When Everything Becomes Clear

Have peace in your heart and joy in your soul – and your spirit will always be elated and work abundantly, peacefully, and joyfully for your future!

With a bit of meditation and self-introspection, I finally found peace in my heart and the ability to manifest the future I wanted!

Have you had that feeling – that everything was going to be okay inspite of the current circumstances we are in ;)?!

I had that feeling not too long ago. It was mid 2018, and my father just passed away from a long, lingering illness. I felt so helpless and so distraught that I wasn’t there at his bedside when he needed me most.

I wasn’t there because I couldn’t be sure that I would be safe from dark forces. They usually come or inflict some sort of accident or negative incident in my life when I’m distraught or emotionally and mentally down.

I would have died for my father any time – except it wasn’t my call this time! This time I had to live, I had to live not just for myself, my husband and twin soul, and my future kids but also for the fate of humanity on Terra Earth.

Crystal-clear Thoughts

But going back to my first question to you readers, have you had a time when your thoughts were so crystal-clear that you could see your future in a couple of decades or so? Well now I’m having “that moment”. It was the same kind of moment when my father passed away and I was mourning for him.

I had lost a father and gained the derision, even near hatred of my family because I wasn’t there to be at my father’s side when he passed away. But in the middle of my deep sadness and distraught, I vowed and told the universe that I was going to get back. I was going to be the “best daughter I could ever be” and make my late father proud of me 🙂 !

Because at that time, I was fearful of what might happen to me in the future! I knew the mission I had to do – to awaken people and make them realize the true nature of The Matrix that we are in, and in so doing, would help them raise their frequencies in order that their bodies and souls ascend to the 5th dimension.

But at the same time, I knew I was going to be “unstoppable” because “I lost my fear of anything and anyone, not even of the “Reptilians” and “The Powers that Be”! And when you remove all that fear, all that anxiety, sadness and helplessness that those mind-controlling neg entities throw at you, then you can create and manifest just about anything! You have your future in the palm of your hand and you can shape and manifest anything that your mind is capable of conceiving.

Conceive and execute! This is the “secret” that The Other Side has always tried to suppress in all of us three-dimensional humans, not just the “awakened ones” like myself and others who have committed to help others to awaken too ;)!

Unusual Times & Your Destiny

And so like the incident that happened to me just after my father passed away a few years ago, you can see your future as “clear-cut as glass”.

Ever since the pandemic started and even before, I’ve always struggled with moments of “blurry thinking”, as if I had brain fog L. Some medical experts say this is sometimes due to our diet (full of carbohydrates, brain- and cell-inflaming food ingredients and artificial chemicals).

And more alarmingly, when I was in one of these moods, all I could think of was “how difficult the job is or the situation that I was currently in” L! It was so frustrating and sometimes, nerve-wracking 😦 !

But, as I keep telling my readers in my earlier blogs, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!

You always have a choice whether to feel sad, bothered, cantankerous, depressed, anxious, hopeless, angry, excited, or happy at any given time ;)! I realized at this very moment that you can choose to wallow in those negative emotions or neg energies, and just be anxious and fearful all the time of the future and what it has in store for us.

The truth is that “we create our future”, said Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism ;)! We can choose to be thinking negatively of our life and our day even as early as the moment we wake up in the morning. But, once we choose to make that day a “fantastic day”, even if your circumstances are not that fantastic, then your day really becomes super fantastic 🙂 !

Agree with me on these ;)?

As I am reminded again of this teaching of my previous shaman mentor, I look around my little flat and realize that if I see it as cluttered and unorganized as it is now, then we feel as cluttered and unorganized in our thoughts like what we see right in front of us!

So I decided to fix my flat and all its clutter by the time I wake up in the early morning ;)!

We are the Creators of Our Future!

Dear reader, sometimes we just need to wake up from our stupor and face the fact that we are “creators of our future”! We can always turn the tide, no matter how dismal or depressing or sometimes hopeless the situation is, for instance, the pandemic and how it impacts not only our current economy but also how people treat you and others.

I noticed that people are less patient, more irritable, negatively-inclined and fussy about things – which I attribute to the state of the world now – the economy, the rules to stay indoors, stringent health protocols – sometimes being inefficient and unproductive – and the possibility that one may drop dead of the covid virus any time L.

But for me, covid can be prevented if one builds up one’s immunity against any sickness!

But let’s go back to the main topic and not wallow on the covid problem ;)!

And just like the year 2018 when I lost a father, on the other hand, I gained clarity in my purpose and my mission. I lost my fav job also 2 months after my father died 😦 .

But when I made a declaration to the universe that I will avenge the death of my father and make him proud of me, and pursue what has to be pursued against all odds, everything really changed! That life-turning decision that nobody can scare me or deter me from my mission cleared the path for everything to fall in the right place – and things did really exceedingly well after that! I didn’t have a job at that time; I only had a clear-cut idea of what kind of job I wanted to work in (helping others).

I had a firm belief that things can only get better after those harrowing months prior to my “life-changing realization moment”. And things did get better. I gained a job that really made me happy for a few years because I was helping people improve their health and eventually, their lives. The pay was not exceedingly high but enough to make me comfortable living in the boondocks ;)!

Of course the pandemic happened ;)! Even though I was back to square one, I had a clear-cut vision and desire on what I wanted to accomplish in the near and far future J.

I knew what I wanted – and I’m still following my heart’s desires ;).

Stay safe, motivated, grateful, excited (for your future!), and confident about your abilities or “superpowers”! For we are always in the path to greatness when we are calm and composed, and when we think and selflessly work for others before ourselves. “Serve others first before self” as my mentors always taught me to do.

And you know what, I always had a much brighter day when I managed to help someone with their day in any way ;).

Namaste and have a most blessed and wonderful day :)!

Author: shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!

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