Imperfection to Inspire Others

Life is like a bridge. Crossing the bridges of life. We need to collect ourself, strengthen our resolve to cross over to get to the place we are destined to be.

Crossing the bridges of life. Life is like a bridge. We need to collect ourselves, strengthen our resolve to cross over to get to the place we are destined to be.

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

Two and ½ years ago, I was informed by my benevolent, higher dimensional mentors of my primary purpose in incarnating in this world. That purpose, to summarize it, was three-fold, namely:

* To open the minds of the “sleeping population” of Terra Earth to the true nature of reality, that is, our home base Earth and the various governments of the world are controlled by an advanced extraterrestrial species, the Reptilians (Rs). They engineered us initially – a combination of their DNA and early humans (Neanderthals or earlier, I believe) to mine for gold for their home planet/star system and later, as food for their species.

* Awakening the sleeping population means making Terran humans realize that they are a “Divine species” coming from “One Source/The Creator/The Source” or whatever you call Him/Her”, capable of running their own destiny and soul purpose which, among others, is to stand TOTALLY FREE  from oppression of other species, not just the Rs.

* Once Terran humans realize that they are also a “Divine Creator” of their destinies, this realization raises that individual’s frequencies who will “ideally”, also help others to raise their frequencies in Terra Earth. The process of raising our frequency is what we call Ascension(Note: Raising our frequency is not only The way to ascend. We still have to remove any vestige of “fear” in our body and mind, as well as genuinely feel love and compassion for ourselves and our loved ones.

Gaia’s frequencies have been steadily ascending since almost 2 decades ago, but only during the past 5 years has it rapidly been ascending by leaps and bounds. And since Gaia’s frequencies have been ascending, so will her occupants – Terran humans’ and all sentient animals’ frequencies should also heighten to match those of Hers and other 5th and higher dimensional entities on Terra.

And so with that long introduction of my soul purpose on Terra, let me continue on with the topic at hand right now, which is “how does my or anybody else’s “imperfection” inspire others and in what way”?

Does your imperfection inspire others?

I remember one time when I was watching the empowerment guru Lisa Nichols talk in one of her MindValley lectures, she concluded her talk by saying “one’s imperfection makes you the PERFECT candidate for the job!” (of virtually anything).

At that time, Lisa was narrating her story growing up in south central Los Angeles where she also went to school. And at school, she said her teacher told her not to give a lecture in class because she was hopeless in extemporaneous speaking.

I remember all these anecdotes of Lisa because when I started in this “lightworking” and “shamanic” calling of mine, I was also not just hesitant but also terrified and overwhelmed in doing what I’m doing now – educating people through the new tools of social media on what every individual is supposed to know about our real origins and how the “real world” works.

At that time, my frame of mind was still “corporate-minded urban gal” doing “entrepreneurial work”, meaning, my mind was always focused on generating money. It wasn’t until I met my 1st and 2nd mentors and had the opportunity to communicate with higher dimensional beings – members of my soul family – that I embraced my sole and soul purpose in this life.

Terrified of my soul purpose! That’s because I was a bit of a control freak in such a way that I wouldn’t attempt to do something if I was not 100% sure that I could do it perfectly. And lightworking was so out of my league – at least that was what I was thinking about before.

Even when I met some of the members of my soul family – some of them off-world based, some Terra-based — and my Twin Flame, I wasn’t truly convinced that I should take up this mission. It was because I believed then that to inspire others to “change”, you should also be “perfect for the job”.

Almost 3 years passed now and with quite a number of experiences – both good and bad – later on, and meeting a lot more of MY TRIBE did I realize that one doesn’t have to be “perfect” for the job to inspire others.

I saw this quote recently online. It totally encapsulated what I feel and have been doing all this time. I want to share it with you all:

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

My imperfections currently now (still working on eliminating them ;)) are that I have a short temper sometimes, have a high standard of looking at people and myself – which means I use those sometimes as a yardstick to measure others, etc.

