Intend your Twin Flame! – a Post-Valentine’s Day Guide to Finding the Love of Your Life

Twin Souls gravitate towards each other even when they're miles apart, and find each other across time and space. Photo courtesy of Josephine Wall (

Twin Souls gravitate towards each other even when they’re miles apart, and find each other across time and space. Photo courtesy of Josephine Wall (

This post was inspired by a question of a dear friend yesterday on how does she find the love of her life, specifically her Twin Flame/Soul?

I am hardly an expert on matters of the heart. In fact, prior to meeting my Twin Flame/Soul, I had just a few spotty relationships – and all of them were bad to the core with the guy usually treating me as a sex object than a potential partner for life 😦 ! Which was very surprising because I never really considered myself as a “Goddess”, only a somewhat plain Jane in looks but BIG on personality – heh heh :D.

Before we go further into finding or better still, “intending” your Twin Flame/Soul, let me explain what a Twin Soul is 🙂 .

A Twin Flame/Soul, to my knowledge and experience, is your exact “Other Half” since you and him (or her) were born in the Universe of possibilities. It’s like the dichotomy of light & dark, man & woman, yin & yang, good & evil and so forth.

The belief is that in the beginning of Time, you and your Twin Flame/Soul were created as just 1 entity, one zygote. As time went by, the zygote divided – one part is male and the other part is female, something similar to the Taoist’s Yin and Yang symbol of male and female opposites. So you have two separate parts already.

But these 2 parts are really not separate. Each part is separate but whole. Each part has the characteristics of the Other Half in him/her. But because they were born whole or just from 1 zygote, each part goes out in the world finding that “Other Half” of him/her, knowing that the Other Half is just somewhere out there in the Cosmos and once found, will complete him/her.

Basically, when we strip all the fluff, a Twin Flame/Soul is that other person who is an almost identical “reflection of yourself”. Both of you have the same or similar qualities. Or, he or she might be patient while you are explosive. But when put together, you blend harmoniously or perfectly – and dance an “eternal tango of possibilities”.

Finding your Twin Flame/Soul is like coming home to someone familiar and someone you really, really love.

But life with the Twin Flame/Soul is not always harmonious or a bed of roses (apart from a few exceptions). There are times when you disagree with each other on sometimes the most petty things. It doesn’t help either that both of you are the jealous type, which I discovered I am once I got to meet my “real” Twin Flame/Soul.

But once you iron out the kinks in your relationship and you realize that you are meant for each other, eternally; when you realize that only BOTH OF YOU can make each other perpetually happy, then the little jealousies fade away and you FORGIVE EACH OTHER for those petty little squabbles.

So how do you meet your Twin Flame/Soul? You INTEND IT!
Easier said than done, I admit 😉 But I also have to emphasize that you need to BELIEVE in YOURSELF and in THE CREATOR/ONE SOURCE that you are going to meet your Twin Soul in this life!

The first time I met or set my eyes on my Twin Flame/Soul which was online ;), I didn’t recognize him. He was just too perfect! He turned out to be a HUNK and a brilliant and benevolent hunk as well!

Worse, my self-image was not too great either at that time. And because my self-image was really low, at least physically, I was averse to having a partner who looked more gorgeous than me (see how our mammoth Ego always, always gets in the way of finding our true Soul Partner!)!

I always had to pinch and repeatedly tell myself after we met that I “deserve” this man, that we are really “The Other Half” of an eternal partnership that was made millions of years ago, and that we are just coming together AGAIN as part of the predestined “grand design” of The Creator or “One Source”.

One thing that led me to my Twin Soul is this undying, unquenchable belief that he is somewhere out there. I couldn’t explain it at that time! That no matter how long and far you searched for him (mine lasted almost 3 decades), he is just out there, waiting for you, or in the case of my Twin Soul, also equally and intensively looking for you!

And so INTENTION and a STRONG BELIEF on both of you and your Twin Soul seeing each other in this life will assist in drawing the two of you together. Distance is irrelevant here (mine was halfway around the world when we met), and in the manner of meeting each other (can you just imagine meeting yours through the Internet?).

How do you know it’s really HIM or HER, your Twin Soul?

As Inelia Benz, one of my fav spiritual gurus wrote in her blog, the Twin Soul is that someone who connects with you on a “soul level”. Your divine soul recognizes your Other Half’s divine soul.

Now in Buddhism, it is believed that our soul never dies, ever, even though our body wastes away. And every time we are reborn in this world – or in other worlds, as in the case of my Twin Flame/Soul and I – you recognize or see or live with each other no matter what form you are. That is the connection between Twin Flames/Souls – each one of you automatically seeks each other out whenever and wherever you are reborn.

So how did I recognize that my Twin Flame/Soul is who he really is? Ah, this is the interesting part of my story 😉 !

Remember when I said that I’m usually turned off with handsome, hunky types of men? Well, after that incident of meeting each other online, I was encouraged to do trainings on past life regression and “traveling in the astral world” by my 1st mentor Riana (this is the subject of another blog post in the future).

And so the task was for us (I had a companion in the meditation) to meditate deeply and do this past life regression.

We were asked to lie down on woven mats, relax and meditate on our breath while Riana started a slow countdown from 10 to 1. This is the technique by which you go into really deep meditation – imagining that you are going down a flight of stairs and for each step downwards, you count from 10 to 1. At the count of 1, you reach the bottom of the staircase where you see a big closed door in front of you. You open that door and view whatever scene you see behind that door.

But before you open the door at the bottom of the stairs, you must be sure of your question and what you want to know behind that door. It is this scenario that I got to find my Twin Soul.

Of course, there were several scenes that I saw on that regression session. But what struck me most was not the past life regression but the “future life progression” – an incident that still has to happen in the future.

In this future life progression which turned out to be 1 million years from now, I saw myself somewhat looking like a Japanese monk, wearing a long, flowing dark blue Japanese kimono with an obi (a large belt). I was sitting on a raised 6-inch platform, as all Buddhist monks are apt to do. And my head was shaven (I looked much slender in this future self of mine ;).

I was not alone on the platform. There was another monk-like human there behind me, sitting cross-legged on the platform just like me. I looked like I was meditating or chanting with half-closed eyes.

I could only see myself at first. In fact, I had an enlightening conversation with my “future self”, because part of the exercise was to find answers to some important questions I had at that time.

But suddenly, my perspective shifted to the side of me in the vision – and there I saw my Twin Soul! He was dressed like me – in a kimono and obi, also with a shaven head, sitting on the platform and praying and having his eyes downcast like mine. We are both monks or look like monks!

When I saw him there in my future, I knew then that he’s my Twin Soul, undisputedly! 😉 . As I said, Twin Souls go through life together and gravitate towards each other all the time, come what may. This just proves that we’ve been and continue to be together through millions of years.

After that regression, I managed to do some more past life regressions and saw my Twin Soul and I in many lifetimes – some having good experiences, others bad. This proved my hunch was right – that Twin Souls are beings that are fated to be together lifetime after lifetime 🙂 !

So how about you, would you want to meet your Twin Soul through various lifetimes? What would you tell your Twin Soul when you meet him in various lifetimes?

Note: In Part 2 of this blog post, I will share with you a little exercise to condition your mind to “intending and visualizing” your Twin Soul 🙂 Stay tuned!


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