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Two Deaths, Two Endings, Two Beginnings

“For me, it is to live each day of my life in 3D Terra for the moment, following my mission to help raise the frequencies of my fellow Terrans in preparation for 5th dimensional ascension without any fear of the Rs or of any negative entity I might encounter. ” Continue reading

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How the Rs Keep your Frequency Down

Yup! I haven’t talked about the Rs (short for Reptilian) for some time (they are an unpalatable topic admittedly, but one has to discuss them sometime ;). However, I need to discuss them because part of the mission or raison … Continue reading

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How Creative Visualization Can Help You Cope with Dark Elements?

Here I am again twiddling my thumbs and wondering what can I write for you guys. But this situation didn’t last long. As you all know, I occasionally have the usual run in with “dark elements” here in my mountain … Continue reading

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Blogging about Your Life with Your Readers

Okay, I’m HAPPILY back again – hopefully actively online – after an absence of almost 1 1/2 months! 🙂 You can’t imagine how happy I am to be online again after not being able to blog to you guys after … Continue reading

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FAQs on Negative Entities or How Did I Start Knowing and Defending Myself Against Negative Entities or Energies

I’ve been talking for some time about negative entities in crystals and how to get rid of them. I said one distinguishes a negative entity from a positive one by its behavior – giving you much-needed advice (only when asked) … Continue reading

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I Survived Another Psychic Attack!

I survived another psychic attack – and lived to tell the tale! Okay, so that was supposed to be an eye-opener 😉 No, it was not an attack as dramatic as the one they sent me more than 2 years … Continue reading

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A Guide to Crystals that Aid in Psychic Protection and Psychic Attacks

This is a very basic guide on utilizing certain crystals and stones for psychic protection and to a certain extent, psychic attacks, largely based on my personal experiences and preferences, recommended by certain individuals and enlightened beings 😉 and books … Continue reading

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