Change Your Reality with Another Future Part II: The Technique of Jumping Timelines

According to The Hathors, our mind is so powerful that we can change our future.

According to The Hathors, our mind is so powerful that we can change our future.

“What if all of this is a dream and when we die, we wake up?”

I write this now not to discuss more about the reality that we are in, or how current doomsayers and prophets are talking and preaching about how the Earth is moving towards the extinction of several species, including ours. Just the other day, I read online that the West African rhino has been officially declared “extinct” due to severe hunting by man.

Which species is bound next to follow the way of the African rhino and the dodo?

We can change our future, both individually and collectively. We don’t have to settle for a world that many are predicting to collapse by the turn of the century – or earlier!

So how do we do this?

Changing our Future with Another Future Reality

The concept of changing our future by replacing it with another future – a future that we will be happy living in and bringing to fruition was mentioned by my 2nd mentor not so long ago, when I was very new in the lightworking field and was training extensively under him.

He told me that we are not totally helpless to mould our future the way we want it to be. We are “creators of our future” by intending and believing it!

He mentioned this concept because I was constantly lamenting about how the TPTB (The Powers that Be) always sends negative energy and barbs my way – and I assume, a host of other people are also victims of their nefarious ways.

Mentor #2 impressed upon me that we can change that reality, that feeling of being helpless to the machinations of TPTB to one wherein we emerge triumphant and free from their taunts. The way to do this is to “intend and believe” that we are not and will never be “victims of our fears” and of our current situation.

Of course, other healers and self-empowerment gurus have also propounded the above idea – and I commend them for that. However, as I was researching through the Internet one time, I found this other author and lightworker who professed a “similar” way of changing your current timeline into a different, more positive one.

His name is Tom Kenyon and he is an established musician who later became a famous psychotherapist using sounds to heal patients. His practice was further enhanced when he had a strange “life-changing experience” that involved extraterrestrial contact with The Hathors, “a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings (from the Sirius star system) who were connected to ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures of the Earth.”

The Hathors appeared to Tom and relayed to him several important messages for the upliftment of the human race. One of these messages was the ability of humans to change or shift their current timeline into another timeline (Tom channeled this message in an article he wrote entitled, “The Art of Jumping Timelines” (

Let me cite from his article about the technique or process of “Jumping or Shifting Timelines” (a “timeline” in this sense, means the current reality or track you are in). The basic concept here introduced by The Hathors through Tom was that humans can move from one timeline to another if they so wished. For instance, if the timeline they are in is one of doom and gloom, then they can “intend” to shift their timeline to one which is positive, prosperous and beneficial to them.

The process is also similar to what my 2nd mentor taught me about changing your future reality — through intention and feeling!

The Hathors’ Technique of Jumping Timelines

“The fundamental principle for jumping timelines,” says the Hathors, involves 5 important steps executed with full intention:

1) You identify the timeline you wish to move into.
2) You shift your vibrational state to match the timeline.
3) You lock in the vibrational state so it does not waver.
4) You take an action that is an expression of the new timeline.
5) Persevere.

Before we tackle this process step-by-step, let me explain first the basic principle of jumping timelines. There are 2 tools by which you can jump/shift timelines a.k.a. “change your current reality” into a more positive, benevolent one. This involves both your “will” which involves your “unwavering intention” and your “positive feeling” to move determinedly into that reality. One without the other doesn’t make the process work.

With both thought and feeling – as some of the gurus in the movie “The Secret” teach too — one can start shifting timelines.

Like what my 2nd Mentor taught me before, your current situation is a “matter of your choosing”. Choose to be in a future reality that liberates you from the shackles of your current prison. You can choose to be either a “victim” of your current circumstances, or opt to be in a future reality where you are liberated from your current prison — the prison of your choosing — and live a happier, more abundant, fear-free and therefore, more fulfilling life!

Step 1: Identify the Timeline

Obviously you would want to shift into a timeline that is much better, positive, benevolent or abundant to the one you are in right now. So let’s say for example that you would like to change your current reality of always being broke. Definitely you would want to be abundant all the time, not only financially but in other aspects of your life, such as your love life, your relationship with your colleagues, superiors, friends, your career, etc.

Intend the timeline that you would like to occur. This is where your visualization skills are put to good use.

Visualize that reality that you would like to manifest. Be specific with what you visualize, for instance, in that particular timeline, you own a beautiful, spacious house. Visualize an image of an ideal house that you’d like to move in, or the ideal car you’d like to own, or the kind of job you’d like to have – even the type of person your boss and colleagues you’d like to relate to in that future job of yours.

Step 2: Shift your vibrational state to match the timeline

If you are to shift to another timeline, the Hathors recommended a timeline of “loving kindness”. How to shift your vibration? If you’ve been following my previous post about Christie Marie Sheldon’s talk on “Changing your Frequency to Change your Reality”, one vibrates higher by thinking and feeling positive thoughts and emotional states, such as love, joy, peace, tranquility, enlightenment, etc.

Start your day with expressing your thanks to The Creator for being alive and well. Be grateful for the things that you received and continue to receive. Then follow that with positive affirmations that will strengthen your resolve to be in that positive state.

By constantly thinking happy, positive thoughts, one shifts one’s vibration to match the timeline that one is targeting.

Step 3 & Step 4: Lock in the vibrational state so it does not waver, &
Take an action that is an expression of the new timeline

I combined these 2 steps together because I believe one is the result or the cause of the other.

Locking in the vibrational state of positivity and happiness is sometimes difficult for most of us, me included 😉 Why? Because of all the stimuli around us. One day we wake up feeling happy and confident about our truth, our intended timeline, and 3 hours later, we hit a snag and got angry and resentful because our Boss got mad at us or we burned the kitchen dinner for our family or we received a letter of foreclosure for our house.

Step 5: Persevere

This is the time when we must “persevere” by doing either or all of the following:

* Keep feeling positive or feel that positive emotion in you so as to lock the vibration in your psyche. Your capacity to feel is the ultimate tool for you to maintain that vibration in the new timeline.

*Be constantly grateful and thankful of the good things that come your way, and if there are bad things/occurrences that happen, acknowledge the incident and look for the lesson in that incident.

As one of The Secret movie gurus mentioned before, there is always a lesson to be learned from each unfortunate incident we encounter.

* Take an action that could be a result or leads to the new timeline. This speeds up the incidence of your new timeline occurring faster.

For instance, you’d like to land a job in a new industry or field that you have been reading about. Definitely sitting alone in the dark in your room and wishing that you could have that new job is not going to speed up the process. But if you started reading up on the internet on how does one land a job in that industry, and even making a few phone calls to friends who are knowledgeable about that kind of a job, or even participating in a forum for newbies in that kind of an industry will hasten the probability of you landing a new job in your targeted industry.

As the Hathors said, “making choices” that vibrate with the new timeline and persevering in this new timeline “despite sensory information to the contrary” will help shift you to the new timeline/reality.

Now, is it possible to live in heaven while others are living in torment?, asked the Hathors. The Hathors instructed Tom Kenyon that it is possible to be living a different timeline from the one being lived by others around you. As discussed earlier, one’s reality is just “a matter of choice”; what you think becomes your reality! Therefore, think positive thoughts all the time.

And so my post now will end with that note: persevere and persevere with INTENTION and always in the state of LOVE!

So, will you try out our new technique? Let me and others know how it goes by sharing it in the comments section below.


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