually have a 4th technique to manifest your intended reality – but I’ll share that in another blog post since it merits a separate article for itself. It’s a bit “revolutionary”— learned about it for some time now. I’m just trying to gather the data to effectively share the technique with you guys 😉 !

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