I have never hid the fact that I am also still learning the ropes to becoming a benevolent Terran human. That is why I chronicle my experiences – problems, triumphs, tribulations so that others may learn from my mistakes.

I know that I’m still a long way to get to 5D status, even though I’m communicating daily with 5D and above dimensional beings. It is part of the learning process.

So what happened after I had my illumination?

As chronicled in my blog here, I left family and friends and went on a journey to self-discovery. On the way, I met some monsters and had some heart-stopping moments – but the goal was still there. I opened a blog to chronicle these adventures. In fact, I am also celebrating my blog’s 1st anniversary today :).

I hope to be able to continue writing my blog and illuminating a lot more others to seek their truth and to be the best of who they are. Also, be informed of my latest blog posts and leave comments about them or join my community at my FB page here:

I hope you can learn from my experiences chronicled in this blog and strive to become a better person from this:). Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below :).

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My First Encounter with a Positive Reptilian Part II

Another positive Reptilian named Turak. To learn more about Turak, go to Ms. Christine Kesara Dennett's website:

Another positive Reptilian named Turak. To learn more about Turak, go to Ms. Christine Kesara Dennett’s website: Illustration courtesy of Christine Kesara Dennett.

And so with this particular Summer Solstice/Grand Cross occurrence, Commander Akah communicated to me this messge (this is just a summary because I don’t really take notes verbatim; I just recall whatever has been communicated):

“Greetings! I Akah, was born of the royal line of Kings and Queens of what you formally call ‘Reptilians’ and the forbears/ancestors of the Annunnaki on Earth (Terra).

We were once a very peaceful people millions of years ago. But due to an unforeseen accident/calamity, our star system’s atmosphere had to be supported by gold and/or mono-atomic gold. This led us to scour the galaxies for gold so that our people could survive.

I was one of the original contingent. A young spritely officer just newly elevated to the rank of Commander, we scoured countless stars for the elusive gold.

And that was the start of our troubles.

Millennia passed and countless wars happened. I stand here with the scars of those battles – much wiser, much more serene, much more at peace (here, Commander Akah tells me the story of how he decided to become a positive reptilian, which I had recounted to you guys in Part I of this 2-part blog post).

When forced with what you perceive may be indomitable, remember that you came from the line of Kings and Queens. Despite a DNA reconfiguration, you are superb. But they cannot take away the Divine from you. What the Rs didn’t know was that humanity evolves back to where it all started.

The DNA that was taken from you can be recovered. All you need to do is manifest it. Like Commander XXXXX (another benevolent entity who is fighting the Rs) who used the ancient sounds and the crystals that her people have been using for millions of years, you can recover your lineage, your lost destiny.

The Divinity is always there. Take heart and remember to put my words in your heart and mind. Mind follows heart. Heart is all there is. Because LOVE is all that matters. There is nothing to FEAR!”

How Akah’s Message Impacts on us Earthlings

There is definitely something happening right now – and if that happening has something to do with our frequencies and that of the frequency of the planet rising, then we are in the best time of our lives right now. To be reminded of our Divinity and how we can recover our lost DNA is something that we can look forward to.

Many of our bestselling motivation and self-empowerment gurus like Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, etc. have known this for a long time – that manifesting our future is sometimes just a matter of doing a heartfelt “intention” to manifest that thing or situation we want, and accompany that with the emotion and the positive attitude that it will happily and eventually happen “with the help of the Universe”.

But what surprised me at the time of the communication is that there are “positive reptilians”. This has had a major impact on me, because I’ve always thought that to do this mission of mine, which is to wake people to their true divine nature and the real nature of the Matrix that we are in, one has to struggle and fight the Rs to this cause. I was so wrong then.

Commander Akah and I have had several conversations after that 1st communication. He did say that he is on a “benevolent mission” now – to help Terran humans be free from the clutches of the Reptilian-controlled Illuminati government. He said that not all Reptilians agree with the Illuminati-controlled government of nations here on Terra.  That is why he is also doing his part to reverse this “control” on the peoples of Earth by the negative Rs and their human “partners in crime” on this planet (You can read Alex Collier’s Youtube videos and book, “Defending Sacred Ground” on more of the Illuminati).

