Love and Abundance – Tools to Hack the Matrix!

Once we learn to connect with Love & Abundance, we can manifest our desires and wants. We literally have the Universe at our fingertips and we can Hack the Matrix! Photo of the Andromeda Galaxy beside the Milky Way Galaxy care of Creative Commons.

Once we learn to connect with Love & Abundance, we can manifest our desires and wants. We literally have the Universe at our fingertips and we can Hack the Matrix! Photo of the Andromeda Galaxy beside the Milky Way Galaxy care of Creative Commons.

As a budding lightworker and a shaman in training (okay, I’m a bit behind on the shaman training admittedly ;), we constantly face a lot of challenges – very 3D challenges!

The 2 challenges that I have to face every day is how to keep my vibration up all the time and be LOVE or be in the spirit of love every single moment. Keeping up your vibration means “being happy, tranquil, joyful, peaceful and most of all, serving more your fellowmen than yourself”. By being these, any challenge, problem or issue sent your way are easily surmounted or addressed.

Shamana in the making would like to believe that this is easy to do but the reality is, it takes a lot of preparation, as Vishen Lakhiani, CEO and founder of MindValley said, “conditioning your mindset” is the way to address these challenges.

So unabashedly, I’d like to mention 2 tools for “Hacking the 3D Matrix” that I learned care of the MindValley videos I occasionally watch and a lady named Christie Marie Sheldon that I keep referring in several of my blog posts (again, I’d like to emphasize that Christie does not pay me to mention her name incessantly but because her techniques are so “impactful” and practical, I always mention them here).

The Need to Hack the Matrix

Before I explain the tools, I will have to briefly explain first what I mean by “Hacking the Matrix”. Personally, “Hacking the Matrix” to me means sifting through all the BS and the glitter they put on our “gilded cage” — the world that you are seeing and living in now – and looking at it with “fresh, naked eyes” like a baby’s. As Morpheus explained to Neo what the Matrix is in the movie “The Matrix”, he said, “It is the veil that is put over your eyes” so as not to see what is actually, genuinely there.

Rather high-fluting explanation, huh! So then you may ask, “So you’re saying that the world we are seeing and living in now is “fake”?

Not totally fake guys 😉 The forest, trees, mountain, job, noodles you ate at the corner stand, museum you visited this morning – even your family, colleagues and friends you meet, talk and work with everyday are REAL. But the circumstances you find yourself in, the work that you go to everyday, the car crash that you had to endure today when the car in front of you suddenly stopped running, the birds that fly past your window everyday and roost in the rice field in front of your house – those can be manipulated by The Powers that Be (TPTB).

Which means if the TPTB are pissed off with you, then they make your life a living hell 😉

So, for some time, I’ve been figuring out how to cope with these challenges as well as the negative energy that is sent by TPTB to us every minute of the day, care of these electronic transmitters and appliances our homes and offices cannot do without. And this is what I learned from all that cogitating.

Let me explain to you how to use LOVE & ABUNDANCE as tools to keep your vibration up and hack the Matrix.

One of the things that I learned from my 2 Earth-bound mentors is that you don’t need to attach yourself to MONEY or even make it as the “BE ALL & END ALL OF YOUR EXISTENCE” every time. Hence, here we are living a simple country life compared to the life & lifestyle I used to live in the big city.

But as months passed and the months became years, it was pretty obvious that without MONEY, we cannot even do the things we were supposed to do when sent down here on Terra. I myself, have already simplified my lifestyle, including getting rid of all or almost all the clothes, jewelry (I just own costume jewelry anyway), shoes, bags, etc.

Fortunately, I saw the videos of Christie Marie Sheldon on Unblocking Your Abundance Blocks. It was, I would say, “Creator-sent” 😉

In the past, I featured here Christie’s “Removing the Judgment Technique”. This technique has helped me do away with a lot of resentment and anger against people I dislike – things that actually hinder us from raising our frequency similar to 5th dimensional beings. Now, we need to “breathe and live ABUNDANCE”?

Unblock your Abundance Blocks

How? In anUnblock your Abundance” online session last Jan 12 which garnered almost 10,000 people for the clearing session, we learned how to identify these “abundance blocks”, the circumstances on why we created them and how to remove them. By going through a trance state and guiding the online group through a 30-minute meditation exercise, Christie managed to help this vast number of people to remove their abundance blocks which might even have been put into place by no less than us since we were in our mother’s womb.

I found out I acquired my “abundance blocks” as early as age 2 – from my mother and my grandmother! At age 2, I overheard conversations between my mother and my grandmother about money and the scarcity of it. My mother was a housewife and although she graduated from college, it was difficult for a young couple to make ends meet at that time.

At the age of 4, I further cemented this block in my psyche by constantly hearing my mother talk about how difficult it is to earn money and that anyone who aspires to a sizable chunk of it has to “work hard and long for it”. This information stuck in my brain for decades and contributed to a repeated pattern of earning lots of money and losing it – until I started doing Abundance and Love meditations!

