5 Tips to Remember to Get Yourself Unstuck from a 3D Existence

Getting unstuck from a 3D existence is not easy but it’s possible :)! Read my 5 tips on how to live the life you want everyday!

Initially, I meant this article to be a career advice article, recommending people on how to get out of a career rut. You know – the type when you feel like you’ve done everything you can to apply for a job you really wanted or dreamed about – and you don’t think you’ll get it because of this factor and that factor?

Or that too many things are in the way – like your laptop broke down and you can’t send that resume to a prospective employer without it :O!

I know – they’re petty things sometimes, as petty as the time when your neighbor didn’t take out the trash when the garbage truck came by and you had to do the yucky chore of dragging out their garbage for them – without any thanks from the neighbor L.

Yes, these seem to be very trifling things to worry over or even get mad about sometimes. But what if they bog you down? What if these things, no matter how trivial, actually prohibit you from vibrating highly and raising your frequency on a daily basis and be happy and serene like in 5D?

Is there something we can do to be out of this rut, to be calmer and composed in order to look at the problem and our existence from the perspective of a 5D individual – and solve it with love & compassion?

So here goes –

TIP #1:  Attain a state of calm composure and a “mind & body” free of negative thoughts and feelings through Meditation

You can’t think clearly about a situation or extricate yourself from a rut if your mind is not in a calm & clear state. Too many thoughts going through your mind! Aside from that, there is always this “constant chatter” that may be keeping your mind from thinking clearly.

Meditation helps keep your mind calm and composed. I try to do it daily but I do get some lapses sometimes. My technique is pretty simple:  observing my breathe going in and out. When you exhale or breathe out, breathe out all the negative emotions, thoughts, fears, disappointments, sadness, etc. from your body.

On the inhalation part or when you breathe in, breathe in all the good thoughts, blessings, positive thoughts and positive energy that you get or receive from your immediate surroundings or, from the Universe.

I learned this technique from a book I read written by the famous Malaysian Buddhist feng shui expert Lilian Too. It was also a technique passed on to her by her Buddhist llama teacher.

Lilian even added an additional technique to the exercise. On the inhalation part, imagine that you are receiving a surge of positive energy or attained a field of positive energy from holy objects like a Buddhist stupa, the crystals on your home altar or even from Mother Gaia, our Planet Earth!

TIP #2:  Free yourself from negative thoughts and energies!

Easier said than done. However, the quickest way to get yourself unstuck from any negative situation you are in is to rid yourself of negative thoughts and vibrations. How?

Inelia Benz has a specific meditation exercise to do that here: https://ascension101.com/en/ascension-tools/33-ascension-tools/105-fear-processing-exercise.html. You can also download the audio version of this meditation through her online store.

One technique I use to facilitate or speed up the process of removing constant negative thoughts that invade my mind is to think of all the things that I am grateful for at that very moment. It could be that I still have perfect or near perfect health that enables me to work every day. It can also be as simple as having enough money to eat 3 healthy meals a day and a roof over my head.

It could also be the benefit of having a friend to listen to me and help me through my darkest moments. All those happy moments generated from acts of gratefulness everyday help us get through a 3D rut, believe me ;)!

TIP #3:  Replace your negative thoughts and mindset with positive thoughts and energies!

Now that you’ve emptied your mind and body of negative thoughts and energies, it is now time to fill it with “positive thoughts, feelings and energies”! I call this stage the “empowerment stage”.

One of the organizations that have actually helped me cope with a constant stream of negative thoughts and negative conditioning from past experiences is MindValley and its amazing, charismatic leader Vishen Lakhiani. If you notice, MindValley has posted numerous self-empowerment videos on its Youtube Channel. These videos have sustained me through my darkest moments sometimes – and it is something I’d like to share with you.

Aside from Vishen who has delivered numerous talks on how he started his small MindValley business and grew it to be 200-man strong (watch his videos here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=vishen+lakhiani+mindvalley), there is another speaker who has shared a simple but very effective technique to galvanize ourselves to generate positive thoughts and energies. That person is psychologist/therapist Marisa Peer and her “I AM ENOUGH” mantra.

By saying “I AM ENOUGH” every so often every day, we condition our minds to think positively – that we are “divine beings” who are having a 3D existence – and with that divinity inherent in ourselves, WE CAN DO ANYTHING 🙂!

In fact, our detractors and even negative entities have tried through millennia to prevent mankind from realizing this truth – which we, as “divine beings”, can MANIFEST everything that we want. All we need to do, according to metaphysician and life coach Joe Vitale, is to “determine what we want” from the Book of Possibilities and declare that to the Universe!

And the Universe will come back with an answer to your request. You don’t have to think excessively or worry on how that is going to happen. You just RELEASE that request to the Universe and TRUST the Universe or One Source/The Creator will come back with an answer.

And that answer is always in your favor ;)! The answer might not sometimes be the one you asked for. But BELIEVE that the Universe has given you a better answer than the one you originally asked for.

Here is the video of Marisa Peer recounting her story about generating positivity through the “I AM ENOUGH” mantra:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw3NyUMLh7Y.

TIP #4:  Move forward with CONVICTION!

Okay, this 4th tip is very important – at least to me because it works all the time ;). While you’re waiting for the Universe to come back with an answer or grant your request, YOU NEED TO MOVE FORWARD ALWAYS!

What do I mean by that? It means you must do something that advances yourself every day. It means you’re not going to just sit there 24/7 and wait for that answer from the Universe to happen.

It could be as simple as cleaning up your room, rearranging the furniture so you can work, eat and sleep better. It can also be contributing your time to teaching kids from an orphanage some computer skills or even how to sew a doily.

Or, if your desire is to get an ideal job, you can start researching online what kind of jobs you’d like to have. Or study a new skill like how to Photoshop or how to do social media marketing. Most of the time, there are free tutorials or classes online to teach these skills. Take advantage of those opportunities, especially when you don’t have much to spend yet.

The idea is to keep moving forward and feeling that you’ve accomplished something, even if it isn’t directly related to what you desire. The positive energy you generated from that activity will propel you to your desired goal.


Once you receive your answer from the Universe and it is everything you have ever asked for, PAY THE FAVOR FORWARD! Help others attain their dreams and their needs also by sharing with them these techniques and your personal experiences.

Remember:  if you also manage to uplift their situation or enlighten them on how to go about achieving their dreams, you also receive blessings and positive energies from these people. Your positive intentions become an endless cycle of positive circumstances and energies for a lot of people, including yourself.

Namaste :)!


Future topic:  Is it really possible to combine a thriving Career with a Mission to be a Lightworker?


About shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!
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