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My First Encounter with a Positive Reptilian Part II

And so with this particular Summer Solstice/Grand Cross occurrence, Commander Akah communicated to me this messge (this is just a summary because I don’t really take notes verbatim; I just recall whatever has been communicated): “Greetings! I Akah, was born … Continue reading

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How Creative Visualization Can Help You Cope with Dark Elements?

Here I am again twiddling my thumbs and wondering what can I write for you guys. But this situation didn’t last long. As you all know, I occasionally have the usual run in with “dark elements” here in my mountain … Continue reading

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How to Identify a Negative Entity in your Field

(Dear Reader, this would be the last in a series of articles I’ve written about negative entities – for the meantime. I hope to move on and write about more cheerful topics 😉 ) Negative entities abound in the environment … Continue reading

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FAQs on Negative Entities or How Did I Start Knowing and Defending Myself Against Negative Entities or Energies

I’ve been talking for some time about negative entities in crystals and how to get rid of them. I said one distinguishes a negative entity from a positive one by its behavior – giving you much-needed advice (only when asked) … Continue reading

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Clearing your Crystal from the Influences or Clutches of Negative Entities Part I

So back to my story about Jennie and my rutilated quartz crystal pendant. We had the crystal clearing session at Riana’s place— a modest-looking flat in the town’s suburbs. Going inside the flat felt like going inside a cave. Because … Continue reading

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