Journeying into Different Worlds and Dimensions – A Few Tips in Preparation

How can I journey from my little place here on Earth to other worlds and dimensions?

How can I journey from my little place here on Earth to other worlds and dimensions?

What does “journeying” mean? To the shaman initiate or those learning the shaman’s way, it means traveling into different worlds and into different dimensions that can only be accessed through the “mind” and — to a great number of practitioners — a “trance-like state of consciousness”. Once you are in this state of consciousness, you can practically go into “any world” or “dimension” that your mind can envision or imagine.

A couple of years ago, in fact, not too long ago, I couldn’t imagine such a thing happening to me – I mean, to be able to journey. As I had several times mentioned, I was working in the corporate sector with a background in news reporting that basically left me with no impetus or interest in dealing with the shaman’s world, or in the world of the occult, as popular culture usually refer to PSI events or incidents that baffle and leave them scratching their heads in disbelief. There was definitely not just any time for those things in my previous state of reality.

In fact and as we are trained in my previous profession, if you see, hear or read something that cannot be explained, quantified or supported, just delete from your mind.

Fast-forward a few years to the future which is our present moment. Having been pursued and occasionally affected by Dark Elements or what we fondly call “The Other Side”, the journeying concept was not just accepted by me but widely practiced as well.

Why the change in belief and heart? The answer lies in what I was trained for by my benevolent, higher dimensional friends ;).

The Matrix of Our Reality

In my earlier writings, I discussed several times about our “holographic universe” and the Matrix of “perceived reality” that we are in (see

Well, to be able to see clearly (in Buddhism, we call this “clear seeing” in which Guru Gautama Buddha way of perceiving the world as a clear example) and eventually, to be able to journey to other worlds using your mind, you have to see the real nature of our current reality first. You have to open that 3rd eye of yours to be able to “see clearly”.

Exercises to Open the 3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna chakra)

One of the things that we did to open and “decalcify” my 3rd eye or 3rd eye chakra (seat of our 3rd eye in which our pineal gland resides) located in the middle of your forehead, and responsible for generating your PSI-related capabilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, astral projection, remote viewing, telekinesis, etc.) was to do 3 things –

Step 1:  Listen to binaural beat music videos or what is more technically known as the Schumannn Resonance beat! This music is proven – at least by me 😉 – to stimulate your 3rd eye: .

At first try, you can hear only this incessant buzzing in your ear. But afterwards, you feel euphoric, as if the sound drives you to the highest levels of your awareness. A natural high!

Step 2: Hold onto a powerful, benevolent crystal wand or crystal in your hand (this crystal can also be used for scrying). You can program the crystal to help you open your 3rd eye by saying the following: “Crystal, I would like to program you to open my 3rd eye chakra and let me ‘hack this 3D Matrix’ by clearly seeing the true nature of reality.”

Step 3: Play both the music and hold onto the crystal for 15-20 minutes. Do this regularly for a week or so, or until you can feel a perceptible change in your consciousness. Eventually, you will feel great, serene and can focus more on things like work.

Step 4: MEDITATE. Focus on the ins and outs of your breathing when you meditate (it helps also to focus on the expansion and contraction of your diaphragm – expansion for the in breath, contraction for the out breath). This will help you to keep serene, calm and single-minded about your purpose.

Ideally do this in the great outdoors, under a tree with bare feet touching the earth/soil/grass. This helps you to ground as well.

Do not lose hope. Opening the 3rd eye chakra takes time and so this process needs to be done with patience and most especially, 100% belief in its effectivity.

Other things that may be done to facilitate 3rd eye chakra opening

* Expel nanites from your body with the use of silver or gold pyrite bracelets. Nanites are tiny microscopic entities that are a product of nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. They enter the body of a person through ingestion through the air or food, care of chemtrails.

To a certain extent, the abundant presence of nanites in a person’s body can make that person be controlled remotely through “mind control”. But this has to be explained further and in-depth through another blog post ;).

It is reportedly believed that almost 90%-98% of individuals on the planet are harboring some form of nanites in their body – except if you’re living isolated in the mountains or are consuming primarily organically grown food. Since nanites are airborne and spread throughout a region through chemtrails thereby also seeping to your water resources/water table, it is extremely difficult to keep them out of your system. But there are ways of doing so.

One important note:  Nanites prevent you from “seeing clearly” which means, it hampers the activation of your 3rd eye.

How to expel nanites from the body

– Set aside some quiet time to do this exercise. Wear the pyrite bracelet/s on your left hand and program the bracelets (one on each arm, and if possible, a large one that can be snugly fit on top of your head) to remove all the nanites from your body.

– In my experience (using your 3rd eye of course), these nanites look like little ants which will start moving downwards from the top of your head down to your toes and into the earth.

– Do leave the bracelets on for 15-20 minutes until all nanites have evacuated your body.

* Refrain from eating and drinking food with nanites. Commercially made food manufactured by big global companies (not all big MNCs though) are usually the culprits behind nanite ingestion. Since nanites can be incorporated into the soil care of “chemtrails” and end up in the agricultural and dairy products we consume, it is extremely difficult to get them out of your system. Difficult but still possible.

– You will know if your body has numerous nanites. It will feel sluggish, temperamental, sickly, always feeling sad, depressed and feeling tired all the time.

After doing these exercises for a few weeks to a month or so, observe how you feel. Some people report increased and more accurate intuitive decisions. Others begin to see things not usually seen by an average individual, such as elementals and higher dimensional beings.

Personally, I started having great and easy conversations with my higher dimensional and elemental mentors ;). Once you start seeing these entities/spirits, you will be definitely ready to move to your next stage of evolution which is“traveling the worlds”.

Note: Part II of Traveling the Worlds in an upcoming blog post!


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