Likewise, I myself need to reconfigure my mind and be more positively focused. The future, as Commander Akah said, is definitely looking bright ;). With Gaia’s help and the arrival of thousands of lightworkers currently incarnating on the planet, we are on our way to a most positive and lovely future ;)!

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My First Encounter with a Positive Reptilian Part I

Commander Akah is a positive reptilian I communicated with. Photo courtesy of Christine Kesara Dennett.

Commander Akah is a positive reptilian I communicated with. Illustration courtesy of Christine Kesara Dennett.

Almost 3 years ago, I basically and painfully disappeared from the radar of most of my colleagues, close friends and even family members. Went into a nomadic life just to prime myself up for a battle that I wasn’t initially prepared for – a battle against The Powers That Be.

In the space of 6 months, I had to remember as much as I could about my past lives; train under the most demanding, benevolent, higher dimensional guides who became my mentors and now, my friends. It was a role I assumed not without a fair amount of drama, actually being metaphorically dragged kicking and screaming and sometimes crying to this role I had to assume – and the inevitable showdown, a direct confrontation with a Reptilian that makes the stuff of some of your nightmares.

Well, how do you actually confront a Reptilian, in person? It was harrowing enough to read online about encounters with Reptilians by some lightworker who lived to tell the tale. But to meet them in person – that merits a post – or maybe a book later on by me ;).

What I’d like to recount to you now is how I communicated with a “Positive Reptilian” recently and how it has impacted meJ.

Before this encounter, I already had some communications with the Reptilians, which we were playfully calling “The Other Side” or more often, the “Rs”. One I had written about before was Krisolis, who had helped me recover from a really bad hex which was sent to me by a really bad warlock. Krisolis is now one of my warmest and closest friends from the higher dimensional planes :).

Krisolis shows himself to me as a roly-poly green dragon with a big paunch and a penchant for grilled chicken. Not all of them look this way (some of them can shapeshift at will, by the way, and Krisolis has this ability). I learned a lot from Krisolis — his lineage, his friends, his job before he transformed into a positive reptilian and how he decided to become a “positive R”.

So this new encounter of mine is called Akah.

I had learned about Akah about a few days before the recent summer solstice (June 21). I had read about him before through the writings and illustrations of the psychic artist Christine Kesara Dennett. Ms. Dennett intuitively draws the images of extraterrestrial beings who communicate to her through her clients. Akah was one of those who was identified and drawn before by Ms. Dennett (see the photo and write-up here ).

And so when I was recuperating from an unusual bout of illness before the summer solstice, I managed to have a conversation with Akah.

Commander Akah of the Reptilian Army

Normally, the communications come very quickly and without fanfare. I usually feel this “tingling” in my nose when a higher dimensional being would like to speak to me.  And so I saw or perceived Akah. He looked very regal and wise. His Reptilian eyes had the look of someone who had been through a lot and learned a lot through experience, some very painful. But he is still friendly, benevolent and helpful.

Akah was not just a common R. He is a military general, a commander but now mostly on a consultancy basis. I found out that he had been in countless battles for his race in several star systems eons ago. Some of them were indiscriminate takeovers of other races’ home worlds — and outright bloody.

Commander Akah said he was part of the 1st initiative of the Reptilian race to conquer other planets and star systems in search for gold to support their home world’s atmosphere. He assured me that prior to his battle experience, he and several others of his kin were living peacefully in their star system/s.

From what I was told, this current home of the Rs was not their original home; it was actually thousands of light years away. Only after they found gold here on Earth and other nearby star systems did they managed to move and occupy the Sirius and Alpha Draconis star systems.

