Can You Drag Everyone Kicking and Screaming into the New Human Consciousness?

Can I Drag You into the New Human Consciousness
Humanity needs to adopt a “New Human Consciousness” in order to improve personally and advance into a new paradigm-shifting reality!

Let me answer that eye-opening question I laid out for you in my rather “in-your-face title”! The answer is NO, you can’t or better, you shouldn’t drag everyone kicking and screaming into the “New Human Consciousness”.

Why? Because all of us earthlings or “Terran humans” in “Exopolitics speak”, have been gifted by Our Creator what we call a “free will”. Free will to decide what is best for us. Free will to accept what is not only true for us but also what resonates well with us.

And free will to choose the “reality” that we are comfortable living in OR resonates well with our current beliefs and values.

The Nightmare that is “Free Will”

The problem with the “free will” thingy is that too much of FREEDOM leads sometimes to excess, and thereby, misuse of those freedoms in so much so that other species, both human, animal, or even non-human, are already impacted negatively by our use of too much free will. Case in point is that of the continuous misuse and exploitation of the environment.

Here in the islands, pristine jungles, abundant wildlife, verdant forests, and bountiful seas are pillaged, over-used, and exploited to feed the greed of men for material things and things that satisfy and support their obsession for power.

While people point the finger accusingly at BIG CORPORATIONS and greedy businessmen as the culprits behind all these plundering, hardly anyone realizes that the small woodcutter who chops down the 100-year-old trees for the large furniture shop in the village as “part of that team” that just murdered a whole ecosystem. And that ecosystem, if left alone to grow, could have prevented the massive floods that are now inundating your island – damaging houses, crops, businesses, livestock, etc. in its path.

Too many people wash their hands of their “responsibility” to chip in to save the environment, passing on the buck to other people who are supposed to be the culprits behind the denudation of the forest. They are so wrong!

Or have you ever raised your voice to protect not only just your children but all the people impacted by dangerous drugs and/or harmful chemicals in our food from even more evil-minded people, namely powerful institutions or corporations who produce those drugs/food/other harmful products?

The Need for a New Human Consciousness

Okay, so now that you must have realized that to maintain the ecological balance of our planet and its inhabitants, we need to chip in our little bit in preserving and conserving the only planet we’ve got.   Do you think this new so-called “perspective” that we have of Terran life and our roles in it what the human collective call “the New Human Consciousness”?

Well yeah – but that touches only a little bit of what’s required from us to hack the Matrix that we are in, including surviving ecological disasters like pandemics – and personal disasters ;)!

The New Human Consciousness ideally should cover the following:

* A New, More “Engaged Conscience”

This involves not only being more concerned with our family members, friends, colleagues, etc., but also covers acquaintances and the random man-on-the-street to the detriment of our personal safety sometimes. This consists of keeping a firm grasp of issues and fighting for those issues that are dear and important to us but not in a way that it arbitrarily destroys the rights and beliefs of others.

A clear example of this would be the anti-vaxers like Ms. Brandy Vaughan who fought for the right of people to know what big pharma manufacturers include in their vaccines, whether there are synthetic chemicals or other dangerous elements there. Even though she was a former corporate marketing person for Merck’s Vioxx painkiller, a drug that was taken off the shelves because it was found to increase the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks, she fought for the education and enlightenment of a lot of Americans regarding the dangerous effects of drugs that big pharma companies are manufacturing & marketing.

Because of Ms. Vaughan’s fight against the machinations of “The Powers that Be”, she was constantly hounded and harassed by unidentified morons who broke into her house and tapped her phones, and culminating to her very disturbing and suspicious sudden death recently, supposedly due to gallbladder problems. But her close friend said that even though she had gallbladder problems, Ms. Vaughan looked fine a few days before her death.

We need people like Ms. Vaughan who was willing to fight for consumer rights and expose the real truth behind the most common drugs in the world. I just wish that there were more of her at this time 🙂 .

* All of Us are Connected!

In the eyes of The Creator, all of us are “His creations”. Therefore, we should not fight against each other and strive to live in harmony with not just other humans but also with nature and the lower animals (dogs, cats, hippos, birds, etc.).

This “connectedness” to all of His creations is apparent when we destroy nature, like our oceans. When the human population started dumping their trash into the sea, this dumping affected the animals living in the sea. Thus, the population of dolphins, whales, seals, and other ocean-based creatures are affected resulting to a decrease in their population.

We may not feel the effects of the demise of certain animals in the sea or land now, not yet. But our children and our childrens’ children certainly will.

In fact, because of the pollution of our seas, some very important crustaceans and sea-dwelling animals’ populations have gone down and affected our food supply from the sea. This certainly will affect our diets and our propagation as a land-dwelling entity.

If we just realize that all our actions also may adversely affect other species on this planet, then we will be able to understand why the survival of the human species really depends on this interconnectedness with other species, here on terra firma and probably on other planets.

* A Lot of Positivity

Positivity has, time and again, helped many people go through rough and not so rough times. Now that the world is still struggling with a pandemic with not just livelihoods but basic operations of countries being affected, having an attitude and mindset of positivity is what we really need to adopt.

But in general, always having a positive attitude and a positively-inclined mindset is recommendable in any type of situation. In my experience, possessing positivity clearly raises one’s vibrational frequency. A high frequency makes you more resistant and fool-proof against negative forces or entities trying to influence or attack you ;).

Of course, not everyone is being attacked or is up for attack by negative entities, I hope ;). Still, having a positive attitude certainly is a trait that one has to emulate to survive these very turbulent times.

* Kindness & Compassion to Others

Okay, so now you have the positivity, the knowledge that we are all connected regardless of the species, and that we need to be “involved” and not “apathetic” towards the problems of our species but also the world. Rounding out the list of things that may characterize our New Human Consciousness is “Kindness and Compassion” to all living things, regardless of species.

This is one characteristic that a lot of people I have encountered seem to fall short of. Sometimes, it’s just the simple things that we do such as being kind and compassionate to others, including animals, that indicate how advanced are we as a species in the evolutionary ladder.

Why do we need to be kind and compassionate to others? Isn’t the answer as obvious as the light of day :O?

As I have discussed above, we are all The Creator’s creations. There is nothing higher or lower than us. We are all equal in terms of needing love and being extended or extending kindness and compassion to others.

It is by being kind and compassionate that we really show our benevolent nature to everyone. And that applies to any situation, whether there is a pandemic or not.

* Never Lose Faith in Humanity ;)!

Finally, even with all the limitations, mistakes, and negative traits and frailties of Terran humans, we certainly cannot lose faith in the good of humanity. This also implies that since humans are pretty much “flawed” when they started living in our three-dimensional world, we should be willing to forgive them nonetheless for their mistakes.

This message was communicated to me several times by my Boss who kept on picking out the “Forgiveness” card while reading my tarot deck. And although my Boss became a former Boss because she had to let go of me and choose another, I still forgave her for that.

We cannot always be the perfect specimens of creation. But we can strive to provide the best and the most complimentary traits we can muster to generate the “New Human Consciousness” that will propel us to the next millennium.

Author: shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!

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