How to Remove the “Negative Program” In Your Mind Part II — 6 Steps to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

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I don’t want to be so technical in describing how I remove – and continue to remove – programs in my head placed there by the Reptilians and other negatively inclined beings. Our world is so fucked up sometimes that even when we know, for a fact, that this habitual self-destructive habit of ours is part of the ingrained “negative programming” of the Rs, we still continue to do the same thing every day.

So I’m going to lay the steps in removing that “program” in your mind in 6 simple steps. Hear me out below:

Step 1: BE POSITIVE! “Positive-minded”, high “vibrational frequency” individuals akin to 5th dimensional beings will have an easier time to remove the program in their minds.

First of all, no one can change any programming in their subconscious mind if they don’t believe or have confidence in their “self-worth”. Having self-worth means believing in oneself and one’s place in this world.

To have that much-coveted “self-worth”, one must learn to “think and feel positive” all the time. Of course, we may have our ups and downs in the course of one’s day. But at the end of it all, one must always harbor “good, positive feelings and thoughts” in order to beat the Rs at their game.

Step 2: LEARN the connection between our Conscious Mind and our Subconscious Mind!

Our “subconscious mind” governs our “conscious mind”! I can’t emphasize that point too much because this is the seat and the root of our problems as 3rd dimensional beings having a 5th dimensional experience on Planet Terra, otherwise known as Earth.

Our conscious mind is our “waking mind”, the one that is in action when we do chores every day like cleaning the house or walking the dog. It is also the same part of our mind that we use when we think and make decisions, when we study a new course on baking cakes, or when we advise a client regarding the benefits he will receive when he opens an investment in stocks and bonds.

On the other hand, the “subconscious mind” is that part of our mind that governs and influences everything, particularly our conscious mind. Everything that we think, experience, and witness in our conscious mind is stored in our subconscious mind. That includes not just all the positive ideas and experiences that we encounter but also the negative ones as well.

In fact, every negative thought or experience that is not just gained by us but also by our peers, mentors, family members, friends, colleagues, etc. are stored in our subconscious mind. The problem with that is negative beliefs that are not our own are also stored in our subconscious mind – and might affect our conscious mind as well.

For instance, if our parents have a certain aversion to “Asian minorities” in America because of deep-seated beliefs, that belief against Asians may be passed on to our consciousness and eventually, be stored in our subconscious minds.

Honestly, our subconscious mind happens to be that part of our mind that is always awake and governs our waking moments and activities. To give an example of how this works, imagine that you have had always this dream to own a big house by earning big in a future job. You keep on reciting positive affirmations to actualize your dream. But even though you keep doing this for months, you still don’t get what you want. Why?

Because reciting positive affirmations is part of your conscious mind. But the one you need to convince about your dream is not your “conscious mind” but your “subconscious mind” ;)! Once you enable to manage your subconscious mind, you can easily manifest things more.

Our role in this life then is to “de-program” our subconscious mind of those negative thoughts, beliefs, and experiences so it does not affect our conscious minds. We should not let our subconscious sabotage our life including our beliefs, career, loves, jobs, relationships with friends, peers, colleagues, dreams, goals, future achievements, etc.

Step 3:  Purge yourself of negative thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and habits.

Let’s do a little exercise for you guys to do to finally actualize your objective of “purging yourself of negative thoughts, beliefs, habits, etc.”

So first, prepare the following:

* little strips of paper that you can write on

* a pen

* a small earthenware, steel, or other metallic pot

* some coals

* lighter or matches

Write down in the strips of paper all the negative beliefs, thoughts, habits, etc. that you want to purge from your life. Be specific about what you DON’T WANT to remain and thrive in your head when you move forward to a more positive, high-frequency life!

Put the coals inside your small earthenware or metallic pot. Burn the coals up using some paper and matches or a lighter.

Once you get a nice fire going, burn each and every piece of paper that you wrote down all your negative thoughts and beliefs. Meditate while burning each and every one of those strips of paper.

Make a promise to yourself and The Creator that you will NOT DO, envision, or call to mind these negative thoughts, nor store them in your mind.

Step 4:  Make a CLEAR DECLARATION TO THE UNIVERSE about what your Ultimate Goal for the rest of your life should be. Write down ALL of your POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS!

Do not be held back by any beliefs when declaring your intent to the Universe! In my years of meditating and declaring my personal intent and affirmations to my Higher Self, I never used to declare my wishes, intent, and goals to the Universe.

But after 1 fateful day in mid 2018, when my dear beloved father passed away, I declared to the  Universe my intent – to get a decent job and fulfill my mission to saving as much as humanity as possible by helping people raise their vibrational frequencies.

At that time, I didn’t have a clue on how to raise the frequencies of people. I just had this goal and surprisingly, because I didn’t have a clue but had a firm belief that I can raise the frequencies of people to bring them to the next dimension, which was the Fifth Dimension.

And because of that, I developed peace within myself, generally, and assumed “a positive outlook” on the monumental task before me. And things started moving (read more on that story here: .

Since you already have the small pot of heated coals, write down ALL THE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS that you intended for the end of this year 2020 and for those you want to achieve in 2021 on the little strips of paper you prepared earlier!

Burn those strips of paper in the pot, one by one. Meditate on each affirmation as you burn each one in the pot!

Step 5: CLEAR and IMPLANT the POSITIVE IDEAS AND AFFIRMATIONS into your subconscious mind!

Compile those positive affirmations you had written down into 1 complete list. Read this out loud right before you sleep. Since the subconscious mind thrives on “repetition”, it would really help to keep on “consciously” repeating this list of positive affirmations to yourself not just before bed but several times a day, if possible.

Or, surf the internet for a video to help you talk and clear your SUBCONCIOUS SELF of NEGATIVE PROGRAMMING. Here is one from the British hypnotherapist Marissa Peer: .

Step 6:  Keep repeating the previous exercises I’ve relayed to you earlier until what you’ve been watching above are already ingrained into your subconscious 🙂 ! Namaste 🙂 !

Author: shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!

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