Imperfection to Inspire Others

Life is like a bridge. Crossing the bridges of life. We need to collect ourself, strengthen our resolve to cross over to get to the place we are destined to be.

Crossing the bridges of life. Life is like a bridge. We need to collect ourselves, strengthen our resolve to cross over to get to the place we are destined to be.

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

Two and ½ years ago, I was informed by my benevolent, higher dimensional mentors of my primary purpose in incarnating in this world. That purpose, to summarize it, was three-fold, namely:

* To open the minds of the “sleeping population” of Terra Earth to the true nature of reality, that is, our home base Earth and the various governments of the world are controlled by an advanced extraterrestrial species, the Reptilians (Rs). They engineered us initially – a combination of their DNA and early humans (Neanderthals or earlier, I believe) to mine for gold for their home planet/star system and later, as food for their species.

* Awakening the sleeping population means making Terran humans realize that they are a “Divine species” coming from “One Source/The Creator/The Source” or whatever you call Him/Her”, capable of running their own destiny and soul purpose which, among others, is to stand TOTALLY FREE  from oppression of other species, not just the Rs.

* Once Terran humans realize that they are also a “Divine Creator” of their destinies, this realization raises that individual’s frequencies who will “ideally”, also help others to raise their frequencies in Terra Earth. The process of raising our frequency is what we call Ascension(Note: Raising our frequency is not only The way to ascend. We still have to remove any vestige of “fear” in our body and mind, as well as genuinely feel love and compassion for ourselves and our loved ones.

Gaia’s frequencies have been steadily ascending since almost 2 decades ago, but only during the past 5 years has it rapidly been ascending by leaps and bounds. And since Gaia’s frequencies have been ascending, so will her occupants – Terran humans’ and all sentient animals’ frequencies should also heighten to match those of Hers and other 5th and higher dimensional entities on Terra.

And so with that long introduction of my soul purpose on Terra, let me continue on with the topic at hand right now, which is “how does my or anybody else’s “imperfection” inspire others and in what way”?

Does your imperfection inspire others?

I remember one time when I was watching the empowerment guru Lisa Nichols talk in one of her MindValley lectures, she concluded her talk by saying “one’s imperfection makes you the PERFECT candidate for the job!” (of virtually anything).

At that time, Lisa was narrating her story growing up in south central Los Angeles where she also went to school. And at school, she said her teacher told her not to give a lecture in class because she was hopeless in extemporaneous speaking.

I remember all these anecdotes of Lisa because when I started in this “lightworking” and “shamanic” calling of mine, I was also not just hesitant but also terrified and overwhelmed in doing what I’m doing now – educating people through the new tools of social media on what every individual is supposed to know about our real origins and how the “real world” works.

At that time, my frame of mind was still “corporate-minded urban gal” doing “entrepreneurial work”, meaning, my mind was always focused on generating money. It wasn’t until I met my 1st and 2nd mentors and had the opportunity to communicate with higher dimensional beings – members of my soul family – that I embraced my sole and soul purpose in this life.

Terrified of my soul purpose! That’s because I was a bit of a control freak in such a way that I wouldn’t attempt to do something if I was not 100% sure that I could do it perfectly. And lightworking was so out of my league – at least that was what I was thinking about before.

Even when I met some of the members of my soul family – some of them off-world based, some Terra-based — and my Twin Flame, I wasn’t truly convinced that I should take up this mission. It was because I believed then that to inspire others to “change”, you should also be “perfect for the job”.

Almost 3 years passed now and with quite a number of experiences – both good and bad – later on, and meeting a lot more of MY TRIBE did I realize that one doesn’t have to be “perfect” for the job to inspire others.

I saw this quote recently online. It totally encapsulated what I feel and have been doing all this time. I want to share it with you all:

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

My imperfections currently now (still working on eliminating them ;)) are that I have a short temper sometimes, have a high standard of looking at people and myself – which means I use those sometimes as a yardstick to measure others, etc.

I have never hid the fact that I am also still learning the ropes to becoming a benevolent Terran human. That is why I chronicle my experiences – problems, triumphs, tribulations so that others may learn from my mistakes.

I know that I’m still a long way to get to 5D status, even though I’m communicating daily with 5D and above dimensional beings. It is part of the learning process.

So what happened after I had my illumination?

As chronicled in my blog here, I left family and friends and went on a journey to self-discovery. On the way, I met some monsters and had some heart-stopping moments – but the goal was still there. I opened a blog to chronicle these adventures. In fact, I am also celebrating my blog’s 1st anniversary today :).

I hope to be able to continue writing my blog and illuminating a lot more others to seek their truth and to be the best of who they are. Also, be informed of my latest blog posts and leave comments about them or join my community at my FB page here:

I hope you can learn from my experiences chronicled in this blog and strive to become a better person from this:). Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below :).


About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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