Commander Akah said that initially, the Rs were looking for gold in several star systems because their home world’s atmosphere needed it.  Initially, it was a peaceful hunt for gold. They would request these races to allow them to mine some gold and take it with them to their home system. Unfortunately, a lot of these planets didn’t allow them to take or mine some of their gold.

It was after they faced disappointment after disappointment in securing some gold even when they offered to buy it that they decided to “invade” the peoples they encountered. This was something that Commander Akah admitted to me was a disheartening and sad decision that they made.

And a fantastic plunder it was! Akah said that for thousands of years, this was their work — to plunder star systems and their planets for gold. Until one day, while looking and listening to battle and takeover reports from his officers, he couldn’t stand it anymore – to see such carnage being done. It was something similar to General Ashoka, widely known as an incarnation of a Boddhisatva, when he pillaged several cities and regions of India and surrounding countries that one day, he looked at what he had done and was repulsed by it. So repulsed was General Ashoka at the carnage he had committed that he vowed to be a benevolent ruler of India thereafter and to stop killing people and even animals for the sake of Buddhism and peace in his reign and with his neighbors.

After thousands of years (yes, they can live for thousands of years), Akah finally left his post in the battlefield and vowed not to wage war with humanity or any other species. He retired from the service, occasionally being consulted for his military expertise in battle. But, there was still 1 thing he had to do . . .

Dawn of a New World & a New Vibrational Frequency

A week before summer solstice, I was having a fever of sorts. Feeling really weak, I wasn’t feeling up to working but I still did. And this was when I got the communication from Akah, for the very 1st time.

I knew then that something was up – a strange feeling of energy that permeated the atmosphere those days. It was like the wind and the trees and even my elemental friends were expecting something.

Commander Akah certainly didn’t mince words when his image came through in my mind. He said there was a “great download of energy” starting 2 weeks before the summer solstice. This is the planet – Gaia, already raising its frequency preparatory to entering a new phase of evolution, the entrance to the 5th dimension.

At that time, I didn’t know that a Grand Cross of Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter was occurring among the constellations. Every major Grand Cross that has ever occurred on the planet has been accompanied by major movements of energy. Now energy is neither good nor bad. It just is.

It is the beings or entities who receive this energy who make it good or bad depending upon their prime motivation.

And so with this particular Summer Solstice Grand Cross, Akah communicated to me a message (this is just a summary because I usually don’t take down notes but just remember the important points).

Continuation in the next blog post:  Akah and what was his message to me.

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The Gaia Exercise

Mountain stream

A mountain stream just like the one I go dipping my feet in and communing with the benevolent elementals in the area.

Its been awhile since my last posting. Apologies to you guys :(! New job that demanded more of my time ;). So I have these bunch of blog drafts that have all been started but haven’t finished due to pressing matters.

Nevertheless, I’m coming back with a vengeance — and new topics that hopefully will be interesting to you all 😉

So let’s talk about “The Gaia Exercise”.

I have this friend who’s undergoing chemotherapy sessions for breast cancer that I’ve been corresponding lately. I dished her a piece of advice in the form of a letter, what I call my personal “Gaia Exercise”, which I’d like to share with you all, because the exercise can apply for all kinds of sicknesses, well, at least most of it though ;).

Here is my edited text of the letter:

“Hi Lovely! Hope you’re having a great Sunday afternoon :).

Great to hear you have been walking and eating on your own. I was kinda worried that you weren’t receiving my emails since February, since most of them have links to self-empowerment videos ;).

Have you ever tried natural ayurveda treatments? It’s the use of natural plants and concoctions to heal yourself. There is an ayurveda center in ______ but that’s a bit of a stretch going there from your place. Our friend _______ can take you there though ;).

For healing, I recommend staying near nature, like your home in ____________. I have these body aches sometimes, and I’ve learned that when I “ground” myself near nature, I get a lot of energy from the ground to keep my bodily aches away. It’s very simple to do.

