Empowerment – What is in it for me?

An "empowered individual" has more leverage to do more good things not just for himself but for others as well.

An “empowered individual” has more leverage to do more good things not just for himself but for others as well.

It’s been 1 year since I started writing this blog;). And yet, I still make slip-ups occasionally – one of which is that I assume my readers can easily see and understand my point of view;). Very bad indeed – har har!

In the early days of blogging, which was sometime more than 10 years ago, people blog more for themselves and share it with others, mostly friends, colleagues and immediate family members. There was an occasional ad or two that appears on the side of your blog – but that was it.

There was no SEO! People blogged for the fun of it – as a way to announce to the world that you went to this event or birthday party or political rally – and you write about it so you can share your opinions with other like-minded individuals.

There was no stress to blog and worry if you’re not getting at least 1 hit from a prospective reader interested on your blog.

Times have changed since then. But how is this connected with my topic right now – Empowerment?

I mention the blogging craft and world because more than 10 years ago, people felt empowered just to be able to blog – and blog freely without being censored or concerned that ads take up the upper half of your page and your blog text almost cannot be read below the header.

We were and still are an empowered multitude.

This is the reason why I blog incessantly up to now – so others can be empowered with the knowledge or the info that I bring to you guys ;)!

I recently had a conversation with one of my higher dimensional friends, an Archangel who is also one of my mentors/advisers. I asked my friend the question on whether my writing about the Rs and the nefarious things that their minions on Earth are doing were driving people away from the truth and my blog rather than enlightening them.

And so the conversation went something like this:

Shamana: Sir U, do you think my writing about the Rs are driving people away from the truth – and my blog as well? You see, I remember an incident when I decided to talk about the existence of the Rs to some close friends/colleagues of mine. They ended up looking at me as a nut caseL. One of them even referred to me as sick (in the head?) L.

Sir U: There will always be those who cannot or will not accept the truth Shamana. But the important thing is, say your truth and let them decide for themselves whether to accept it or not. Everyone is entitled to the truth but not everyone can accept or appreciate its worth. This means, the people or souls who are “destined” to be awakened because of hearing the truth or info you disseminate will be the ones to benefit from it and will act accordingly to the info they receive.

Shamana: So I don’t have to do anything more than deliver the info and not worry whether the info sinks in or they pooh-pooh it away?

Sir U: Exactly! But it also depends on how you deliver the info (he winks!). You must understand that the instinctive reaction of most 3D humans to negative and unpalatable info is to dismiss it as something that a quack person would propagate. So sometimes, it is up to you to “propagate” the info in such a way that it doesn’t turn off the person.

Shamana: I see. Honestly, I don’t want to be the bringer of bad tidings, e.g. humans’ DNA manipulation by the Rs, governments run by the Illuminati, etc. L. So it’s been pretty challenging to package the info in such a way that the average layman can not only understand it but also appreciate the relevance of the info to their lives.

Any suggestions to cushion the impact Sir U;)?

Sir U: Shamana, we are not here in this world to spoonfeed humans with what they are supposed to do to generate a better world for themselves and their descendants. Each Terran human has a “will” and a soul purpose to be here even before they’re born. Each human is entitled to the feeding and growing of his soul and how to make the most of his/her life on Terra Earth.

And that’s why it is very important to find your “soul’s purpose”. As a Divine Being on Terra, the soul’s purpose is basically “to help or service others”. Some 3D humans find their soul’s purpose early in life and some find it later in their lives. And some do not find it at all in this current existence.

So make the most of your soul’s purpose. In this current existence, many souls are incarnating on 3D Terra to help raise the frequency of the planet and its inhabitants. It is the next step of Terran humanity’s evolution to go to a higher dimensional plane and a higher purpose – that is, to basically service others first before themselves.

Shamana: So Sir U, you are saying that the only way to go is ASCEND?

Sir U: Yes but not with us dragging everybody into the 5th dimension. That is a decision to be made by EVERY SOUL that incarnates on Terra Earth. We just help in the transition by disseminating the truth and helping those who cannot help themselves ;). Other than that, it is basically every person’s decision to ASCEND.

Shamana: Isn’t that a formidable task for every soul to ascend?

Sir U: No more difficult than a child eating ice cream from a traveling ice cream cart ;). No, it all depends on each person’s destiny.

Shamana:  How can we jumpstart the ASCENSION PROCESS?

Sir U: Work on yourself 1st before everybody else ;). Strive to do good for others. Be less self-centered. Not that you forget to take care of yourself and your soul. Clean your house first before helping others clean theirs.

Watch out for your EGO; it always tries to protect the I before the WE, and tries to justify its correctness before anything else. Share what you have with others, and I’m not just referring to tangible things. Even allocating a certain percentage of your time to help someone be happy is enough to raise your frequency to a higher level.

Above all else, appreciate and be thankful for what you have right now.

These are the things that may jumpstart the Ascension Process. It may not be an exhaustive list but it contains the tenets of what is initially important that you need to do to start on the path of ASCENSION.

Shamana: So, I don’t have to worry if no one is reading my blog?

Sir U: Nope. Because if they are destined to read and benefit from reading it, then they will find you, whatever happens. Just as easy as when we found you ;).

End of Part I!



About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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    each time i used to read smaller content that also clear their motive,
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