Can You Heal Yourself? – A Radical Way of Healing in the New Year 2017

All we need to heal ourselves is within ourselves. Think positive, stay positive and remove - as much as possible - anything negative in your thinking and in your body.

All we need to heal ourselves is within ourselves. Think positive, stay positive and remove – as much as possible – anything negative in your thinking and in your body.

Can you actually heal yourself just by using your MIND?

Does it sound “unscientific” and almost “charlatan” (some people call it “wooh-wooh” or “mumbo-jumbo”) to think and believe that one can “heal oneself” just by using your MIND?

But that is exactly what lots of people – including creative visualization and positive manifestation experts are saying – that we can heal ourselves just by training our MIND TO THINK POSITIVELY and REMOVE ANY TRACE OF FEAR IN OUR MINDS AND BODIES!

The late Masaru Emoto demonstrated this capability of the human mind to program his future which includes self-healing by his “snowflake experiment”.

Experimenting with water and how our intentions affect not only water but the environment around us, Dr. Emoto’s experiment involved taking plain old tap water and putting it in a glass. On the outside of the glass, he tapes a piece of paper which states “Love, Compassion, Hate, Anger, etc.”. He also prayed over the water, especially those glasses which had positive emotions taped onto them. He refrigerates all of them.

Afterwards, he took a sample of the water from the glasses that were placed in the fridge and examined them under a microscope. Imagine to his astonishment that those glasses which had positive intentions taped on them formed really gorgeous images on the crystalline level.

On the other hand, the water that came from the glasses that had negative emotions taped onto them had very sickly crystalline looking formations under a microscope. So the conclusion here is that “we POSITIVELY OR NEGATIVELY AFFECT THE ENVIRONMENT SURROUNDING US, INCLUDING OURSELVES!”. You can read more information about this effect here:

Masaru’s experiment conclusively showed that what we say and what we intend now becomes OUR CURRENT REALITY. So if we intend good fortune, health, happiness and fun in our future, then we are most likely going to get that.

Which brings us back to the question – CAN WE HEAL OURSELVES USING OUR MINDS?

Anita Moorjani and her NDE Experience

Before I recount a bit my personal experience and technique of fear removal leading to healing, let me narrate to you the experience of Anita Moorjani and her near death experience (NDE) which illustrates very well the concept of “fear removal leading to healing”.

Anita Moorjani is a terminal cancer survivor who, in her book “Dying to be Me”, recounts her NDE and how that has impacted her outlook in life right now. After suffering from lymphoma, a kind of cancer affecting one’s blood cells, for 4 years, Anita’s organs started failing one after the other until she slipped into a deep coma.

Awakening from her coma 3 days after, Anita suddenly realized that 70% of her cancer had disappeared. A few weeks after she became cancer free.

After her NDE, Anita became more in tune with her higher purpose and to this day, she delivers lectures and has written a New York Times bestselling book, chronicling her ordeal and subsequent recovery from cancer.

Now in a live Facebook interview with Anita (, she talks about how diseases are caused by FEAR and holding FEAR in your body (check the part where she talks about health at the 14 minute mark!)

What Anita finally realized – which a lot of the healers community already knew from way back – is that “being sick” usually starts from the MIND.

When you train or “convince” your mind that you’re sick, then you REALLY BECOME SICK. Even before I started learning alternative healing methods like pranic healing, I knew already about this fact since I was in highschool. That’s because when I was in highschool, whenever I wanted to skip school, I just thought about myself being sick – and in a matter of a few hours, I would really be sick physically.

I mentioned Anita’s NDE experience because once she acknowledged and released her fears, her cancer also gradually disappeared. Which goes to prove, as I had mentioned in my previous posts, that our bodies become sick because our minds “condition” our bodies to be sick.

Hard to swallow? You bet!

When we condition our minds to become fearful of a certain thing, like for example a certain disease like cancer – even if we consciously tell ourselves that we don’t have a fear of cancer in our body, we still tend to develop the disease because “subconsciously”, we keep that fear of cancer IN OUR MINDS, particularly in our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND!