Simply go to a nearby stream or forest. Remove your shoes and walk around on grass, fallen leaves, or even dip your feet in running water like a nearby small stream (I’m assuming there are a lot of these near your home in __________ ; did you ever manage to buy that piece of land with a running brook through it near your place?).

Dip your feet in the running stream for a few minutes while soaking up the sun’s rays through your skin. I do this in the late afternoon or early morning. Say a little prayer to Gaia or the nature spirits around that area, thanking them for giving you the beautiful natural surroundings and humbly asking for their help to help you get well. This part is really important :)!

Eventually, you will feel better after doing this. I’ve done it several times and it always works :). For instance, one time, I rode one of those cramped public vans going into the city from my mountain home ;). I got into a “tiff” with a passenger because his young companion, an 8-year old child, puked on his shirt beside me.

I have a thing against people puking in public places, especially when I’m around. It’s something I’ve had since I was a child, and if I see someone do it in front of me, there’s a chance I’ll follow as well. That’s the reason why I get pissed off when it does happen.

So they put this guy who had the kid beside me in the vehicle, and since both of us had really bad tempers at that time, I acquired a limp on my right foot right after alighting from that van (just shows how negative energy can actually create ailments or even serious diseases).

I couldn’t walk without a little pain on my right knee and foot after that for almost a week. I thought it would eventually go away but it didn’t.

Then I thought about “grounding” myself in that little stream not far from my home. So I did go, sat beside the stream and dipped my feet in the running water, as well as walked barefoot on a large flat rock just beside it.

You know, right after my dip, my feet felt really good and I was able to walk without the limp and the pain on the right knee gradually went away right after that ;). Since then, when I have an ache somewhere, I go back to that stream and “ground” myself with the energy of Mother Nature.

The lesson of the story is, politely ask Gaia and your elemental/nature-based friends to help you with your health problems. Most likely, they will just be too glad to help ;).

Chat with you again soon :)! I remain”

shamana in the making

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Journeying into Different Worlds and Dimensions – A Few Tips in Preparation

How can I journey from my little place here on Earth to other worlds and dimensions?

How can I journey from my little place here on Earth to other worlds and dimensions?

What does “journeying” mean? To the shaman initiate or those learning the shaman’s way, it means traveling into different worlds and into different dimensions that can only be accessed through the “mind” and — to a great number of practitioners — a “trance-like state of consciousness”. Once you are in this state of consciousness, you can practically go into “any world” or “dimension” that your mind can envision or imagine.

A couple of years ago, in fact, not too long ago, I couldn’t imagine such a thing happening to me – I mean, to be able to journey. As I had several times mentioned, I was working in the corporate sector with a background in news reporting that basically left me with no impetus or interest in dealing with the shaman’s world, or in the world of the occult, as popular culture usually refer to PSI events or incidents that baffle and leave them scratching their heads in disbelief. There was definitely not just any time for those things in my previous state of reality.

In fact and as we are trained in my previous profession, if you see, hear or read something that cannot be explained, quantified or supported, just delete from your mind.

Fast-forward a few years to the future which is our present moment. Having been pursued and occasionally affected by Dark Elements or what we fondly call “The Other Side”, the journeying concept was not just accepted by me but widely practiced as well.

Why the change in belief and heart? The answer lies in what I was trained for by my benevolent, higher dimensional friends ;).

The Matrix of Our Reality

In my earlier writings, I discussed several times about our “holographic universe” and the Matrix of “perceived reality” that we are in (see

Well, to be able to see clearly (in Buddhism, we call this “clear seeing” in which Guru Gautama Buddha way of perceiving the world as a clear example) and eventually, to be able to journey to other worlds using your mind, you have to see the real nature of our current reality first. You have to open that 3rd eye of yours to be able to “see clearly”.

Exercises to Open the 3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna chakra)

One of the things that we did to open and “decalcify” my 3rd eye or 3rd eye chakra (seat of our 3rd eye in which our pineal gland resides) located in the middle of your forehead, and responsible for generating your PSI-related capabilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, astral projection, remote viewing, telekinesis, etc.) was to do 3 things –

Step 1:  Listen to binaural beat music videos or what is more technically known as the Schumannn Resonance beat! This music is proven – at least by me 😉 – to stimulate your 3rd eye: .

