Why ME?

This is the question I used to ask the Universe when I received my marching orders to help enlighten Terran humans about the true nature of our reality, of how we can manifest our intended positive and abundant reality by raising our frequency. And also to assist in the process of Ascension for those who choose that path.

At that time, I was still steeped in the possibility of going back to work in the corporate world. But my spiritual advisers – a number of benevolent/ascended terrestial and extraterrestial beings from 5th to higher dimensional planes, told me my future path was not to stay on Terra (Earth) as a mere corporate slave, working my last days to the whims and panders of corporate moguls. My path was to educate and enlighten the population as much as possible to liberate themselves from the endless cycle of fear and suffering we endure in this 3 dimensional world, and improve ourselves by raising our frequencies in order to manifest the “positive, joyful reality” every individual in this planet is entitled to (what a mouthful!).

How to do that? Personally it was and still is a continuing process for me. But definitely step by step, little by little. To jumpstart my own process of “Ascension”, I uprooted myself from my corporate jungle life and lifestyle and relocated to a little village at the foothills of a Mystical Mountain on an island in the Pacific.

From then on, I started to learn a lot more about myself and my calling by meditating, chanting Tibetan Sanskrit mantras for the benefit of all sentient beings including ALL regressive races who have turned or are turning to the light, and undergoing an almost regular and regimented shaman training under the tutelage of my benevolent and ascended mentors.

I can probably compare my life now to a monk living in a cave but unlike the damp and dark confines of a cave, I see fields of coconut and banana trees and tall green grass in front of my home. And although my lodgings right now are quite Spartan and not the best environment that can be (I have a neighbor next door with a negative entity in residence), I can still live daily almost in peace and hope for a brighter future.

While I hone my shaman and lightworker skills in my almost pristine sanctuary, I decided to open this blog to reach out to those persons — budding lightworkers, shaman trainees like myself, healers, mediums, mystics, etc. who are going through the same experiences and encounter the same questions, doubts and mind-boggling predicaments that I face and will continue to face. I hope this blog will help enlighten you to the fact that all of us are “lightworkers”, incarnated in 3D Terra to help raise the frequency of the planet and its inhabitants. And that even though our origins are different, either from here in Terra or millions of light years away from other galaxies, other universes, we are just ONE FAMILY, ONE COLLECTIVE, ONE MIND, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS!

If you have questions and suggestions regarding the topics I featured and will feature in this blog, do not hesitate to leave a comment or question in the Comments section at the end of every blog post (an email address will be provided later). I would love to hear from you and will attempt to answer every question that is sent :).

Welcome to my World Lightworkers!

DISCLAIMER: All events and situations described in this blog actually and truthfully happened. However, because of the highly “controversial” information and narratives provided herein, I have taken liberties to use a pen name and changed the names of some of the characters in my blog posts, including some of the event locations to protect our identities.


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