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Tips to Deflect Psychic Attacks Against You

My name is Shamana in the Making. I’m still a shaman-in-training and lightworker with past lives as an extraterrestrial, a citizen of a planet orbiting a binary star some 12 light years away from here, somewhere in the Canis Minor … Continue reading

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Gratitude is your Defense Against the Dark Side

When I started writing about the existence of the Reptilians and “The Powers That Be”, and their relentless pursuit of me as a budding lightworker/shaman-in-training since about 5 years ago, I never thought I could get this far in terms … Continue reading

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How the Rs Keep your Frequency Down

Yup! I haven’t talked about the Rs (short for Reptilian) for some time (they are an unpalatable topic admittedly, but one has to discuss them sometime ;). However, I need to discuss them because part of the mission or raison … Continue reading

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How Creative Visualization Can Help You Cope with Dark Elements?

Here I am again twiddling my thumbs and wondering what can I write for you guys. But this situation didn’t last long. As you all know, I occasionally have the usual run in with “dark elements” here in my mountain … Continue reading

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FAQs on Negative Entities or How Did I Start Knowing and Defending Myself Against Negative Entities or Energies

I’ve been talking for some time about negative entities in crystals and how to get rid of them. I said one distinguishes a negative entity from a positive one by its behavior – giving you much-needed advice (only when asked) … Continue reading

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I Survived Another Psychic Attack!

I survived another psychic attack – and lived to tell the tale! Okay, so that was supposed to be an eye-opener 😉 No, it was not an attack as dramatic as the one they sent me more than 2 years … Continue reading

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A Guide to Crystals that Aid in Psychic Protection and Psychic Attacks

This is a very basic guide on utilizing certain crystals and stones for psychic protection and to a certain extent, psychic attacks, largely based on my personal experiences and preferences, recommended by certain individuals and enlightened beings 😉 and books … Continue reading

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