At first try, you can hear only this incessant buzzing in your ear. But afterwards, you feel euphoric, as if the sound drives you to the highest levels of your awareness. A natural high!

Step 2: Hold onto a powerful, benevolent crystal wand or crystal in your hand (this crystal can also be used for scrying). You can program the crystal to help you open your 3rd eye by saying the following: “Crystal, I would like to program you to open my 3rd eye chakra and let me ‘hack this 3D Matrix’ by clearly seeing the true nature of reality.”

Step 3: Play both the music and hold onto the crystal for 15-20 minutes. Do this regularly for a week or so, or until you can feel a perceptible change in your consciousness. Eventually, you will feel great, serene and can focus more on things like work.

Step 4: MEDITATE. Focus on the ins and outs of your breathing when you meditate (it helps also to focus on the expansion and contraction of your diaphragm – expansion for the in breath, contraction for the out breath). This will help you to keep serene, calm and single-minded about your purpose.

Ideally do this in the great outdoors, under a tree with bare feet touching the earth/soil/grass. This helps you to ground as well.

Do not lose hope. Opening the 3rd eye chakra takes time and so this process needs to be done with patience and most especially, 100% belief in its effectivity.

Other things that may be done to facilitate 3rd eye chakra opening

* Expel nanites from your body with the use of silver or gold pyrite bracelets. Nanites are tiny microscopic entities that are a product of nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. They enter the body of a person through ingestion through the air or food, care of chemtrails.

To a certain extent, the abundant presence of nanites in a person’s body can make that person be controlled remotely through “mind control”. But this has to be explained further and in-depth through another blog post ;).

It is reportedly believed that almost 90%-98% of individuals on the planet are harboring some form of nanites in their body – except if you’re living isolated in the mountains or are consuming primarily organically grown food. Since nanites are airborne and spread throughout a region through chemtrails thereby also seeping to your water resources/water table, it is extremely difficult to keep them out of your system. But there are ways of doing so.

One important note:  Nanites prevent you from “seeing clearly” which means, it hampers the activation of your 3rd eye.

How to expel nanites from the body

– Set aside some quiet time to do this exercise. Wear the pyrite bracelet/s on your left hand and program the bracelets (one on each arm, and if possible, a large one that can be snugly fit on top of your head) to remove all the nanites from your body.

– In my experience (using your 3rd eye of course), these nanites look like little ants which will start moving downwards from the top of your head down to your toes and into the earth.

– Do leave the bracelets on for 15-20 minutes until all nanites have evacuated your body.

* Refrain from eating and drinking food with nanites. Commercially made food manufactured by big global companies (not all big MNCs though) are usually the culprits behind nanite ingestion. Since nanites can be incorporated into the soil care of “chemtrails” and end up in the agricultural and dairy products we consume, it is extremely difficult to get them out of your system. Difficult but still possible.

– You will know if your body has numerous nanites. It will feel sluggish, temperamental, sickly, always feeling sad, depressed and feeling tired all the time.

After doing these exercises for a few weeks to a month or so, observe how you feel. Some people report increased and more accurate intuitive decisions. Others begin to see things not usually seen by an average individual, such as elementals and higher dimensional beings.

Personally, I started having great and easy conversations with my higher dimensional and elemental mentors ;). Once you start seeing these entities/spirits, you will be definitely ready to move to your next stage of evolution which is“traveling the worlds”.

Note: Part II of Traveling the Worlds in an upcoming blog post!

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How Do You Define Yourself? or Do You Let the World Define You?

Lizzie Velasquez giving a talk at TedXAustin. Screen grab from video.

Lizzie Velasquez giving a talk at TedXAustin. Screen grab from video.

