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When We Fail in Our Mission . . .

Prologue: It took me more than 2 months to write and tell this story. The grief I felt was so overwhelming that I couldn’t even put it down into words. And when I did write it down, I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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Tips to Deflect Psychic Attacks Against You

My name is Shamana in the Making. I’m still a shaman-in-training and lightworker with past lives as an extraterrestrial, a citizen of a planet orbiting a binary star some 12 light years away from here, somewhere in the Canis Minor … Continue reading

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Gratitude is your Defense Against the Dark Side

When I started writing about the existence of the Reptilians and “The Powers That Be”, and their relentless pursuit of me as a budding lightworker/shaman-in-training since about 5 years ago, I never thought I could get this far in terms … Continue reading

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What is a Lightworker and How Can You Be Sure You are One?

  At first, I intended to use one of those online textbook definitions of what a “lightworker” is. You know, one who has been “called to serve others first before oneself”. One who is vibrating at a “high frequency” which … Continue reading

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Empowerment – What is in it for me?

It’s been 1 year since I started writing this blog;). And yet, I still make slip-ups occasionally – one of which is that I assume my readers can easily see and understand my point of view;). Very bad indeed – … Continue reading

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My First Encounter with a Positive Reptilian Part I

Almost 3 years ago, I basically and painfully disappeared from the radar of most of my colleagues, close friends and even family members. Went into a nomadic life just to prime myself up for a battle that I wasn’t initially … Continue reading

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Karma, Reincarnation and Ascension

Today, I want to talk about the relation of Karma and Reincarnation to Ascension – and how this has bearing in my life right now as a budding lightworker and “shaman-in-training”. But first, we have to explain what Karma is. … Continue reading

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