My First Encounter with a Positive Reptilian Part II

Another positive Reptilian named Turak. To learn more about Turak, go to Ms. Christine Kesara Dennett's website:

Another positive Reptilian named Turak. To learn more about Turak, go to Ms. Christine Kesara Dennett’s website: Illustration courtesy of Christine Kesara Dennett.

And so with this particular Summer Solstice/Grand Cross occurrence, Commander Akah communicated to me this messge (this is just a summary because I don’t really take notes verbatim; I just recall whatever has been communicated):

“Greetings! I Akah, was born of the royal line of Kings and Queens of what you formally call ‘Reptilians’ and the forbears/ancestors of the Annunnaki on Earth (Terra).

We were once a very peaceful people millions of years ago. But due to an unforeseen accident/calamity, our star system’s atmosphere had to be supported by gold and/or mono-atomic gold. This led us to scour the galaxies for gold so that our people could survive.

I was one of the original contingent. A young spritely officer just newly elevated to the rank of Commander, we scoured countless stars for the elusive gold.

And that was the start of our troubles.

Millennia passed and countless wars happened. I stand here with the scars of those battles – much wiser, much more serene, much more at peace (here, Commander Akah tells me the story of how he decided to become a positive reptilian, which I had recounted to you guys in Part I of this 2-part blog post).

When forced with what you perceive may be indomitable, remember that you came from the line of Kings and Queens. Despite a DNA reconfiguration, you are superb. But they cannot take away the Divine from you. What the Rs didn’t know was that humanity evolves back to where it all started.

The DNA that was taken from you can be recovered. All you need to do is manifest it. Like Commander XXXXX (another benevolent entity who is fighting the Rs) who used the ancient sounds and the crystals that her people have been using for millions of years, you can recover your lineage, your lost destiny.

The Divinity is always there. Take heart and remember to put my words in your heart and mind. Mind follows heart. Heart is all there is. Because LOVE is all that matters. There is nothing to FEAR!”

How Akah’s Message Impacts on us Earthlings

There is definitely something happening right now – and if that happening has something to do with our frequencies and that of the frequency of the planet rising, then we are in the best time of our lives right now. To be reminded of our Divinity and how we can recover our lost DNA is something that we can look forward to.

Many of our bestselling motivation and self-empowerment gurus like Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, etc. have known this for a long time – that manifesting our future is sometimes just a matter of doing a heartfelt “intention” to manifest that thing or situation we want, and accompany that with the emotion and the positive attitude that it will happily and eventually happen “with the help of the Universe”.

But what surprised me at the time of the communication is that there are “positive reptilians”. This has had a major impact on me, because I’ve always thought that to do this mission of mine, which is to wake people to their true divine nature and the real nature of the Matrix that we are in, one has to struggle and fight the Rs to this cause. I was so wrong then.

Commander Akah and I have had several conversations after that 1st communication. He did say that he is on a “benevolent mission” now – to help Terran humans be free from the clutches of the Reptilian-controlled Illuminati government. He said that not all Reptilians agree with the Illuminati-controlled government of nations here on Terra.  That is why he is also doing his part to reverse this “control” on the peoples of Earth by the negative Rs and their human “partners in crime” on this planet (You can read Alex Collier’s Youtube videos and book, “Defending Sacred Ground” on more of the Illuminati).

Likewise, I myself need to reconfigure my mind and be more positively focused. The future, as Commander Akah said, is definitely looking bright ;). With Gaia’s help and the arrival of thousands of lightworkers currently incarnating on the planet, we are on our way to a most positive and lovely future ;)!


About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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