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Change Your Reality with Another Future Part II: The Technique of Jumping Timelines

“What if all of this is a dream and when we die, we wake up?” I write this now not to discuss more about the reality that we are in, or how current doomsayers and prophets are talking and preaching … Continue reading

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Clearing your Crystal from the Influences or Clutches of Negative Entities Part I

So back to my story about Jennie and my rutilated quartz crystal pendant. We had the crystal clearing session at Riana’s place— a modest-looking flat in the town’s suburbs. Going inside the flat felt like going inside a cave. Because … Continue reading

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Talking to your Crystal – a Step-by-Step Guide

Before I proceed with my story on how Riana and I cleared my crystal and others like it from negative entities/energies/influences, let me tell you the steps on how to talk to your crystal as I had learned from Riana … Continue reading

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