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Two Deaths, Two Endings, Two Beginnings

“For me, it is to live each day of my life in 3D Terra for the moment, following my mission to help raise the frequencies of my fellow Terrans in preparation for 5th dimensional ascension without any fear of the Rs or of any negative entity I might encounter. ” Continue reading

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What You Seek is Also Seeking You . . .

You truly have access to all that you need…

Are you allowing yourself to access it? Continue reading

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“Energy Medicine” and The Number One Block to Healing

In the last post I had asked a question: “Can I heal myself?”. And although I know the answer of course is a resounding YES, I’d like to share another way to “heal thyself”. There is a video and a … Continue reading

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Can You Heal Yourself? – A Radical Way of Healing in the New Year 2017

Can you actually heal yourself just by using your MIND? Does it sound “unscientific” and almost “charlatan” (some people call it “wooh-wooh” or “mumbo-jumbo”) to think and believe that one can “heal oneself” just by using your MIND? But that … Continue reading

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Connecting to the LIGHT is a 24/7 Practice

It all started yesterday morning when I was just watching AGAIN the Youtube videos of the Intuitive Energy Healer and Abundance Coach Christie Marie Sheldon.:) You’d think I would have memorized every word Christie has said in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b93ZLw_Ra8Continue reading

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Love and Abundance – Tools to Hack the Matrix!

As a budding lightworker and a shaman in training (okay, I’m a bit behind on the shaman training admittedly ;), we constantly face a lot of challenges – very 3D challenges! The 2 challenges that I have to face every … Continue reading

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