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Connecting to the LIGHT is a 24/7 Practice

It all started yesterday morning when I was just watching AGAIN the Youtube videos of the Intuitive Energy Healer and Abundance Coach Christie Marie Sheldon.:) You’d think I would have memorized every word Christie has said in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b93ZLw_Ra8Continue reading

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Empowerment – What is in it for me?

It’s been 1 year since I started writing this blog;). And yet, I still make slip-ups occasionally – one of which is that I assume my readers can easily see and understand my point of view;). Very bad indeed – … Continue reading

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My First Encounter with a Positive Reptilian Part II

And so with this particular Summer Solstice/Grand Cross occurrence, Commander Akah communicated to me this messge (this is just a summary because I don’t really take notes verbatim; I just recall whatever has been communicated): “Greetings! I Akah, was born … Continue reading

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How Creative Visualization Can Help You Cope with Dark Elements?

Here I am again twiddling my thumbs and wondering what can I write for you guys. But this situation didn’t last long. As you all know, I occasionally have the usual run in with “dark elements” here in my mountain … Continue reading

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Our Holographic Universe and the Truth about Our 3D Reality

  Perhaps you have encountered sometime and somewhere in your readings this particular assumption by some lightworker, ufologist or proponent of an alternative view of the Earth’s creation, a theory that our world today is “just a hologram”. That the … Continue reading

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How to Protect Yourself from EMFs

A few years back, I woke up one morning with a serious case of VERTIGO. I was wondering where I got it, because I only had one similar incident when I had vertigo, and this was when I accidentally slept … Continue reading

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FAQs on Personal and Planetary Ascension

(Note: Q is for Question/Questioner and S is for shamana in the making) Q: What do you mean by “Personal Ascension” versus “Planetary Ascension”? S: Quite a mouthful I must say. But it is a very basic and altogether, important … Continue reading

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