Of course, this is debunked by the mere fact that we are born ABUNDANT. It’s only this “mindset” of people that make them almost literally crawl and slave away through everyday life, feeling and believing that money can only be had by sheer back-breaking, mind-pounding, health-deteriorating “hard work”. If this is the life that you’re leading now, STOP and take stock of what you are thinking and feeling – and have a look at this recent video of Christie teaching how to “unblock your Abundance blocks”:

How to Dissolve the Blocks

Once you identified your abundance blocks, it is time for you to dissolve them. To do this, I usually recommend going to your “private space”. This could be in a quiet room in your house, a temple, a church, etc, or even under a grove of trees or beside the beach.

There are several chakras in the body but the more popular ones are 7: Root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, 3rd eye (ajna) chakra and the crown chakra. The 8th chakra is located 1-2 feet above the crown chakra, outside of the body, and is popularly known as the "Seat of the Soul", the divine link we have with The Creator. Photo courtesy of

There are several chakras in the body but the more popular ones are 7: Root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, 3rd eye (ajna) chakra and the crown chakra. The 8th chakra is located 1-2 feet above the crown chakra, outside of the body, and is popularly known as the “Seat of the Soul”, the divine link we have with The Creator. Photo courtesy of

In this space, I follow up on what Christie teaches us to do which is to close your eyes and “connect to the light”. Connecting to the light can come in all forms. In my case, I visualize this pillar of very bright silvery-white light coming down from the heavens and passing through the top of my head where my 8th chakra is (this chakra is located 2 feet above the top of the head and is popularly known as the Seat of the Soul).

I also make it easier for me to meditate in a serene moment by observing my breathing in and out of my body.

Now, visualize this bright light passing through your brain/mind, your eyes, your throat, and every important meridian and organ of your body. Another pillar of light comes up from the ground and enters through the soles of your feet going upwards to your Base Chakra (located at the base of your spine), your Sacral Chakra (sex organs), Solar Plexus chakra and going upwards to meet the light coming down from your Crown Chakra.

Once these 2 pillars of light meet each other somewhere in the middle of your torso, you are both empowered from the top and grounded from the bottom or the base of the Earth. In this space, you can delete or add anything that is or will soon be detached from your psyche.

To get a better idea of what I’m talking about and to practise this technique, check Christie’s video in the link indicated above.
To view Christie’s 1st video of “removing the judgment” at the Awesomeness Fest in Costa Rica, nosey over to here: .

LOVE is All that Matters

The 2nd tool to hack the Matrix is LOVE. Pure, simple LOVE! Love of Oneself, Love of Others, Love of your Enemies. Love of All Benevolent Beings. Let me explain how this works.

Just the other day, I opened up my email Inbox and found tons of messages from a fellow blogger of mine in the blogosphere – Liz Connors of Well I’m in Liz’s email list, and so lately, she has been fired up in writing and sending impactful blog posts and giving occasional “gifts of the spirit” to her readers.
One particular Christmas and New Year gift she sent was an e-book entitled “Self-Care Guide“. It was a simple e-book on providing practical self care to lightworkers, nicely formatted with a couple of warm, homey photos on the cover page.

And I started reading it, finding it very informative. One and a half minutes into the e-book, I realized that I could relate to it because it addresses the concerns I had that day, and these were how could we provide self-care and LOVE for ourselves when we are sometimes too concerned on providing help and care to those we believe need it most?

Two minutes into the e-book, I had this amazing feeling, an outpouring of LOVE that I couldn’t at first explain or trace the origin. And then it dawned on me that it was coming from Liz’s book. Yes, the book itself radiates LOVE and it was, from my awareness, a work of LOVE from Liz to those who could benefit from its uplifting and heartwarming information.

And this is the truth and realization that I had that day – we can give LOVE to people we don’t even know through simple blog posts, e-books and videos that we send through the internet. This is why even in the last Abundance talk that Christie delivered last Jan 12, she said we can change our lives and others as well by listening to her video.

And it’s true – I do feel a great outpouring of LOVE when Christie talks about her “Unblocking the Abundance” and “Removing the Judgment” techniques in her videos.

But this was the first time I was getting and feeling LOVE through a simple article/e-book made by Liz.

Our world is really amazing. Words and photos have power over lives. That is why it is important that when we share information to people, we should share something benevolent, uplifting and useful to them. Because those people can feel our LOVE no matter how far or remote they are.

So Liz, a million thanks to your e-book on Self-Care! It really brought LOVE and happiness to me that day 🙂 . And as I said in the beginning of my article, LOVE & ABUNDANCE are the 2 tools we can use to Hack the Matrix!

To read more of Liz’s posts and her efforts to help people improve themselves spiritually and emotionally, as well as read her e-books, just visit her website:

What do you think about our Hacking the Matrix technique? Do you have your own unique tips to hack the matrix? Share in the comments section below.


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