The teachers in the movie “The Secret” have already been practicing and teaching this particular technique for ages. Jack Canfield, one of The Secret teachers, said that the minute you start thinking that “you’re not going to get cancer because you think positively all of the time” will still generate the possibility of developing cancer because you still entertain or harbor the idea or possibility of developing the disease.

Instead, you should be thinking this way, “I am a positive thinking person who is healthy and disease-free”. Recite this as a daily mantra several times a day and you’ll develop to be disease-free all the timeJ!

Healing the body with Pranic Healing

In pranic healing, we were taught that the first sign of disease starts first in what we call the “etheric field” which is popularly known as your “aura” or energy body (it’s that part of your body a few inches above your physical body which looks and feels like an amorphous energy field). This is caused by negative thoughts and programming that seep into our consciousness, either by our own doing or others influencing us (In Buddhism and other New Age thinkers, it is believed that what happens to the physical body, whether it be a disease, accident or something else, has the approval of our Higher Self).

This negative thought filters down to the physical body wherein it manifests as a disease on the physical body.

The good news is, we can always eliminate this disease by programming our consciousness, our minds that we are TOTALLY FREE OF DISEASE. Once the mind has been “sold, convinced or programmed” to the idea that the body is disease-free, the body automatically follows to execute that concept and becomes disease-free.

This information corroborates Anita’s story. Once Anita has declared to herself and the universe that she is disease-free, her body followed that line of thinking. The body slowly sheds off all the disease and becomes totally disease-free.

My Personal Story of Healing

In my early years of learning several shamanic skills including “traveling the worlds” and communicating with higher dimensional, positive beings, I was, at the same time, in the process of eliminating some persistent health problems. One of these health problems was an enlarged heart.

About 11 years back when I was still working in the corporate world, I developed an enlarged heart due to overwork, stress and most importantly, a growing dislike of my work due to the dictatorial management of my Boss. At that time, I told myself the work would have been great without the Boss, a woman who looked and acted like Meryl Streep, the “Boss from Hell” of Ann Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada”.

My dislike of my Boss heightened when the staff were forced to move in and work in our newly designed and renovated office, which was at that time, still under construction.

I developed breathing complications and an incessant cough – all I attributed to the move to the new office despite the threat of inhaling all that dust while construction was still ongoing.

The enlarged heart didn’t go away. In fact, it contributed to high blood pressure and of course, stress from work. I had the heart problem for 8 years.

When my first mentor arrived in my life, we assessed my health situation. Through deep meditation and counselling, we found out that my heart problem was partly a result of my psychological torment undergone in my corporate job from my former Boss and other Bosses.

My point is, even if the incident happened about 11 years ago, I was still carrying the stress and mental torment I sustained from my corporate job. It was really time to let go of those debilitating and tormenting feelings and thoughts.

And so, with the help of my mentor, we did a little ritual. I wrote my newly-analyzed problem on a piece of paper including all other heart aches and mental concerns I had, and ceremoniously burned it all, one by one, in an earthenware pot with hot coals. While the flames were burning, I declared to the Universe that I am extending “radical forgiveness” to my former Boss and other Bosses, and recited an affirmation that I will never call up that negative feeling again or think negatively about my former Bosses EVER, EVER AGAIN!

I won’t go in-depth into the healing process I had to undergo, but suffice to say that the healing didn’t occur immediately. In fact, it was a gradual letting go of most of my bodily aches and diseases. After still more counselling sessions with my mentor and lots of radical forgiveness to those who slighted me – or those I believe slighted me, my high blood pressure disappeared. And my heart returned to normal.

I also used to have pain on my knee joints because of my extra weight and walked slowly almost like an old woman. That one disappeared after I moved to the mountains and started walking and climbing as a daily exercise.

But most importantly, one must only feel love, compassion and serenity in one’s heart and to others. Doing so, you become “bullet-proof” in terms of sickness and diseases, both physically and mentally ;).

How about you? Do you have a bullet-proof way to eradicate and prevent sickness and disease in your life?


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