Finding Peace & Happiness in the Chaos: How to Have a Life during A Pandemic!

Are we ready to live a life during a pandemic? Photos courtesy of Tom Barrett, Matteo Jorjoson and the Blowup from

You might be surprised but this is my 3rd draft of a topic that I had been avoiding to write – my life during this almost endless covid pandemic and how did I manage to survive unscathed, healthy, and covid-free up to now ;)!

So you might be wondering what happened to me during the past 1 ½ years of the most destructive global calamity ever, discounting The Black Death which wiped about 60% of the European population in the 14th century?

No, I didn’t get covid during the past 1 ½ years, although there were some close calls. But I thought about sharing with you how I survived and continue to survive the impact of the pandemic and how you can too ;)!

A Retrospective of Events in the Last 1 ½ Years of the Pandemic

When the covid pandemic and the subsequent lockdown of borders between all countries occurred in late March 2020, I had the fortune – or misfortune – of being in Bangkok on business. Traveling in-between Thailand and Laos at that time, I barely made it to Bangkok before the borders between Thailand and Laos started to close.

With Thailand’s land borders closed including the cessation of international flights incoming and outgoing of the country, I was technically stuck in Bangkok — until a repatriation flight could be organized to bring us back to our island-nation.

So I had no choice but stay in Bangkok for 6 months, watching all that was happening to my country through social media and YouTube. It was the only thing I could do during those grief-stricken months when almost everyone you know, whether in your home country or outside, had to face the devastation caused by the covid virus on our health, our economy, our everyday life, and our sanity.

Coping with the Pandemic in the Land of Smiles

Frankly, being stuck in Bangkok for six months during the pandemic would have been considered “heaven” to most of my fellow compatriots. Thailand has an excellent and advanced health care system, and although the country was one of the first ones who identified the existence of the covid virus among the population, it quelled the further rise of covid cases in the country through stringent medical methods and strict observance of anti-covid protocols.

With strict anti-covid protocols in place and an economy that was still operating and providing for almost 70 million Thai people, living in Thailand during the pandemic was not as bad as living in an island with less medical facilities capable of handling covid cases. We were allowed a measure of freedom to go around and do our normal daily things in Thailand, like buying food in groceries and takeouts, and traveling from one province to the other. That lent a “feeling of normalcy” to me despite the circumstances.

But living far from loved ones and friends takes its toll on your mental health as well L. Not that the Thais are not kind or accommodating to foreigners. It was the news that we were getting from the homeland that frightened and put me in a “flight or fight mode” which took its toll on my peace of mind and my usual composure during horrible timesL!

Holding on to Sanity

Part of the threat of “losing one’s composure and sanity” during the pandemic was the feeling of “helplessness” when friends and family members who were struck by the covid virus passed away without being able to give proper goodbyes to their loved ones. During that whole period including this year, I lost 4 relatives – two of them cousins younger than myself, one aunt and one favorite uncle, and a former boss at work. And a host of other friends who passed away due to complications with covid L!

My Formula for Coping with the Covid Pandemic

It all boils down to 3 important aspects of our persona: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

Let me start off with the “Mental Aspect”.

* Personally, I believe having a “holistic and firm grasp” of the whole pandemic is important in beating the problem. True, the situation is fraught with anxiety and worries – “How can I work and feed my family while under lockdown?”, “How can I fight off the disease?”, “How can I remain calm and not be panicky for 1 ½ years?”, etc.

These are typical questions that plagued our minds not only during this covid pandemic but also in the wake of previous serious global events! Even the news of watching Afghanistan being invaded and taken over by the Taliban also brings havoc to our nervesL!

So the key to coping with issues that challenge our mind is “to cultivate a Presence of Mind to perceive, understand, and accept that all these things happening to us are just part of The Matrix”!

For some of you who might not have had the opportunity to read my previous blog post here: about “The Matrix”, then let me explain that “The Matrix” happens to be this world, this Earth we are living in now is just an “illusionary world”, a world that was artificially made and controlled by the bad old Reptilians and other entities similar to their kind!

And if we are suffering now due to covid, or predatory wars like the one in Afghanistan, or being boiled in our plastic filth and environmental malpractices resulting to “Global Climate Change”, you can only credit most of our suffering to the instigators of chaos, unhappiness, anger, torture, despair, aggression, sadness, and other negative emotions, namely the Reptilians or Rs, as we fondly call them L!!

So, the 2nd important point that I want to emphasize about the Matrix is that we can break free of this “illusion of the Matrix” by taking charge of our destiny, our fate! And once we take charge of our destiny, we can mould also The Matrix as we see fit.

Which brings us to the next point!

* Once we take charge of our ability to create or shape our destiny in The Matrix, then it also follows that we can also manage the “Physical Aspect” of our bodies ;)! Let me explain how that goes.

Once we implant into our minds and our consciousness that we are the creators of our destiny, as Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism says, we can dictate how our bodies should act.

For instance, if we believe that our bodies are made of the toughest material and that it can withstand or surpass any form of disease or illness, then our bodies follow our minds and become as tough and indestructible as we want it to be.

A cool, concrete example is when I programmed my subconscious mind to believe that I am not only healthy and disease-free but also that covid will never infect me or my brain, then I become physically immune and resistant to covid!

I also have this technique of using “triggers” to enable my brain to fully believe that I am immune to covid.

I go out daily during the early days of the pandemic to buy or eat cooked spicy and sour foods for lunch and dinner. That would include eating a lot of chilies (mainly raw or cooked with my viand), to build up my immunity against any disease.

By eating these chilies and having sour foods like tropical fruits to round up my immunity-boosting diet daily, I was successful in fending off covid even when I was going out of my flat daily in Thailand ;)!

* Take care of the “Spiritual Aspect” of yourself, even if you’re not spiritual ;)!

A psychological study of people who have cancer and had to undergo Western-style medical treatments yielded the result that those who are engaged in religion and spirituality even prior to their cancer diagnoses tend to outlive the cancer or survive longer than those who are not.

It then follows, as I interpret it that is, that those who are spiritual or religious in nature tend to have a greater fighting chance of coping with dire circumstances, such as pandemics and other global catastrophes. One of the reasons attributed to this is that spiritual or religious people usually have a “support group or support system” to back them up when things really go down.

I personally am not affiliated with any religious group or sect. However, I do consider myself a “spiritual” person. I am also a great believer and follower of Buddhism, which technically is not a religion but a way of seeing, understanding, and coping with life using various teachings by the founder of Buddhism, the great Gautama Buddha ;).

Buddhism espouses that what you focus on in this life becomes your reality. So if you keep on focusing on the problem always at hand, like the pandemic, then that becomes your reality!

Let’s not focus on death or the end of humanity, even though the problem is Illuminati-instigated (more on that in another blog post 😉 ).

Some Final Words of Advice

So, as mentioned previously, take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual aspect, for they will be tried greatly in this pandemic. Just to mention that by managing all three aspects of our persona, we can manage our emotional state of affairs – and be less anxious and worried about what the future will bring!

I hope you still remember to have a great time despite the world’s current state of affairs! See you!

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Author: shamana in the making

Lightworker and shaman in the making ;). Still looking for the rest of my Tribe of Light on Terra. Come join me make the Earth a beautiful place to live in peace, love, joy & compassion :)!

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