Connecting to the LIGHT is a 24/7 Practice

It all started yesterday morning when I was just watching AGAIN the Youtube videos of the Intuitive Energy Healer and Abundance Coach Christie Marie Sheldon.:)

You’d think I would have memorized every word Christie has said in this video .  I thought I did. But every time I watch it, I still learn something new from it.

You see, I’ve been having dizzy spells lately, something similar to vertigo which I used to have about 4 years ago – and disappeared when I started meditating and protecting myself from negative energies with smudging and crystals. It happened again after I wake up, which means when I’m sleeping I might have these radio waves going around me and affecting my brain cells. I’m not surprised because these electrical towers are all around the horizon, even as high up as we are here on the mountain.

Well the thing is, I thought I was already immune to it. I wear my programmed crystals every time, and sleep with a few more rock crystals around my room at night. And the constant smudging. So how did I start having the dizzy spells again?

Well the thing is – and this is something I just found out yesterday afternoon – these negative energies or entities affect us when we hold FEAR in our hearts and in our minds. When we keep on thinking that despite all the protection we’re having now and the meditation we do everyday, we are still susceptible to negative energies sent our way. Everyday L.

And that was my misconception. And this was also the lesson I learned yesterday: We need to think and feel that we are not just 100% protected but 500% protected from negative energies and entities, from all of these negativity that are swirling around us. Because if there is even an IOTA OF DOUBT in you, The Powers that Be will always try to find a loophole in your armor, your protection and EXPLOIT THAT!

So let me give you an example. When we go to sleep, our bodies shut down but our brains are still awake. So is our soul or our etheric body as we call it.

In my case, I sometimes thought that when you sleep, your soul becomes vulnerable to outside negative forces. Don’t know where this thought came from – but I tell you guys, this is a fallacy. One can protect one’s etheric field as well as physical body from intrusion by negative forces, energies, entities, etc. while you sleep when you “INTEND” that you will be 500% protected from all these energies & entities while sleeping.

Does that make sense? Yes it does! And this is the common situation where sometimes we imbibe all those negative thoughts, so much so that we are practically cranky or depressed or sad or even bothered and irritable already even when we wake up.

And so what is the connection with Christie Marie Sheldon and my problem of negative imprinting while I’m in Dreamland at night? Well, I was pondering about why I was having all these negative and troubled moods when I wake up in the morning until I watched yesterday afternoon a video of Christie doing some energy work with a client.

This is the video I watched yesterday:

In the video, Christie was trying to help a woman overcome her vertigo-like, unbalancing problem by physically removing negative energy from her body. While Christie was interviewing the woman named Jenny, she was moving her hands behind the woman’s head and left shoulder to remove some energy blockages. This movement made me remember my pranic healing training wherein my mentor also taught me to move my hands above your physical body to remove some negative energy from that part of the body.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that my negative, troubled thoughts and sometimes niggling depression was caused by my not connecting to THE LIGHT. So, while watching Christie remove the negative energies from that woman’s body, I instinctively put my hands up above my head and connected to the LIGHT.

How do you exactly do this? Put your hands up above your head and feel the energy above your head. If you’re sensitive already like me, you’ll feel a certain heat above your head through the palms of your hands. You can close your eyes or leave them open and VISUALIZE that a VIOLET FLAME was engulfing your head and swirling around your body, burning and extinguishing every negative entity or negative energy existing in your aura and auric field that was oppressing or tormenting you.

Once this VIOLET FLAME has extinguished every negative entity or energy around your aura or auric field, then you can visualize that a large PILLAR OF SILVERY-WHITE LIGHT is coming down from the heavens and entering the top of your head. This blinding white light also overflows down your body all the way to your feet. Another pillar of blinding white light also comes from below you and enters your auric field from below. This light is the DIVINE LIGHT of CREATION or ONE SOURCE.

And guess what? When I did this exercise, the throbbing in my head disappeared. The dizziness and the inability to write also went away. I had found the solution to my problems – and the problem apparently was that I was harboring this FEAR in my body and mind that I might not be fully protected against the negative entities or energies. Thanks to Christie’s exercise on Connecting to the Light, I was able to find myself again and work towards continuing my purpose in life here on Terra.

Watch this video of Christie being interviewed by Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley and learn how she teaches the audience how to clear & transmute negative energies/entities in your field to positive energies:

Christie, many thanx for helping all of us find our negative energies and entities and successfully remove them by ourselves.:)

Have you felt or experienced a similar problem or occurrence in your life? Share your story in the comments below!


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