One day I was just surfing around Youtube and trying to find some inspirational and empowering videos – and I chanced upon this video: .

The videos’s title is “How do you Define Yourself Lizzie Velasquez at TedXAustinWomen”. It was a 13 minutes talk by a woman named Lizzie Velasquez who is a victim of a rare congenital disease since birth which prevents her from gaining weight. Lizzie currently weighs only 58 lbs. and has a difficult time gaining weight. Because of this and complications arising from this disease, she was ridiculed by her peers, including some netizens tagging her as “The World’s Ugliest Woman”.

As horrible as this title sounds, Lizzie turned around this bad press against her to something good – she built up her confidence and became a motivational speaker, talking about how her situation has spurred her resolve to become kind to others and not to listen to other people’s perceptions of her as her foundation for her own self-worth.

In the end, Lizzie became a most empowered person – succeeding in school, in society, in the online world  –  just by allowing herself and only herself to define her value in the world.

I mention this story because I wanted to talk about one of the biggest mistakes we normally make, me included, of letting other people define our self worth, of what we should be. Most of the time, this starts from childhood – and unfortunately, are sometimes pushed forth by our very own parents, siblings, relatives, teachers – even bestfriends!

Lizzie asks her audience this particular question: What defines you?. Is it your friends, your accomplishments, your academic titles (PHD., Master’s, Diplomate, Atty., etc.), your money, the media, your position in the company, your beautiful face, your Louis Vuitton designer bag with matching shoes, etc.?

If we let all the external and extraneous factors define us, then we lose out in this game called life. Because all of these things do not define us, nor should we let them define us.

So who are we really?

Good question! Perhaps we can start off with the quintessential question posed by paradigm-breaking author Eckhart Tolle who wrote the phenomenal inspiring book, “The Power of Now”. In a special TV episode of Oprah Winfrey’s O series, Eckhart Tolle asks this simple question which has made others and me thinking seriously. The question is: “Who you are not?

I am definitely not my job nor my job title. If I leave the company I work for, then I will still have a sense of self-worth because my job does not define me.

My possessions also do not define me. Car, condominium, house in the suburbs, designer wardrobe, vacation in Cannes, handsome millionaire boyfriend – these are not the things that define myself.

So what defines me? What defines me is the fact that I’m a Divine Being created by One Source (or Our Creator) and sent into this world on a mission to serve others. All other things pale beside this declaration of being.

What is important is what I represent and do for others. I do not say that I overlook taking care of myself so I can serve others. One must start with the SELF first before working on helping other people. The important thing is what we do in this world to benefit others.

I brought up this topic because sometimes, we are besieged by this endless “chatter in our head” which drives some people even to suicide or to the brink of suicide.

Let yourself remember that we are a “Divine Being”, created by One Source/The Creator to have a sole purpose in this world. And that purpose is for you to find out. All you need to do is “listen to your heart” – because that is where you came from, that is the real you. Only your heart knows truly what you want, not your head.

So how about YOU – what defines you?

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How the Rs Keep your Frequency Down

A sketch of a Reptilian or R entity. Photo courtesy of

A sketch of a Reptilian or R entity. Photo courtesy of

Yup! I haven’t talked about the Rs (short for Reptilian) for some time (they are an unpalatable topic admittedly, but one has to discuss them sometime ;). However, I need to discuss them because part of the mission or raison d’ etre of this blog is to educate people on how to cope with the disturbing and destructive influences of the Rs on your everyday life and the current state and future of Planet Earth.

So this discussion will focus largely on the learnings I gained from my DIRECT encounter with the Rs (yes, you heard it right, they are almost bosom buddies to me, in a negative and sometimes, highly destructive way).

I talked about before on how the Rs and their minions and associates in crime (these could be humans like us who are also vibrating to the tune of fear, anger, despair, disappointment, jealousy, etc.) use ELFs (electro-magnetic low frequencies) emitted by transreceivers for TV, radio, internet Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.  to communicate messages of fear, anger, despair, sadness, disappointment, and all other negative emotions and thoughts to an unsuspecting population in your area (see my previous post on this practice among the Rs:

This is done to ensure that there is a constant supply of low energy frequencies for them to feed on (your negative emotions act like a drug to these guys so that they crave on it every single moment or day) – or they go kaput ;)!

