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Intend your Twin Flame — a Guide to Finding the Love of Your Life Part II

I’m back from a hiatus of more than 1 month. I can hardly remember what I was so excited to write about last time – but didn’t manage to because of a new job that will sustain me to write … Continue reading

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Karma, Reincarnation and Ascension

Today, I want to talk about the relation of Karma and Reincarnation to Ascension – and how this has bearing in my life right now as a budding lightworker and “shaman-in-training”. But first, we have to explain what Karma is. … Continue reading

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The Uphill Road of a Shamana in Training

I didn’t initially choose to go into training as a “shamana”. I was dragged into it 😉 . I had talked about my background before as a corporate person (it seems so long ago but it’s been only a couple … Continue reading

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Clearing your Crystal from the Influences or Clutches of Negative Entities Part I

So back to my story about Jennie and my rutilated quartz crystal pendant. We had the crystal clearing session at Riana’s place— a modest-looking flat in the town’s suburbs. Going inside the flat felt like going inside a cave. Because … Continue reading

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