So how do they actually do it? Let me cite you a simple, straightforward example from my own experience.

Let’s take for example my aversion to puking in public. I’ve always had a queasy aversion to the act of puking because of an unforgettable incident when I was 3 years old. I was very sick with fever and was sleeping in my crib. But I suddenly woke up and puked uncontrollably all over my bed – on the sheets, on my pajamas and shirt front. It was horrifying to me that to this day and age, I had only two incidents of puking that I can remember. I was not into it definitely :)!

And so because of this, any public display of this most horrendous activity makes me react instinctively with condemnation to the one who does it in public. Which is what happened recently to me.

I was in a public, air-conditioned van (one of the main modes of transportation here in the islands) going into the capital. The drive to the city was about 5-6 hours long. And so before embarking on our journey, I overhead one of the passengers, a young man who I thought was 17 years old only but apparently was already in his early twenties) who had two 8 and 7 year old kids (one boy and one girl, respectively) with him, saying to his little sister or charge not to puke in the van while we’re traveling.

When I overheard that, I warned the young man to take care of his charges and make sure they don’t puke inside the van while traveling — and addressed the little girl who said she was queasy of the journey. Well it turned out that even though these 3 were initially sitting at the back of the van, the young boy was assigned to sit beside me in the crowded van.

Three hours into traveling, the boy beside me puked on his shirt. All the while I was thinking that it was the girl who was liable to do the unthinkable.

I asked the van driver to stop the van on the side of the street, got out and was waiting for both the boy and the young man to alight from the van and clean up the mess. Instead, both people and the rest of the passengers just looked at me, as if I was mad to alight.

At that moment, I went ballistic! I started talking in rapid-fire succession, berating the young man for not leaving his young charges at home instead of dragging them all the way with him on the van and inconveniencing passengers because they cannot hold their puke. I told him to buy a plane or a water buffalo to get into town. In short, I lost it.

And I knew very well how it happened that I lost my cool. Whether you believe me or not, I knew the Rs can read my mind and practically knew that I would lose my cool over the one incident that I hate witnessing – seeing someone puke in front of me. And that is how they keep your frequency down.

They read your mind, being telepathic. Once you are still vibrating in a lower vibration, they can still read your mind and plot the next incident to bring you down. I am not a pessimist; indeed, I am an optimistic kind of person since I was in college. But if you harbor fears, they will work on keeping you down using that cache of fears you have in your body and psyche.

And that is the reason why the Arcturian Inelia Benz recommended doing a “fear processing exercise” so you can eliminate all your fears out of your body. Once the fears are out or at least majority of them, the Rs cannot work on those fears of yours. Remember, they are masters of mind control, having perfected this in the hundreds of thousands of years they’ve been living on Terra

So my advice is, “Know thyself!”. Like the inscription that is written on the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi, “KNOW THYSELF”, know your weaknesses and eliminate those! Know your strengths and work OR strengthen them further to help keep you free from the influences of the Rs.

I cite the link here again Inelia Benz’s fear processing exercise for your use (I believe the recording is not free but the transcript of the video is free):

Now, if you are one of those that have a lot of deep-seated fears that are “ingrained” in your subconscious, I suggest going to a more “in-depth” way of removing those deep-seated fears of yours. Fortunately, I found an exercise on YouTube by Michael Sealey that I have personally tried and works quite well on removing these fears from your subconscious:

Note:  Read up on the philosopher and empowerment guru Joe Vitale on his ideas about removing deep-seated fears from your subconscious in order to attain the life that you want here:

So what do you think of my advice? Do you have other ideas and exercises that can help us cope with the ever-challenging Rs? Write your comments below and share with the others on this post!

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